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21 Mario Kart Super Circuit

You can avoid blue shells jumping over them! It easy to do!

A huge mistake was made by re-adding 2d tracks. That ruined the game. Also, there was poor voice acting... - SelfDestruct

22 Crash Tag Team Racing
23 Carmageddon 2
24 Carmageddon 64
25 Hooter's Road Trip
26 Crash Nitro Kart

What? This is a great game. Don't get me wrong, its nowhere near as good as Crash Team Racing, but its not terrible

27 Ridge Racer Vita

An hero yourself.
This is one of the better racers on the PS vita.
It's literally a remaster of the psp version. - 8chAnonymous

28 Ferrari: The Race Experience
29 Mario Kart DS

Very complicated game play. What were they thinking? - SelfDestruct


30 Mario Kart 7

My only problem with it is the characters... Why would you put HONEY QUEEN, who's in, what? One game? For one level? Instead of someone like Waluigi?

This game is overrated and they put rosalina and honey queen how many times are they gonna milk the Mario galaxy name and not make a third game - ikerevievs

It is worse than the Wii version due to less characters. Still, they ability to fly and do some other stuff gets it off of the top 5. - SelfDestruct

Is my 2nd favorite Mario kart game!

31 Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Good game but it is overrated. I mostly hate it because some people say it's better than Split/Second. Making Split/Second a underrated game.

Not saying this game is bad but it is quite disappointing. As the gameplay is good, the graphics were average (the road was not even realistically painted but close to it), the car behavior was unrealistic (if you use speedbreaker at high speeds and then turn in one direction and then turn in another direction quickly, the cars seem to sidestep), and the car list was horrible as there was no McLaren F1 or Koenigsegg CCX/CCR. Thatis why this game belongs in this list. Sorry to disappoint you guys for this but I personally dislike this game.

By the way, the paragraph I wrote above is about the 2005 version, not to be confused with the 2012 version. - SelfDestruct

If you mean 2012, I agree.

Hennessy Venom GT = Unlimited Online Wins

V 3 Comments
32 Mario Kart 8

Link is in it now! Yay!

Stupid Awful Game - VideoGamefan5

Yes, It's True, As A Hardcore Mario Fan, I Say Mario Kart 8 Sucks - VideoGamefan5

Man this game sucks. Being honest. - SelfDestruct

33 Asphalt 3D
34 Mercedes-Benz World Racing
35 Need for Speed: Underground V 1 Comment
36 Need for Speed: Rivals

Really glitchy and unfair. As a racer, you have low health and more prone to being wrecked or taken out by the AI.

Worst drive experience ever! Even F1 game made for 386 pc year 1989 is better!

Reasons why Rivals is bad:
1. Boring visual customization. You can only repaint the body & wheels and place livery (not custom)
2. No JDM cars! at the loding screen there's a R35 GTR but there's no GTR
3. Boring storyline
4. The map is too small for me.
5. The cops is just annoying. I just parked my high-heat car then I take a drink and cops start chase me!
6.The soundtracks is boring. I know that's not a main thing on a racing game - TheSuperBanana

37 Dodge Racing: Charger vs. Challenger

Absolute Rubbish... Desperately wanted to buy a realistic racing game for the Wii, would've gone for NFS, but they don't go on the Wii. I settled for this and it was the worst $15 I spent in my life.

38 DT Racer

The only thing this game is good for is "jousting", where 2 players smash into each other, head-on, and continue crashing with the intention of dealing as much damage as possible to render ones opponent helpless to "win" the match. Trying to flip ones opponent on their roof (like a turtle) is also a fun way to win.

39 Madout
40 Spirit of Speed 1937 V 1 Comment
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