Consider this:

Rae Sremmurd are easily the worst people currently working in music right now, but that's not what I'm getting at. It's this:

These guys have a song called Up Like Trump where they idolize Donald Trump for his wealth and comparing it to theirs. Even ignoring the sloppy piano riffs, the spaghetti-like bass, the banal 808s, the piercing chiptune drowned in reverb, and the fact that Donald Trump is far richer than either of these guys, this is an absolutely ludicrous comparison to make. Comparing yourselves to Donald Trump, one of the most hateful, racist, sexist, most dangerous businessman on the planet....just because you're rich.

Then, they drop a new atrocious album and everyone either loves or hates it, and infuriatingly it's mostly acclaimed. There's a song on it called Black Beatles which just so happens to be the worst song on the album, and it gets chosen as a single. Debuting at the measly #96, nobody could have expected it to do as well as it did.

But it did. Thanks to the Mannequin Challenge and a whole ton of streaming, this song went to #1 in a hurry despite fierce (and for the latter two, deserved) competition from The Chainsmokers, The Weeknd, and twenty-øne piløts.

Wanna know what happened just before this?

Donald Trump got elected president of the United States.

That's not even the worst part, because after Trump said he was running for president, Rae Sremmurd realized the damage they did with Up Like Trump and immediately redacted the song, cursing out Donald Trump while rooting for Bernie Sanders.

I would call this eerily prophetic, but I'd call it more contemptible than anything. With all this considered, Black Beatles and Up Like Trump even more so than when I reviewed them stand as two of the worst songs ever created, and the fact that they have to exist in tandem with each other is absolutely infuriating.


I actually really love Up Like Trump. The lyrics are a straight up mock of the dude, and in terms of brag rap, Rae actually do a good job bringing the swagger to the table, and it's obvious they are not taking themselves seriously, just bragging about their ATMs and their trucks. Also, Slim's verse is amazing. I also, enjoy the chill trap production. I'd settle for a 4/5, and it's a shame that No Flex Zone, No Type, and Blase did better than it - ProPanda


Although I'll admit flow-wise, the last four bars Slim Jxmmi has aren't...THAT terrible, though they're vocally excruciating. - WonkeyDude98

"Aren't... THAT terrible"

You're being biased and you know it. - ProPanda

It's still the 2010s mish-mash of New Edition and Juelz Santana we're talking about here. - WonkeyDude98

I agree with propanda,what happened to you? why have you became so biased and disrespectful to other music tastes? - Nateawesomeness

That literally has nothing to do with this - WonkeyDude98

Swae was admittedly a bit squeakily harsh in his vocal tone, but Slim was actually not that bad vocally. I could listen to his thing all day - ProPanda

When the hell did this happen - ProPanda

Ok,i gotta admit,this is the butthurtness I'm talking about - Nateawesomeness

Probably, but you have to remember that I always treated these guys with scorn in the past, and the fact that they now have a #1 hit has just stewed my rage. - WonkeyDude98

Ok,but it isn't the community's fault,K? - Nateawesomeness

I never framed it towards the community... - WonkeyDude98

Oh,well then,I'm afraid I must have mistaken you - Nateawesomeness

It's aight - WonkeyDude98