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1 "At least the starving children in Africa don't have to feel guilt over liking TV shows"

To the person who said this: I hope you live a long life, but it's full of pain and nothing but pain and right before it ends you have to see everything that you ever cared about die in your face. Everybody in the world that knows you will be happy at their death because they won't have to be with you anymore. They will smile no matter how long or how painful it is because it will be worth it!

This is really bad, but do you know what is even worse? Somebody said that Americans are dumb and stupid for thinking 9-11 was a big deal. Just look up "worst events in human history" and go to 9-11.

This is so cringe worthy, my bleach drank itself. - UltimateHybridX

What was even the point of saying that? - AnnieCallie

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2 "MontyPython's sister, who seemed to have a great life (or at least one better than mine), died recently. YET I'M STILL ALIVE, even though everyone HATES me, and I hate my life."

I can somewhat understand Disney1994. After all, I've had moments where I thought my life was complete rubbish. Not saying I defend him, but I can see his emotional direction and his viewpoint. But using the death of a user just seems... unwanted. You should have at least thought for a moment before you posted. I understand what you wanted to say (And at least you don't mean anything negative to DisneyAnime1234), but you need to consider what words you want to use. Just saying that a message like this could lead to huge trouble (Which it did). - CrimsonShark

This is 90% of the reason why I hate Disney1994. - Powerfulgirl10

Actually he's saying that Disney anime shouldn't have died and he feels bad about it and wishes he could die instead so it ain't that bad

Its kinda stupid why people hate this comment, and almost sjw-like. Thought I can't fully defend D1994 either - ReltihFloda

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3 "Have u scene the viteo!? It's so hot and sexy so this sung sholud be nubmer one! Her butt is amayzing and she enpower big girls like me wit her sings so vote her 2 nubmer one please! SHES the best RAPPER OF ALL TIME! #VoteAnacondaPlz"

That looks like a Youtube quote. - NuMetalManiak

Can I please drink some bleach? - DCfnaf

Okay, now let's try and get an answer from someone who's not a complete RETARD...anyone? - xandermartin98

I feel like nobody on this site wrote that. It was either from YouTube or someone pulled it out of their ass. - AnnieCallie

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4 "All cartoons and anime suck, and all you people commenting here are pathetic losers with no lives and no friends, get a life, and start watching live action dramas instead of this"

I feel bad for the person who said that because they probably had no childhood. - PeeledBanana

To be honest I don't get why we need childhoods. They're pointless in my opinion. - AnnieCallie

Cartoons and live action are'nt really the same unless you combined them. You may think cartoons is for kids? Not at all. Adults also watched both shows depend on how they watched. Do you think The Simpsons or Family Guy is for kids? Get your fact straight!

Elitist people shoving their elitist ideals down children's throats - styLIShT

I don't like either - AnnieCallie

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5 "I want the world to end. I want to have never been born. I want nothing to exist so that nothing can be hated. END THE WORLD ALREADY!"

If you thought stereotypical liberals are horrendous, this guy is worse. - Swellow

If you, Disney1994 really think this, come to my house. Therefore something waiting for you.

Just because one person has a problem doesn't mean you need to unleash your anger out on the whole world. - Oliveleaf

No no DON'T END THE WORLD! - AnnieCallie

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6 "I have the worst life ever!"

Boo-hoo! You think your life sucks because of your complaints about T.V. and opinions! And your life isn't half as bad as what you've stated in one of your hypocritical comments (starving kids in Africa.) - Powerfulgirl10

A lot of us know who said that. If you're life is so terrible, then what is stopping you from making it better and not complaining about how miserable it is.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it looks like the singer of Simple Plan has found this website! - Zach808

Really over liv and maddie
Someone I love HATES me and didn't care if I died.
I'm always compared to other people.
I might be forced to leave a place I grew up in because of ghetto people.
I'll never meet someone who saved my life.
I've attempted.
I understand there are worse lifes by the way and I'm thankful I have a roof over my head.
I just hate my life.
So yeah Disney1994 I'd swap with you any day. - AnnieCallie

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7 "Let's unite to show everyone that there is a such thing as a wrong opinion, and everyone has one!"

There are no such things as a wrong opinion. Well, except for claiming that there are even such things as wrong opinions. - Oliveleaf

If everyone has a wrong opinion, then what's yours? Thinking it's a good idea to make this union? - SpectralOwl

Opinion is an opinion. There is no wrong opinion

"No such thing as a wrong opinion"

Well, what about everyone thinking that the original Parappa The Rapper is undeniably both the best game AND SOUNDTRACK of its entire series (wink, wink) - xandermartin98

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8 "I hav good gramer"

Actually, you are using correct grammar. It's spelling that's the problem. They are two different things. - Oliveleaf

You can look it up. Spelling is a mechanic, I believe, not grammar. - Oliveleaf

Yeah but you have bad spelling.

Yes you have good grammar, except that you have bad spelling. Lol - Neonco31

No bad spelling I'd what you have - AnnieCallie

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9 "1. Stop making fun of the stuff I like. 2. No bad comments!!!! 3.Read My comment on the top before you begin!!!! 4. The most important,if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all!!!!!!!!! 5. ALWAYS comment and visit MY LISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can't tell me what to do? - naFrovivuS

I'll be happy to criticize whenever I need to. - CloudInvasion

Who said this lol

Is this comment from Dragontree's profile? - Neonco31

10 "Even a squashed up bug on the kitchen floor is better than Arthur!"

This man is what caused the policy I actually cannot believe this. - Puga

Another Hilariously Awful Quote - JPK

Even a stomped Goomba is better than this comment! - TheYoshiPyro64

What is this? - AnnieCallie

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The Newcomers

? "I hope Trump and his whole administration get ebola!"

It's another pro-Hillary death wish quote I found. - TeamRocket747

The Contenders

11 "Can I tell you guys a secret? I actually masturbate to Trina and Cat. They're that hot (this goes for Liv and Maddie too)."

I'm convinced this one is a joke. No one would be dumb enough to admit this. Right? - Zach808

Please tell me this isn't an actual comment. - CloudInvasion

Trina and Cat from Victorious? - TheFourthWorld


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12 "Foodfight! is better than Jesus"

Even if it is a joke it still is not funny. My religion doesn't even believe in Jesus, but that is downright stupid. - 445956

This should be in the to 20 - DarkShadows

I am Christian and I am OFFENDED - BorisRule

Hell no - AnnieCallie

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13 "Because of anime and manga, Japan should never exist at all!"

Dude, this is racist! Hating a country just because a thing comes from it? Sorry, but that as racist thing to say!

Okay, that's racist. I guess Nintendo shouldn't be allowed either. - TeamRocket747

Why do you hate Japan just because anime and manga come from there? God, I hate racists! - BorisRule

This is racist - AnnieCallie

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14 "I'm the best user ever!"

This kinda depends on who says it, but even if they think they are the best user, why would they ever announce it to the whole world? This is exactly the type of thing I wouldn't do. - Oliveleaf

Owl's Translator: I'm the Biggest narcissist ever! - SpectralOwl

I'm arguably one of the users of this site. - CloudInvasion

Lets add all selfiefan qoutes

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15 "I'll NEVER be happy UNTIL I FINALLY get to go to the dimension of people who improve the world by wishing they were NEVER born, so that I watch as the TRUTH is revealed ONCE AND FOR ALL!"

This also sounds like an awful version of a video game villain's pre-battle speech - DarkShadows

16 "Finally, Frozen is more overrated than Naruto and Sword Art Online. Narutards are better than this."
17 "Killed more people than Hitler through his singing and the fact you can't tell his gender easily :("

Is this supposed to be about Justin Bieber? - Powerfulgirl10

Singing a few bad songs doesn't compare to ordering the murder of over 9 million people. - CloudInvasion

No no no! Hitler is worse than Bieber! - AnnieCallie

WHO SAID THIS? - DarkShadows

18 "Ok go ahead name me 1 good metal song why because there are no good metal songs"

I don't listen to music - Oliveleaf

Do not disrespect my fellow boi Marilyn Manson with this GARBAGE COMMENT! - AnnieCallie

This comment looks like a pop fan created this. - DynastiSugarPop

19 "think she's underrated and has some great potential, just like Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica."
20 "Luigi will always be my favorite video game character of all time. Luigi killed Samus Aran in 8-12-14. He use a green sun and explode her to death than he use Green Giant flames to make it explode more. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!"

Laughably Bad Quote - JPK

Wow so many explosions... - Oliveleaf

I think we all know who said this - PeeledBanana

Take a WILD guess who said this - xandermartin98

21 "I'm glad disneyanime1234 died"

That's so rude! Who even wrote this? - AnnieCallie

So not cool, Gamecubesarecool! Being glad DisneyAnime1234 died can furiously upset MontyPython, since DinseyAnime1234 is her sister. Shame on you! - BorisRule

22 "Whatever you watch it, all the good shows get cancelled and you can only watch this show and Daniel tiger's evil-hood and stupid dumbest wild kratts!"
23 "I is Pug and I is happy doggy!"

When you have crippling depression and act like a dog online - Puga

That's a catchphrase, not a single quote - SpectralOwl

I was laughing at this though


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24 "And no, it does NOT matter HOW popular or UNpopular an opinion is, it can STILL be wrong!"

Hold up let me just stop you there opinions can't be wrong because there is no proof/evidence to back it up so therefore it cannot be wrong - Carri796

25 "Even if I DON'T have the worst life ever, I still hate it anyway, because it's still awful either way. In the end, I realized that maybe EVERYONE has the worst life ever, because we live in the worst WORLD ever!"

This sounds a little messed up... - wrests

Okay, Disney1994, that sounds mossed up.😱 - BorisRule

That’s messed up. How can we live the “worst life ever” on the “worst world” when we don’t even know that there are other living humans out there on different worlds? - Ultron123

26 "This episode was hysterical. Plankton attempting suicide had me in tears (good ones), and I loved how Mr. Krabs knew to torture Plankton. He was at his best in this episode at the part where he didn't care about Plankton's suicide attempt."

Either a troll or a little kid. Can't really tell. - CloudInvasion

I think the former, if the state of the SpongeBob episode idea lists is anything to go by. - Entranced98

Definitely A Troll Said This - JPK

I'd wear a shirt reading "R.I.P Plankton" with Plankton rolling in his grave - BorisRule

27 "I specifically state that SAD SONGS are the only eligible items, and what do people do? They add stuff like The Best Day Ever and Sweet Victory. YOU PEOPLE DISGUST ME!"

Sounds like SolarSands, actually - xandermartin98

28 "Tired of this bitch Ruining our anime and manga by turning their characters into MLP Ponies"

The Artist Has Every Right To Draw Anime Characters As Ponies

Anti-Bronies Are So Mean - JPK

29 "Gothic girls with big butt and big breasts, tattoos, piercings and long black hair are the sexiest of all"

Bobby is a fascinating man. I wouldn't call this comment bad, just odd. - WonkeyDude98

Weird and odd - BorisRule

Red hair is good too. Big plus if they're South American. More specifically Ecuadorian - bobbythebrony

Stop debating over who's the sexiest! - AnnieCallie

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30 "This list is stupid. The Beatles are better, everyone knows that"

Wow! Get this guy a medal for best music taste! - Mumbizz01

That guy's comment is so old, get over it.

What a brilliant opinion! Here's your Nobel Prize! - CloudInvasion

In my opinion Marilyn Manson is better - AnnieCallie

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31 "Anyone who hate this show is a real stupid-face"

People need to learn to respect opinions. - Powerfulgirl10

Any outstanding guesses to who said this? - CloudInvasion

What show is this toddler talking about?

Get this off the list. - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

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32 "Everyone knows Artur sucks"

I had thought this was coming from a list about Big Nate. Looking at the comments, maybe not. - naFrovivuS

Arthur* - DynastiNoble

Haha, "Artur" - PeeledBanana

"Artur"? Lelwuz?! - BorisRule

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33 "The greatest cartoon talker of the WORLD!!!"

Stated on Dragontree102's profile page. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

34 "Hillary is the best"

The best to ruin the country! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

At what? - CloudInvasion

35 "In the circumstances surrounding the user's actions, we felt it was appropriate to give him another chance."

This user was Danteem, wasn't it - xandermartin98

36 "MLP is gay"

Gay? what? At least try to use the word correctly. - Ultron123

It's Not - JPK

Google Manliest Brony before posting this, advice! - Neonco31

Not every brony is gay - AnnieCallie

37 "He supports Donald Trump, so he should be lower on this list."

Lower on this list of bitch feminist libtards.

38 "In fact, this was OFFICIALLY the WORST year EVER! Just like EVERY year since 2006. In fact, this entire century has sucked for me. There's more bad than good in life. And it's only gonna get worse until the end of time."
39 "I hate mlp and you dudes. I AM A GIRL AND GIRLS ROCK,unlike the boring boys^^"

Let me get this straight. SnowyAqua, you hate MLP and said you are joining the boys. Now you say you hate boys? Make up your mind. - Ultron123

What are you 6 years old lol no little kids allowed! - AnnieCallie

So SnowyAqua hates mlp but at the same time she hate boys? Lol, she must be asexual (no interest in either genders). - Neonco31

SEXIST! - BorisRule

40 "Sorry but the whole album is rubbish"

Strikes the David Bowie hater, Tis, age unknown. This quote is the start of his unexplained vendetta against David Bowie. - Swellow

41 "Everybody that posed a mean comments about teen titans go is dumb"

And here is why I refuse to pay any more attention to Cartoon Network. - CloudInvasion

I am trying to ignore TTG fans... -.- - BorisRule

Wow... - TheFourthWorld

42 "I respect all opinions. Unless they're wrong of course."

Its funny how dumb this logic is - Carri796

Speech:100 - SpectralOwl

43 "Gonna rely on prostitutes when I grow up. Imagine wanting a relationship. Women and kids both annoying."

What's the point of having to pay for a prostitute when you can just masturbate for free? It's not like prostitues are people you truly love and have a connection with.

My elite opinion getting hate? - Puga

Someone's been looking at my Q&A post. With all these additions. - IronSabbathPriest

Yeah... - SwagFlicks

44 "Guess who doesn't care about the haters. Me"

Claims Nathan, 14, has a post called "Nathan hates haters" - Puga

45 "Metal is by far the worst genre of music. It's so boring"

Metal isn't my least favorite genre of music (post-grunge takes the cake), but I don't like it. And even then not because it's boring. - WonkeyDude98

I understand if you hate it, it's not even the best to be honest... Uh-oh... - Neonco31

46 "Nah he's a BAD user for that and he said I'm one of his LEAST FAVORITE user"

I'm sorry nikbrusk - lovestarlist

Why is my comment on here?

47 "I love Justin Bieber"

That's just an opinion... - MissRWBY202

Why am I supposed to care? - CloudInvasion

48 "Who even loves MLP? Bronies are so annoying"

More Like This Comment Is So Annoying - JPK

49 "Metroid is very overrated; Animal Crossing, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Starfox, Wario, and Kirby all sell better than it"

Actually a sign of Metroid being UNDERRATED - xandermartin98

50 Worst country EVER! All people do in this country is hate on United Airlines! IT"S NOT UNITED'S FAULT YOU FLIPPING IDIOTS! IT WAS THE WORKERS FROM THE AIRLINE! 9/11 was a deserved attack on the US!

This is so rude and offensive! - AnnieCallie

Excuse me - Carri796

Ok, you've never seen what it's like to live in Somolia or Syria. I guess you'll love to live in those countries since they are not as bad as U.S. - SpectralOwl

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1. "At least the starving children in Africa don't have to feel guilt over liking TV shows"
2. "Foodfight! is better than Jesus"
3. "I want the world to end. I want to have never been born. I want nothing to exist so that nothing can be hated. END THE WORLD ALREADY!"
1. "MontyPython's sister, who seemed to have a great life (or at least one better than mine), died recently. YET I'M STILL ALIVE, even though everyone HATES me, and I hate my life."
2. "At least the starving children in Africa don't have to feel guilt over liking TV shows"
3. "I want the world to end. I want to have never been born. I want nothing to exist so that nothing can be hated. END THE WORLD ALREADY!"
1. "MontyPython's sister, who seemed to have a great life (or at least one better than mine), died recently. YET I'M STILL ALIVE, even though everyone HATES me, and I hate my life."
2. "At least the starving children in Africa don't have to feel guilt over liking TV shows"
3. "All cartoons and anime suck, and all you people commenting here are pathetic losers with no lives and no friends, get a life, and start watching live action dramas instead of this"

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