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61 Hey Baby - Pitbull

Any song created by this piece of garbage belongs in the trash.

How is he considered a rapper? It bugs me seeing Pitbull or see his name when talking about RAP. He's just a dance/party song artist.

62 Turn Down for What - DJ Snake

Lil Jon should be soaked with gasoline, and set on fire. Then somebody should shout "BURN DOWN FOR WHAT" to him as he burns alive.

Lil Jon's in it. So that counts.

Worst song in existence.

Fack first, then this. - Themusicman

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63 Drill Time - Slim Jesus

Now this is what happens when white people have just watched the movie Straight Outta Compton

This is not rap, it's talking really fast with an annoying voice and stupid words - venomouskillingmachine

He is an ass rapper! HE don't even try to rap? He acts like Cheif KEef and try to say he'll blow your head off, but he probably a scary white boy!

64 Don't Drop That Thun Thun - Finatticz
65 Wiggle - Jason Derulo

This song is boring. It's about butts. Wow that's something really decent and original!

This isn't a rap song, dumbass...

Dumbest rap song ever written. - 05yusuf09

Who the hell makes a song about shaking your ass

66 Stoopid - Gucci Mane
67 Alphabet - Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne sing me the alphabet. alright, N-I-G-G-A people think I have talent.

Wow! He made a song called alphabet, and he's the one who said the phenomanl starts with an F.

68 My X - Rae Sremmurd
69 Candy Shop - 50 Cent

This song is the moment when 50 cent started to suck. He was never lyrical, but he had pretty tight rhymes before. He chose to be commercial and do candy for little kids, than doing hard gritty street raps

Please,take this song off the list,now. The lyrics may be about sex,but he is 50 cent, he always uses metaphors

70 Loyal - Chris Brown

GTFOH this was one of the best songs of 2014 and I don't even like Chris Brown

71 Headlines - Drake

"Tuck my napkin in my shirt cause I'm just mobbing like that"

Most retarded lyrics

Drake isn't very good but this song is definitely one of his best - AlphaQ

I hate rap but this songs is alright.

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72 No Flex Zone - Rae Sremmurd

Dang I wish 2pac was still alive, he would have able to say that better than I could (similar to what he did in Hit 'em up). I mean come on what where these guys thinking

This should be number 1

See this is why we need battle rappers.To help demolish the careers of sack rappers such as these guys.What makes it even worse is that songs like these get acclaim.

This is just an abomination of a song, complete with earpiercing vocals, that sounds like a 12 yearold kid with throat cancer, and awful lyrics from Sway, and the dark boring and lifeless production from the candidate for worst producer currently working (next to will.i .am and DJ Mustard) Mike Will Made It. In this song that's not about flexing, they brag about having 7 gold chains on and buying An ISLAND.

Just one of the worst songs I've ever heard (only lower than London Bridge, Fack, Wiggle and Me Too). It just pisses me off that songs like these get popular all the time nowadays.

73 Ninja Rap - Vanilla Ice

That is the most amazing name EVER!

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74 Daughters - Nas
75 Love Me - Lil Wayne

Should be number one. Hate it with a passion. Lil' Wayne, Drake, and especially Future are all terrible rappers, and this song is no exception. I remember back when Drake didn't work on abominations like this.

Lil Wayne has no talent. Screw him. - Antwon

This should be in the top the list.
It's mysoginistic, gross, uggly, boring lifeless, terribly produced with a hook singed by future and drake (and they sound like they are half sleep) and the terrible lyrics puns and wordplay by lil wayne are way to creepy to be listenable

This is one of Lil’ Wayne’s better songs. That’s kind of sad. Love Me is okay, but his early stuff was FIRE! Here’s hoping for a comeback, Weezy. - JakeNasty92

76 The Time is Now - John Cena
77 Flicka da Wrist - Chedda Da Connect
78 I Hit It First - Ray J

I can't stand this song but it's kinda funny because I know for sure it ticks Kanye West off. What Ray J is basically saying. " I did it with Kim Kardashian first ".

It's impossible to take this song seriously.

79 No Type - Rae Sremmurd

Even if I think this is better than No Flex Zone, there's even less reason to like this. - WonkeyDude98

This sounds like a boy going to puberty made a terrible voice crack and then autotuned it - Pablo4Lyfe

80 Miracles - Insane Clown Posse
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