Top Ten Worst Rap Albums by Good Rappers

These are the people who are good but there albums on the other hand...

The Top Ten

1 Encore - Eminem

Amazing artist but horrible album - StephenNoble

I agree this album was whack just like his other albums. Overrated whack ass all he can do is freestyle but with stupid words. It's funny to see lose yourself number one of the best rap songs of all time like tf? you people these days are retarded as hell.

Just a horrible album If you like Eminem just go straight to MMLP or SSLP or Eminem Show - StephenNoble

Only 2 tracks are worth a listen.
Toy soldiers and mockingbird.

2 808s and Heartbreaks - Kanye West

Not the same Kanye from Graduation... - StephenNoble

3 Nastradamus - Nas V 3 Comments
4 The Carter IV - Lil Wayne

Wheezy was never good to begin with.

The Carter 3 was amazing this on the other hand... - StephenNoble

V 2 Comments
5 Yeezus - Kanye West

This and 808s and Heartbreaks are just horrible... - StephenNoble

6 2pacalypse Now - 2pac

Brought us albums like All Eyez on me then we have this... - StephenNoble

V 1 Comment
7 Curtis - 50 Cent

After Get Rich or Die Trying his expectations were high... And he threw them away. - StephenNoble

8 The Black Album - Jay Z

What? The Black Album is one of his best. It's great, - jack2244

The Black Album was great! Magna Carter was ok, Kingdom Come was his worst not this

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9 Cherry Bomb - Tyler the Creator
10 Relapse - Eminem

Is it just me who really likes this album

Eminem himself doesn't like this album. So yeah...

The Contenders

11 Underground Luxury - B.O.B
12 Electric Circus - Common
13 Magna Carter, Holy Grail - Jay-Z

I really didn't find this that bad

14 I Am the West - Ice Cube
15 The Slim Shady LP - Eminem
16 Pac's Life - 2pac
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1. Encore - Eminem
2. 808s and Heartbreaks - Kanye West
3. The Carter IV - Lil Wayne



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