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121 6 Foot, 7 Foot - Lil Wayne

This is stupid and annoying.

I mean the background vocals repeat the same thing all the time, It can make go crazy.

This song makes me wanna tear my ears out!
Stupid hoe is a bit worse than this

122 Rap God - Eminem

The MMLP2 is getting too much hate, It was a GREAT comeback album with some hints of mainstream, the only bad song was stronger than I was, and also has a great deluxe version (Take out baby), Wicked Ways was clever, and the unfunny and funny and loved ken kaniff skit. Over the years, his persona was dying, but this he kept it in this album (and drug free) and his lyricism has gotten better album by album past Encore/Relapse. Rap god was his lyricism at his max.

Song sucks compared to other better songs. Not as bad as Real Slim Shady though.

I like Eminem but this seems kinda arrogant and childish. Still awesome though...

123 Booty - Iggy Azalea
124 Team - Iggy Azalea

Igloo has just hit an all-time low. - thomwim

125 Everyday Saturday - ApoRed
126 Wolves - Kanye West
127 Chain Hang Low - Jibbs

What even is this GARBAGE? - Spark_Of_Life

128 Meme Machine - Pink Guy
129 Famous - Kanye West
130 Club Walmart - Kia Shine
131 Wait (The Whisper Song) - Ying Yang Twins
132 99 Problems - Jay Z

This is a classic, it doesn't belong here

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133 Faded - Tyga

I was on my way to add this, but it's already here. Thank goodness! This song sucks, it has a stupid beat and HORRIBLE lyrics.

No Just no. This song has no meaning, unessacary noises, and TYGA.

Tyga is the number 1 wackest rapper in the game right now, all his songs suck! He was the only guy who butchered his verse on Loyal, Chris Brown out rapped him FFS. Wack ASF

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134 Gasolina - Daddy Yankee
135 Don't Drop That Thun Thun - Finatticz
136 Swag Surfin - Fast Life Yungstaz
137 Cupid Shuffle - Cupid

I CAN'T STAND THIS SONG! I mean, when it first came out it was okay and everybody was doing the dance and our gym teacher was making us do it in physical education. But after a while, I just got plain sick and tired of it. I mean, it's a cool party and dance song, but let's be honest... It got old kinda quick!

This is such a fun party song! Why is it on here?!

138 Hi Hater - Maino

One of the worst Rap songs in Midnight Club Los Angeles. - SelfDestruct

139 Ice Cream Paint Job - Dorrough

This garbage is what made hip hop really go down hill in 2009-present era

No. this awesome song is what actually made hip hop really go up hill in 2009-present era. - SelfDestruct

140 All the Way Turnt Up - Roscoe Dash
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