Lil Wayne

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Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. is an American hip hop artist and is often referred to as one of the worst rappers of all time. He was signed to Cash Money Records by Birdman at a young age. Before he became a household name and the artist he is today, he was 1 quarter of the southern rap group The Hot Boys, more.


I'm not gonna fully explain why I chose Lil Wayne, but it's rappers like him, soulja boy, nicki minaj, drake, etc. that make me think hip hop is dead. 20 years ago, I could've listed a thousand good hip hop artists or rappers and nowadays I could say that they paved the road leading to all these new, horrible rappers, but that is such a disgrace to see what their good work was turned into by these horrible rappers like lil Wayne. Sure I can't hate on them because I don't rap myself, but in the case of lil Wayne, I think anyone is allowed to hate on him! He is just bad, no question about it. I respect people who like him, but I also stand by my opinion, and I think a lot of people could agree with me that he is one of the, if not, the worst rapper in history, and I'm glad soulja boy is up there too because he is also horrible.

I think Soulja Boy is technically worse than Lil Wayne, but the good thing about Soulja Boy is that after he had a couple hits, he faded away into obscurity, and his success seemed more like a fluke than anything else.

Lil Wayne, however, is not just a bad rapper. He's an influential bad rapper that not only refuses to go away, but is also polluting the airwaves with other bad rappers from his label. Also, although I said that he's technically better than Soulja Boy, his material from 2013 is absolute garbage, especially songs like Love Me and Karate Chop.

Lil Wayne wasn't that bad when he started out, but over the year's he's gotten worse and worse. He's definitely the worst out right now, only Chief Keef is worse than he is. The dude's garbage, his beats are generic and bad, his lyrics are absolutely retarded (listen to his verse on "Bandz A Make Her Dance", just terrible) and his voice is so damn annoying. If you say he's a great rapper, then you need to look up what real hip-hop is.

Sucks he's no rapper and he's not Hip Hop he's just a drunk stupid ass wannabe singer...calling him a rapper or hip hop, is the same as you putting him in the same category and saying he is equal to, 2pac, Ice Cube, NWA, NAS, Too Short which he definitely is NOT! ! He belongs in the same category with drake, soulja boy, vanilla ice, tyga, will smith, nikki minage, as wanna be gangsters and wanna be rappers., when in reality they are the just commercial radio wannabe rappers with by far the worst lyrics and rap flows ever

Take a look at the Carter and Carter 2 & 3. Not to mention his countless mixtapes that everyone was banging.. Come on you guys just can't LISTEN to him. Best analogies ever. Reinvented rap today he shouldn't be on the list..

Come on guys he doesn't deserve this he deseves to be on the top of this worst rapper list. Is he really a rapper? This guy here ruined hip hop music. And why is Eminem on this list? He is the best rapper ALIVE after Eminem is dead hip hop is dead.. Seriously? Eminem on the worst list those guys who voted eminem on the worst list are the same guys that voted justin biber on best singer list.. Yep those guys r bibier fans

Lil Wayne just doesn't use intelligence in his lyrics. Honestly, my friend caught Wayne's contagious disease of supidititis after listening to Wayne. He destroyed my friend's personality and brain. I'm sad now.

Lil Wayne can't rap for life he sounds like he is about to vomit, literally all of his raps and freestyles are auto-tuned! Lil Wayne has nothing else to talk about except girls, party, bootie shaking, and other explicit content!

The only positive I can take from lil Wayne's music when I hear it is that he makes my dream of becoming a rapper more possible. Can't believe some kids who haven't hit puberty yet think he's the best rapper alive. Why's Eminem on the list? He's the greatest of all time.

So I scroll down a bit to see who else is on here. Eminem? MY WORD. How can you be #1 on the list of best rappers in the world, and also on the opposite? I listened to "without Me" 2 hours straight and it is a meaningful song.

He has song about video games he tells the people that he got video game swag I laughed so hard after hearing it.

In one word the song was


Why the hell is Eminem even in this list. Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time. Now on to why Wayne is terrible, well I don't need to tell you. Everyone knows why.

He used to be amazing, but he fell off so hard. Karate Chop is a prime example. - SwagFlicks

It should be against the law to be a Lil Wayne fan because most of his fans are violent. They start riots and deliberately injure the law-abiding citizens in the world.

He sounds like he's crying the whole time and needs to make an album NOT called the Carter. Why's Eminem even this list he's #1 on list of best rapper

Ill put it to you this way... He said "I think about more than I forget" (worst rap line of all time). Like OBVIOUSLY! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO FORGET MORE THAN YOU THINK!

Lil Wayne is not one of the worst he's my 2nd favorite rapper next to Eminem

lil wayne is overrated his last album had a lot of hype and it sucked he's just depending now on drakes fame, what a bitch like birdman

Damn his voice sucks, it's like when people have too much drugs ands cigarettes and ruin your whole respiratory system, damn, can't even stand his voice.

He's the worst rapper alive... How the hell did he get so famous and! Eminem ON THIS LIST? Are you CRAZY?

Lil wayne is the WORST rapper EVER! Al of his songs suck, he looks like a frickin stupid alien, I also hate his laugh, go back to jail!

Just listen to his track with nas and rich boy we know he not nas but how rich boy ale you sound below average

Screaming into a mic while you're sick doesn't count as rap... You would have to be mentally ill to think this guy is talented.

Remember when he used to be so good? Now he uses auto tune and always turns into a cocaine addict when he starts rapping. - SandwichSWAT

He's ugly, his songs are all about the same thing, he can't rap as well cause even iggy azalea raps better than him. - LukeTargaryen