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"At least the starving children in Africa don't have to feel guilt over liking TV shows"

You know, not every kid in Africa is poor, and this is an awful comment.

Like having different opinions is worse than starving for foods and drinks. This is hurting to the people in Africa. Why doesn't Disney go to Africa and experience it himself?

Welcome to the thumbs up farming list also yeah this comment is awful

Oh yeah? If you think their life is so easy compared to yours despite how you have a roof over your head, food, water, and other basic needs to be able to live, then why don't you go live it yourself?


This sounds like it was purposely made to be a bad comment in as many ways as possible.

Ah yes ,the deadly disease, autism - Unnamed Google User Remade

The Anime Holocaust. Coming to a theatre near you this summer.

Seriously what on earth is this? Offensive, stupid, immature, lies and who the hell dies from AUTISM?

"MontyPython's sister, who seemed to have a great life (or at least one better than mine), died recently. YET I'M STILL ALIVE, even though everyone HATES me, and I hate my life."

I can somewhat understand Disney1994. After all, I've had moments where I thought my life was complete rubbish. Not saying I defend him, but I can see his emotional direction and his viewpoint. But using the death of a user just seems... unwanted. You should have at least thought for a moment before you posted. I understand what you wanted to say (And at least you don't mean anything negative to DisneyAnime1234), but you need to consider what words you want to use. Just saying that a message like this could lead to huge trouble (Which it did).

Boo hoo! Life sucks because people have different opinions! I'm being sarcastic, by the way.

I really can't believe that Disney fan who hates himself and is obsessed with Liv and Maddie actually said that...

Actually he's saying that Disney anime shouldn't have died and he feels bad about it and wishes he could die instead so it ain't that bad

"I'm glad disneyanime1234 died"

I never knew DisneyAnime1234, but that's just cruel! To all those who were close to DisneyAnime1234, I'm sorry you had to see that. - RoseWeasley

I've never heard of this user, but this is just a horrible thing to say. - Gametoon

WHAT THE - Don't be happy for someone's death, are u a terrorist? - TheAwesomeDude54

He wasn't even sorry about it. He also said some really rude things about DisneyAnime1234.
EDIT: I think he's apologized - RoseWeasley

"BorisRule is a rapist, because he is male"

The Official Rainbow Translator: This = No, I'm a Rapist Because I'm Female!

Geez, number four already. It was said like 5 months ago, that's how bad it is.

Extreme Feminism is every disease ever created and combined into one.

That's so sexist.
Also I think I know who said this just by looking.
Well I have 2 guesses.

"Have u scene the viteo!? It's so hot and sexy so this sung sholud be nubmer one! Her butt is amayzing and she enpower big girls like me wit her sings so vote her 2 nubmer one please! SHES the best RAPPER OF ALL TIME! #VoteAnacondaPlz"

Scene the viteo, sung should be nubmer one, amayzing, wit her sings, nubmer again, dude. None of that is correct grammar. Also Anaconda is a sex song, not kidding. I just hate the grammar though.

No. No. It. isn't. Kids, if your curious about this anaconda video, DO NOT WATCH IT. It is all about butts and the thumbnail is nicki showing her butt so...

That looks like a Youtube quote.

Can I please drink some bleach?

"And no, it does NOT matter HOW popular or UNpopular an opinion is, it can STILL be wrong!"

I mean, there are some instances where this is correct. For example, saying Hitler was right is a wrong opinion. - MasterBeef

There is no bad opinion, except for weed is bad and hentai is bad. - AlphaQ

There are no wrong opinions. I repeat. There's no such thing as "wrong opinions". - Misfire

What if you claim that Hitler was a good person? That’s a wrong opinion. - I80

"I have the worst life ever!"

Nope, more like the best. You literally have an electronic to type this on, while parents in Africa are neglecting their children. - TheAwesomeDude54

You should be thankful for what you have. Be glad for what you have because karma could hit. At least you get to choose wether to live your life. You have a roof over your head, food to eat, some sort of technology to entertain you. Unlike you, there are people and animals out there, fighting for their lives against disease, cancer, starvation, lonliness, poaching and so many others. This is ridiculous. Everyone says these things at times but really take a moment to think of others and what they might be going through. - NightJinx

You know that there are starving kids and abused kids so no you do not have the worst life ever. - DrayTopTens

No. There are many people out there in the world that have a worse life than you. Be lucky that you have access to shelter, food, and other needs and not have cancer or living in poverty. - JoeBoi

"All cartoons and anime suck, and all you people commenting here are pathetic losers with no lives and no friends, get a life, and start watching live action dramas instead of this"

Sure I'll watch crappy Nick sitcoms with horrible acting, unfunny jokes and unnecessary laugh tracks every 5 seconds rather than cartoons/anime with great animation, character development, good jokes and intriguing stories any day! - CrypticMemory

When you realize you are on here too

I agree with CrypticMemory by the way

You're telling me to rather watch Jersey Shore over High School DxD? NO ONE TELLS ME NOT TO WATCH HENTAI - AlphaQ

This person clearly skipped their childhood. - NightJinx

"All weeaboos and people who like anime must be genocidally murdered for liking anime! Anime is the reason why we had Cold War and hentai. They are even worse than the Nazis and Bronies."

Sounds like you're the weaboo. The Bronies aren't even bad. Nobody should be murdered because of liking anime. Hentai is anime and anime was not responsible for the Cold War. Also stop saying little things are worse than the Nazis. This was either Disney1994 or Bouncy.

I hate anime and the fanbase is complete cancer, but this is just too far.

So anime caused the cold war, even though it was not something that can be considered existed back then? Jeez, whoever made it, why you despise anime so much?

This... wow... 1. Bronies only like a show Nazis were ruthless killers and torturers 2. Anime did not cause the cold war. Hentai, yes, literally every fandom has the sexual side, But not Cold War, that's just awful. 3. Genocide is cruel and awful and it honestly shouldn't exist. Groups of people were killed just because of who they are, what they like, etc. back then. 4. You are a cruel psychopathic sociopathic lunatic pathetic excuse of a living organism hypocritical narcissist offensive loser prick who respect nobody and lacks the concept and feeling of compassion and love. I hope you really get help. Have a nice life.

The Newcomers

? "I can hear Shrek's brain when I sleep next to him at night; it is SO SEXY"


I think we know who said this...

The Contenders

"1. Stop making fun of the stuff I like. 2. No bad comments!!!! 3.Read My comment on the top before you begin!!!! 4. The most important,if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all!!!!!!!!! 5. ALWAYS comment and visit MY LISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by someone who doesn't get enough attention YET. It doesn't take one day to be famous on a site.

I have no obligation towards this quote. I can criticize the things that I don't like whenever I feel like it and no one will stop me.

They were trying to make their point by putting dozens of exclamation points.

Exclamation marks gave me a seizure.

"I want the world to end. I want to have never been born. I want nothing to exist so that nothing can be hated. END THE WORLD ALREADY!"

Just get me a Shiny Pikachu in Pokemon Platinum and your wish shall be fulfilled.
Edit: Oh god I found a shiny Pikachu. - TriggerTrashKid

LOL haha! This quote is on the encyclopedia dramatica website on the top tens page. - Leafeon

This sounds like something a fantasy movie villain would say. - Alkadikce

Is this some new form of nihilism? - Cyri

"All fat people are gross and should die."

Now folks, that is the definition of fat-shaming! - BorisRule

I'm pretty fit, but this offends me. - Cyri

That is offensive to fat people. - MaxTheBorderCollie

I'll just sallow the words I want to say to you - Yoshidude

"I'm the best user ever!"

*Thebestuser would like to know your location*

Me: No, I am.
Userguy44: No, I am.
Misfire: No, I am.
RogerMcBaloney: No, I am.
Everyone who's ever had an account on the site(especially thebestuser): No, I am.

It's a shame that he has such low self esteem

This is funny.

" "Any Sonic game" my ass. No Sonic game is good. There's no such thing as that. It's impossible. "I loved it" my ass. You hate It, not love it. We all hate Sonic. Nobody loves Sonic. Anyone saying he/she loves Sonic is a liar. "

You fricks when will you learn your actions have consequences. - XxembermasterxX

The fandom doesn't have anything to do with the character, Sonic 06 was one game wow why make such a big deal of it and yes I know Sonic Boom sucks too but they made sonic forces to make out for it and besides Sonic has more good games than bad games like Sonic Unleashed which the fandom seems to dislike for no objective reason other than 'I hate Sonic as a wolf hurr duur it ruins the whole game" and then again yhe fandom doesn't anythig to do witht the game and Sonic 1 was great so I fon't know what you're tallimg about and why is Nintendo a reasons for hating on Sonic? Nintendo and Sega are friends now.

That comment offends me since I am a sonic fan - DrayTopTens

"This comment" my ass. - RoseWeasley

"All rap is dumb. Tell us something we don't know."

This quote is ignorant. I dislike Rap, but not all of it is bad. There is a decent amount of good artists and songs in the genre. - RiverVibeZ

Person: *says all rap is bad*
Also the same person: Eminem is good
If you say all rap is bad then praise Eminem then it makes no sense since Eminem is a rapper. - AlphaQ

I don't found Rap music bad, but isn't even a music genre to add in your top 10 music genres of all time. - RW700

Person: *says all rap is bad*

Also the very same person: *says all rap is good*

Total hypocrisy - BorisRule

"Foodfight! is better than Jesus"

2016 Me: I am Christian and I AM OFFENDED!
2019 Me: This quote is so bad that it is good.

Hey, 2016 me, stop being hypersensitive and learn how to handle things, my dude.

I am not religious but I can see how this offensive. Lol when a movie is so bad in quality it somehow offends people.

Even if it is a joke it still is not funny. My religion doesn't even believe in Jesus, but that is downright stupid.

So this means The Beatles are more popular but Foodfight! is better?

"Let's unite to show everyone that there is a such thing as a wrong opinion, and everyone has one!"

Let's unite to show everyone that there is such a thing as a bad comment, and this is one!

There are no such things as a wrong opinion. Well, except for claiming that there are even such things as wrong opinions.

If someone said that Trump would lose the 2016 election, in retrospect, wouldn't that be a wrong opinion?

If everyone has a wrong opinion, then what's yours? Thinking it's a good idea to make this union?

"Even if I DON'T have the worst life ever, I still hate it anyway, because it's still awful either way. In the end, I realized that maybe EVERYONE has the worst life ever, because we live in the worst WORLD ever!"

I mean, there's only 1 world necessarily, because there's no life on other planets so he's kinda right, but how does everyone have the same type of life? - Bammer73

I've learned to NOT take my anger and depression and channel it as hate. I use it as writing fuel and in karate class. - Cyri

Take a HOT guess who said this

All because he worships liv and maddie - SpectralOwl

"All you haters on this list are stupid and ignorant and uneducated because you think that she is gross and fake. Well guess what she is 100% real and you guys are just jealous because you will never have a big nice juicy butt."

Is this about Nicki Minaj?

Really I'm not jealous. - Murphypaw

Luckys quote? - Userguy44

"Accusations of votebotting= butthurt fans of other artists who are unhappy that people don't vote for THEIR favorite. If those other artists are so great, where are their fans?"

No votebotting is when items are overboted like David Bowie troll. - AlphaQ

No votebotting is when an item is over voted

Wow. - Bammer73

Votebotting is gone due to the new update. - Maddox121

"Everyone has aids! aids, aids, aids! everyone has aids, aids, aids, aids, aids,aids aids, aids, aids AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS. aids are great! :D"

And so this is the end of our story... and everyone is dead from AIDS.

Reading this comment except every time they say 'aids' the entire bee movie plays in one comment

That's disrespectful to Freddie Mercury and to other people who have/had suffered from AIDS!

(AHEM) Haven't any of you people seen Team America: World Police

"I'm glad it was humans who died [on 9/11] instead of animals"

What if RobertWisdom (yep RobertWisdom said this) had a family member who died in 9/11? Would he be happy? That's what I thought. - Bammer73

Someone from Peeta said that.
Humans are just shaved monkeys who can speak, text, type on a keyboard and of course, be a huge nerd. - Maddox121

Interestingly, the guy who said it hates PETA. - MrCoolC

It COULD hurt animals too! PETA supporters cannot respect options regarding of animal rights. - BorisRule

"All Christians hate gays!"

Yeah, and all gays hate straights. It is straight up stereotyping. - MasterBeef

Another stereotype. This one is as bad as "All Muslims are terrorists". - RogerMcBaloney

Try saying that to a devout Christian. - JoeBoi

Not true in the slightest! - BorisRule

"At least rape happens to humans way more than animals"

Animals and humans are equal, and of course we know who said that.

This is disgusting

Animal rights are not the most important thing!

This is disgusting and horrible

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