WonkeyDude98 Analysis: No Flex Zone (Rae Sremmurd) vs No Flex Zone (Karmin ft. George Watsky)

Wow...that review of My X made me sour. Wait, I'm reviewing another Rae Sremmurd song? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Let's change it up a bit. I don't have the energy to rant about No Flex Zone on its own, and I don't want to. At all. So instead, I will compare it to the remix by Karmin and George Watsky, and why the remix is so much better than the original. Before I start, I'd like to say I was more than a little concerned with the remix. I like Karmin, but her previous song Acapella was...more than disappointing. As for Watsky, I only knew him through Epic Rap Battles of History where he is William Shakespeare, The 4th Doctor, and Edgar Allen Poe. Even then, despite his phenomenal flow, he only won the third one. So, I was shaky about listening to it.

Beat: The remix is better in every regard. In the original, the synth is cheap and plays the same three notes the entire song, and the percussion is next to nonexistent. Furthermore, there's this screechy tone that seems like it's trying to top teh annoyance of the beat that pops up randomly. In Karmin's version, not only is the synth actually imposing, there is actually a good melody to it that is more than THREE NOTES. Also, that violin is incredible.

Vocals: The duo in the remix wins yet again. Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy, as I said last review, are absolute hacks vocally. Especially when Slim Jimmy growls "FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN CHAINS OOOONNNNN". Ugh. In the remix, not only are Karmin and Watsky actually controlled, they don't sound like teens. Their voices are quieter, yet thicker. Unlike the duo in the remix, Rae Sremmurd's voices are loud and obnoxious, but hollow and devoid of substance.

Lyrics/Flow/Rhymes: Yet another landslide win. I cannot begin to fathom how terrible the lyrics in No Flex Zone are. They tell you not to flex, then have lyrics like "f***ed your b***h just met her", "I'm a player to be honest wit' chu" "FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN CHAINS OOONNN". You're not even good musicians, stop telling people not to flex, then flex, on your debut hit, when you were formerly homeless (by the way, I feel no sympathy for them). Yeah, Karmin and Watsky contradict themselves in the remix, but they actually are good enough rappers to deserve the right to flex in the "no flex zone". The flows of Rae Sremmurd are absolute garbage. Slow, choppy, underannunciated to the point of overannunciation, and occasionally abandoned. Meanwhile, not only do Karmin and Watsky stay on the flow and ride the beat, they are incredible. They are almost on Eminem and E-40's level of mastery. The lyrics range from disses to Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Dr. Dre, Reeboks, and any fake celebrity. Holy lord is this impressive.

So, the remix is better than the original in all regards. I give the original a -4/5, and the remix a 5/5. And now, I will no longer center posts around Rae Sremmurd. This is WonkeyDude98, signing out.


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