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1 "At least the starving children in Africa don't have to feel guilt over liking TV shows"

Just insulting to the poor and starving children of Africa. Not to mention that this is actually quite hypocritical. - JoeBoi

Disney1994 made so many bad comments - DrayTopTens

Kids in Africa have television - Luckys

Ihatetrump is worse though - Peppapigsucks

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2 "MontyPython's sister, who seemed to have a great life (or at least one better than mine), died recently. YET I'M STILL ALIVE, even though everyone HATES me, and I hate my life."

I really can't believe that Disney fan who hates himself and is obsessed with Liv and Maddie actually said that... - UltraLunalaX

What list was this? I honestly can't remember - Peppapigsucks

I can somewhat understand Disney1994. After all, I've had moments where I thought my life was complete rubbish. Not saying I defend him, but I can see his emotional direction and his viewpoint. But using the death of a user just seems... unwanted. You should have at least thought for a moment before you posted. I understand what you wanted to say (And at least you don't mean anything negative to DisneyAnime1234), but you need to consider what words you want to use. Just saying that a message like this could lead to huge trouble (Which it did). - CrimsonShark

Can't believe Disney1994 actually said this. - B1ueNew

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3 "Have u scene the viteo!? It's so hot and sexy so this sung sholud be nubmer one! Her butt is amayzing and she enpower big girls like me wit her sings so vote her 2 nubmer one please! SHES the best RAPPER OF ALL TIME! #VoteAnacondaPlz"

I have lost hope for humankind - SirSheep

This is why school is important, people.

I want to kill myself. - Limeyy

Your spelling is horrible and anaconda sucks! - Peppapigsucks

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4 "I'm glad disneyanime1234 died"

Why would you celebrate the death of an innocent user!? You are so heartless! - JoeBoi

This quote is disgusting. Don't even know DisneyAnime1234, but this is terrible. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

I never knew DisneyAnime1234, but that's just cruel! To all those who were close to DisneyAnime1234, I'm sorry you had to see that. - RoseWeasley

This quote disgusts me...

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"Dying of autism" - Cyri

What. The. Fudge.
You can't die of autism! This comment made Hentai look innocent and how is it responsible for World War Two if it had not yet existed back in the time? And rotting in Nazi camps, I wanna punch whoever made that comment!

We're moving forward as the human race in baby steps yet some have leaped forward for progress in unprecedented levels like this. - Bolshoy_Brat

Considering there are people out there who actually HAVE autism...

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6 "I have the worst life ever!"

Wait till you see children in Africa - Peppapigsucks

You know that there are starving kids and abused kids so no you do not have the worst life ever. - DrayTopTens

At least you have the device your writing this comment with. - XxembermasterxX

As they're using the internet to post this - SirSheep

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7 "I want the world to end. I want to have never been born. I want nothing to exist so that nothing can be hated. END THE WORLD ALREADY!"

Is this some new form of nihilism? - Cyri

What the heck wrong with this commenter? What happened to him? - Jasmine21064

This sounds like something a fantasy movie villain would say. - Alkadikce

What. The. Heck. - Camaro6

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8 "1. Stop making fun of the stuff I like. 2. No bad comments!!!! 3.Read My comment on the top before you begin!!!! 4. The most important,if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all!!!!!!!!! 5. ALWAYS comment and visit MY LISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My eyes hurt. Chill out with the exclamation marks. - Limeyy

That seriously came from a 21-year-old woman. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

What a hypersensitive child who wrote this. - Userguy44

Too much exclamation marks X_x - BorisRule

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9 "I'm the best user ever!"

*Thebestuser would like to know your location* - CrypticMemory

What a funny joke, haha. - Limeyy

It's a shame that he has such low self esteem - SirSheep

Me: Hold my beer. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

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10 "All cartoons and anime suck, and all you people commenting here are pathetic losers with no lives and no friends, get a life, and start watching live action dramas instead of this"

How ironic. This person says whoever comments on that list is a loser, yet he's the one commenting. - RogerMcBaloney

What ever happened to respecting opinions? - SirSheep

Whoever wrote that comment is a pathetic loser with no life and no friends. - DrayTopTens

This just screams "I'm insecure and I try to validate myself by acting all superior" - Atham

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The Newcomers

? "A chocolate weed a day keeps the Alpha a happy boy"
? "They are all mean. They are so mean they make the Columbine shooters look nice (about MLP characters)."

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11 "All rap is dumb. Tell us something we don't know."

Person: *says all rap is bad*
Also the same person: Eminem is good
If you say all rap is bad then praise Eminem then it makes no sense since Eminem is a rapper. - AlphaQ

Someone clearly hasn't listened to Immortal Technique or Tupac. - DarkBoi-X

*Eminem would like to know your location* - Peppapigsucks

You should listen to Trippie Redd - Userguy44

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12 "Let's unite to show everyone that there is a such thing as a wrong opinion, and everyone has one!"

How can an opinion be wrong? - SirSheep

Seriously? - Limeyy

I hate it when people say my opinions wrong when it isn't! - Peppapigsucks

oh oh oh - Luckys

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13 "All weeaboos and people who like anime must be genocidally murdered for liking anime! Anime is the reason why we had Cold War and hentai. They are even worse than the Nazis and Bronies."

So anime caused the cold war, even though it was not something that can be considered existed back then? Jeez, whoever made it, why you despise anime so much?

I hate it when people make death threats over opinions - DrayTopTens

Kids, that's why some anime haters are not better than weeaboos - BorisRule

Someone needs to go see a therapist - SirSheep

After that "Die Hentai" comment, that person really need to go see a therapist and a reality check. - BorisRule

Hentai is amazing how dare you. - AlphaQ

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14 "Accusations of votebotting= butthurt fans of other artists who are unhappy that people don't vote for THEIR favorite. If those other artists are so great, where are their fans?"

No votebotting is when an item is over voted

15 "I hav good gramer"

This is supposed to be a joke lol - lemur

But your spelling is atrocious - Peppapigsucks

Me tew - DrayTopTens

Aye agred I havv to - BorisRule

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16 "Can I tell you guys a secret? I actually masturbate to Trina and Cat. They're that hot (this goes for Liv and Maddie too)."

And why did this have to be shared? - SirSheep

Nobody wanted to know that. - RoseWeasley

Boo hoo, someone did that ): - BorisRule

That is creepy - Peppapigsucks

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17 "Even a squashed up bug on the kitchen floor is better than Arthur!"

Even a stomped Goomba is better than this comment!

Someone, turn this into a list! - MrCoolC

This is now a meme on here. - IceFoxPlayz

This man is what caused the policy I actually cannot believe this. - Puga

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18 "Foodfight! is better than Jesus"

So this means The Beatles are more popular but Foodfight! is better? - Alkadikce

Another hilariously bad comment - MChkflaguard_Yt

The stupidity in this quote. - B1ueNew

Even if it is a joke it still is not funny. My religion doesn't even believe in Jesus, but that is downright stupid. - 445956

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19 "Luigi will always be my favorite video game character of all time. Luigi killed Samus Aran in 8-12-14. He use a green sun and explode her to death than he use Green Giant flames to make it explode more. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!"

Best - lemur

This is just so bad it's funny!

This is so bad that I love it. - Cyri

I just saw this comment on the list it was posted on. - NightJinx

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20 "All Christians hate gays!"

Another stereotype. This one is as bad as "All Muslims are terrorists". - RogerMcBaloney

Try saying that to a devout Christian. - JoeBoi

Plenty of them do, not all of them - Kuro

Not true in the slightest! - BorisRule

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21 "I would argue that a few [Pokémon] like Gardevoir and Lucario actually are [sexy], but I wouldn't go nearly as far as most people on the Internet."

Lucario id definitely smash - Luckys

Wise move - BorisRule

Lucario's and Treecko's feet though - xandermartin98

22 "Even if I DON'T have the worst life ever, I still hate it anyway, because it's still awful either way. In the end, I realized that maybe EVERYONE has the worst life ever, because we live in the worst WORLD ever!"

This is harder to figure this out than solving a rubix cube - Pokemonfan10

I've learned to NOT take my anger and depression and channel it as hate. I use it as writing fuel and in karate class. - Cyri

Take a HOT guess who said this

All because he worships liv and maddie - SpectralOwl

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23 "I'm glad it was Americans who died instead of anyone else"

I flagged that comment so now it's gone - DrayTopTens

That's sick and racist - BananaBrain


24 "I'll NEVER be happy UNTIL I FINALLY get to go to the dimension of people who improve the world by wishing they were NEVER born, so that I watch as the TRUTH is revealed ONCE AND FOR ALL!"

oh um - Luckys

Please give me a noose - DarkBoi-X

Guess who said this. Can you? Of course you can! It’s far too obvious. - AliciaMae

This also sounds like an awful version of a video game villain's pre-battle speech - DarkShadows

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25 "Finally, Frozen is more overrated than Naruto and Sword Art Online. Narutards are better than this."

No it’s not. - 3DG20

26 "I'm a liberal, loud and proud. Liberal or conservative, we're not letting political differences divide us on TheTopTens, babe!"

I still don't understand why this is "cringe." - Jasmine21064

This is cringe, but I agree. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

And what's wrong with this. - DarkBoi-X

Cringey, but at least they're intelligent. - RoseWeasley

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27 "Hell no! I know some people may think Asuna is stupid, but I don't think she would ever support a jerk like Donald Trump. I'm sure she would support Hillary Clinton instead."

Let's be real, if Hilary got elected you all would still be complaining. - AlphaQ

Why are we mixing SAO and 2016 politics? - RoseWeasley

Sword Art Online + 2016 debates = A mess - BorisRule

Arguing about what politician some crappy anime character would support: only on TheTopTens. - floral

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28 "At least rape happens to humans way more than animals"

Animals and humans are equal, and of course we know who said that. - JoeBoi

Now, I try to be a peaceful person...
...but I wanna slap this guy. - RoseWeasley

That's messed up... - RogerMcBaloney

Animal rights are not the most important thing! - BorisRule

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29 "And no, it does NOT matter HOW popular or UNpopular an opinion is, it can STILL be wrong!"

An opinion is neither right nor wrong. - RogerMcBaloney

There are no wrong opinions. I repeat. There's no such thing as "wrong opinions". - Misfire

Hold up let me just stop you there opinions can't be wrong because there is no proof/evidence to back it up so therefore it cannot be wrong - Carri796

30 "BorisRule is a rapist, because he is male"

I hope this comment was deleted, because it's downright abusive. - RoseWeasley

Extreme feminism / today's feminism in a nutshell. - RogerMcBaloney

All for hunting down whoever said this say aye. - RoseWeasley

So that means every male is a rapist? - JoeBoi

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31 "Best fetish. Especially for Princess Daisy farting in tight jeans. God I love that pants pooping princess."

Excuse me while I go kill myself - Limeyy

GROSS! I think I actually saw this ugly comment before. - WindWakerFan

It was time for AlphaQ to leave, he had seen enough. - AlphaQ

Can someone pass the bleach, please - Camaro6

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32 "think she's underrated and has some great potential, just like Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica."

What’s wrong with this one? - Limeyy

This actually isn't that bad

33 " "Any Sonic game" my ass. No Sonic game is good. There's no such thing as that. It's impossible. "I loved it" my ass. You hate It, not love it. We all hate Sonic. Nobody loves Sonic. Anyone saying he/she loves Sonic is a liar. "

Can't you admit, that people do like Sonic?

"This comment" my ass. - RoseWeasley

That comment offends me since I am a sonic fan - DrayTopTens

To whoever made this comment:
Boy, shut up. Do not come to this site EVER AGAIN till you learn that there are people who GENUINELY love Sonic. However, judging from that comment of yours, it seems like you'll never learn and will never return if you actually listened to me. - Jasmine21064

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34 "Ok go ahead name me 1 good metal song why because there are no good metal songs"

The person who wrote this is either a retard or simply has their head stuck deep in their ass. - RogerMcBaloney

He has a point, I don't like metal either but I like just a few songs at most. - AlphaQ

I don't like most metal but there must be a good song out there. - AlphaQ

Hallowed Be Thy Name. I could name every Maiden song - Userguy44

Uh.. Light My Fire - The Doors. (sarcasm) - JoeBoi

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35 "I hate mlp and you dudes. I AM A GIRL AND GIRLS ROCK,unlike the boring boys^^"

I am a boy and this is offensive - DrayTopTens

How sexist and hypocritical. - JoeBoi

I wonder how old she is. - Misfire

11-13 years is the age when people like bashing the opposite gender the most - Alkadikce

That's sexist

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36 "Because of anime and manga, Japan should never exist at all!"

"Because of Justin Bieber, Canada should never exist at all! - RoseWeasley

Anime, maga and hentai is art. - AlphaQ

Because of racism and ignorance, this comment should never exist at all! - Cyri

*facepalm* Is Anime that bad?!

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37 "Guess who doesn't care about the haters. Me"

But you mentioned them and apparently had a post about you hating your haters. - AlphaQ

*winces* - Limeyy

But you cared enough to remind them. - 3DG20

Claims Nathan, 14, has a post called "Nathan hates haters" - Puga

38 "Everyone knows Artur sucks"

Artur is so bad. What a cheap ripoff of Arthur. - AlphaQ

I have heard of Arthur but not Artur - DrayTopTens

Agreed. Artur makes me want to drink bleach, I’d rather watch Arthur instead. - Limeyy

Artur? Never heard of it. - 3DG20

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39 "I er, may or may not be a virgin. I'd rather not say"

The answer is always yes, even it's a no, it's actually yes

That means yes. If people leave it up in the air with an "I'd rather not say," it's a yes. - Cyri

Be it, because that's too personal. - BorisRule

Ok we don't care

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40 That's mighty sexy, bro But Rocko and Heffer exploding a giant parasite all over the inside of Dr. Paula Hutchison-Shellbach's brain is still WAY hotter
41 "Tired of this bitch Ruining our anime and manga by turning their characters into MLP Ponies"

This person is correct though - Kuro

Artists CAN have the rights to draw ponies into humanized types, but animated in the art style. Complaining about that won't stop them for doing that. - yamionthetrap

The Artist Has Every Right To Draw Anime Characters As Ponies

Anti-Bronies Are So Mean - JPK

I see nothing wrong with this comment. I’m sick of these people too. - 3DG20


Hi, feminist. Do us a favour and please leave the site. - AlphaQ

Sexism sucks - DrayTopTens

Piplup is that you? - Userguy44

I seriously doubt it was Piplup, since this comment was made before I've know that user. - BorisRule

Oh my god. "Feminists" like this make me not want to consider myself a feminist anymore. - WheresMyGuitarPick

Your username makes it sound like you wanna use the guitar pick to beat the person up.
And I like it. - RoseWeasley

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43 "Hillary is the best"

It's an opinion but...Trump is the better out of the 2 of them. - AlphaQ

Just a very unpopular opinion. - Userguy44

How is this bad? - Luckys

Explain how she lost - Nonpointed

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44 "Characters engaging in passionate sexual intercourse with each other's brains"

*holds up kitten* THE POWER OF WHOLESOMENESS COMPELS YOU! - RoseWeasley

How... how does that even work...? - RogerMcBaloney

*proceeds to hold up phone tuned into a Gravity Falls episode on YouTube, my copy of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, and a drawing of Kyubey*
Me: The power of Gravity Falls,Pokemon, and anime compels you, motherfudger!

I have no words. - NightJinx

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45 "MLP is gay"

How can a cartoon have a sexuality? - AliciaMae

I hate MLP but only degenerates use gay as an insult unironically. - DarkBoi-X

When do T.V. shows have sexualities? And when was "gay" an effective insult? - RoseWeasley

Stop using gay as an insult. - NightJinx

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46 "Killed more people than Hitler through his singing and the fact you can't tell his gender easily :("

This is the worst Justin Bieber joke ever. - Userguy44

The JB hate just got old a long time ago already! - JoeBoi

This went way too far - RoseWeasley

This was on All Time Most Evil People in History - Nonpointed

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47 "Anyone who likes The Loud House should commit suicide."

There's this thing called "opinions" - Peppapigsucks


Whoever tells people to kill themselves just for liking a show needs to lock themselves away from society or at least get off the internet. - 3DG20

A death threath for a cartoon? - Userguy44

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48 "Um Jammer Lammy is a better waifu than Lana Loud because her brain is sexier"

LEAVE LAMMY ALONE - xandermartin98

49 "I is Pug and I is happy doggy!"

This is funny, not bad - Peppapigsucks

This quote is great - ElSherlock

How is that a horrible quote? I find it to be the best quote on TheTopTens. - MrCoolC

When you have crippling depression and act like a dog online - Puga

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50 "You are so underrated SevenLizards! You should be in the top five!"

What's wrong with this comment?

Did Wolftail say this? - TwilightKitsune

He isn't now. - DynastiNoble

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2. "At least the starving children in Africa don't have to feel guilt over liking TV shows"
3. "I want the world to end. I want to have never been born. I want nothing to exist so that nothing can be hated. END THE WORLD ALREADY!"
1. "At least the starving children in Africa don't have to feel guilt over liking TV shows"
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