Worst Racing Games of All Time


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41 Mario Kart Wii

The items suck in the game! That why I turn off the items!

Despite many karts/bikes per character, the game play was poor and it was really confusing how to use the new items. - SelfDestruct

42 Gran Turismo

Yeah right, I bet you think this game is bad. - 8chAnonymous

1 was the start, two was fun but buggy, three was epic (but cut back), four revolutionised, and five is good (except that dumbass levelling up bull…)

43 Dirt 2
44 GRID Autosport
45 Gran Turismo 6
46 Taxi Driver Challenge
47 Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed

Bad graphics but good gameplay.

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48 Ocean City
49 DreamWorks Super Star Kartz
50 The Crew V 1 Comment
51 DriveClub
52 Hot Wheels: Beat That!

I absolutely love this game despite the glitches and crashes I love it. Anyway yes despite all of its flaws I love this game. Once a hot wheels boy always a hot wheels boy. It even has my favorite car the bone shaker

The controls are floppy

53 Mario Kart Arcade GP

While it's a good laugh, pros should definitely give this one a miss. The difficulty is far too low. - Entranced98

54 Midnight Run: Road Fighter 2

This game has poor controls and bad graphics even for a mid 90's arcade/PS1 game. Not fun at all. - drdevil

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