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141 99 Problems - Jay Z

One of Jay-z's best take it off!

This is a classic, it doesn't belong here

142 Gasolina - Daddy Yankee
143 Swag Surfin - Fast Life Yungstaz
144 Cupid Shuffle - Cupid

I CAN'T STAND THIS SONG! I mean, when it first came out it was okay and everybody was doing the dance and our gym teacher was making us do it in physical education. But after a while, I just got plain sick and tired of it. I mean, it's a cool party and dance song, but let's be honest... It got old kinda quick!

This is such a fun party song! Why is it on here?!

145 Hi Hater - Maino

One of the worst Rap songs in Midnight Club Los Angeles. - SelfDestruct

146 Ice Cream Paint Job - Dorrough

This garbage is what made hip hop really go down hill in 2009-present era

No. this awesome song is what actually made hip hop really go up hill in 2009-present era. - SelfDestruct

147 All the Way Turnt Up - Roscoe Dash
148 Snap Yo Fingers - Lil Jon
149 O Let's Do It - Waka Flocka Flame

The trumpets playing in the background are so boring and repetitive and make you want to drive off a cliff if this awful song gets stuck in your head.

150 Pull My Hair - Ying Yang Twins

It's so bad it's funny, listen to it on YouTube if you want a laugh.

151 Hip Hop is Dead - Nas

Hip hop is actually still alive. Not only that but why feature Will.I. Am.

Will I am in the song contradicts the point he SHOULD have made but decided not to and got sidetracked. The people who think this makes a pointed statement about hip hop are dead wrong. They are just people (usually) who think that there is nothing beyond drake and future in today's hip hop. - Themusicman

Even as a huge NAS fan, this is trash. It's basically the NAS equivalent of Death of Autotune by Jay-Z. He says what he's going to do...but never does it or even takes shots at anyone. I give this a 0/5 for the wasted potential. - WonkeyDude98

Oh my gosh finally somebody who understands that this song does nothing and goes nowhere. The most repeated nas line is "grinding, hitting Brazilian dimes from behind" in this song (three times). I think that should tell you all you need to know - Themusicman

Nas is trash guys he just thinks he good because he trashed jay z

152 Asi Styla - Biz Modaya Uymadık
153 Caillou - Lil B


V 1 Comment
154 Work - Iggy Azalea
155 Yahhh! - Soulja Boy V 1 Comment
156 Gucci, Gucci - Kreayshawn

YEA DIS SONG SUCKS! Lil Wayne saved it - CoolMods

157 Bedrock - Young Money V 1 Comment
158 Bandz a Make Her Dance - Juicy J

Crappy song with improper grammar.

159 Gentleman - Psy
160 Hot N***a - Bobby Shmurda
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