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21 Bones

This and "My Iron Lung" could be tied for their worst songs. I chose this one because at least with "My Iron Lung" the verse part is good. With this, everything about it is awful. With some of the other songs, you could make the argument that their just boring. This one you can't because it's in your face and obnoxious. The only Radiohead song I know that elicits such a reaction in me.

Again I like this

22 Lotus Flower

This song isn't that bad, should be a bit lower though. - Mumbizz01

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23 High and Dry
24 Feral
25 MK2
26 Where Bluebirds Fly

Could have been great with a different arrangement, but this one just ended up sounding like something from a video game.

27 Sail to the Moon

Sail to the Moon is amazing! It's one of those songs that you don't like initially, but grow to like later on. The piano in it is beautiful!

Your list is just completely bolloks myxomatosis is my favorite song and house of cards is good too and about the song I think sail to the moon was nice when I started listening to it but then afterwards it was just boring I mean sailed on shooting stars come on radiohead you can do better than that

WHAT?!? This song is beautiful, haunting, and this is one of the better tracks on Halt to the Thief. And who the hell put Idioteque on this list?

28 Like Spinning Plates

Although I love Amnesiac, if you take alone "Like Spinning Plates" it can be really... well, just bad. Yet this song has been certainly rectified by its live version!

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29 15 Steps

Nothing off In Rainbows should even be here...

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30 Morning Bell / Amnesiac V 1 Comment
31 Hunting Bears

I don't think this song is bad. In fact it's not really a song. I see it as an interlude for the Amnesiac album. And even though it has no lyrics, it's a very mellow ambient.

32 MK1
33 Faust Arp V 1 Comment
34 Trans-Atlantic Drawl
35 Yes I Am V 1 Comment
36 I Am Citizen Insane
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