Lil Wayne

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Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. is an American hip hop artist and is often referred to as one of the worst rappers of all time. He was signed to Cash Money Records by Birdman at a young age. Before he became a household name and the artist he is today, he was 1 quarter of the southern rap group The Hot Boys, more.


I was going to vote for ICP but... Geez, at least they (kinda) try. They have themes, they try to maintain a consistent (albeit stupid and pointless) image/persona, and there is usually some thought to their lyrics.

What exactly does Lil Wayne have?

I don't think I need to explain why he sucks as an artist, if you'll just look up the lyrics to pretty much any song from any of his past four or five albums. Nor do I have to point out how silly the fans' defenses are, such as the charisma defense, which is a big fat lie (Jay-Z is charismatic, Wayne just presents himself as a cocky jackass), or the production defense, which, most of the time, can only be maintained by deaf people (there are exceptions, but it has nothing to do with any effort on Wayne's part). No, what I feel I need to mention is the wasted potential.

This guy could have been so much more. When he first came out, with his gritty voice and vocal confidence through the roof, combined with his great work ...more

Vanilla Ice redeemed himself in my opinion by joking about his past life. He realizes he was a joke. Plus, that was the 90s. Gotta cut him a little slack. Even Soulja Boy and got a little better. And Pitbull's problem is that he thinks he's a serious rapper and "raps" about the same thing every time. Other than that, he's fine. He makes catchy club beats that get old pretty fast, but its not THAT bad. He has a little bit of talent...

This guy on the other hand, is terrible. He looks like a gremlin from that Gremlins movie. He can't rap for the life of him, he sounds like a dying cat with or without autotune (which he uses really frequently) His raps suck. I say put this poor excuse for a rapper BACK IN PRISON, WHERE HE BELONGS, with Justin Bieber and Birdman.

And he somehow makes millions. This world is so screwed up...

Every song by him is just him rapping about things that he believes make him look cool, but he uses the same topics in every song. His car, his gun, his money, how good he is at rapping. Then he adds a chorus and names the song after the chorus. When you think about it, he has only written one song and several choruses that he makes Drake sing. Anytime you watch an Eminem music video on Youtube, one of the comments will be about how bad Lil Wayne is, and then when all of Lil Waynes 10 year old fans defend him, you'll notice that they are all really stupid and cannot spell at all. Seriously go to any Eminem music video and you'll see. - PolarBear777

While lyrics wouldn't matter much in his music (since it's meant for clubs), he is still the worst rapper of all time! He sounds like Kirko Bangz on multiple different pitches using cat-autotune! He sounds so nasally congested e probably legitimately is and has been ever since the beginning of the rap career. All his albums were outright garbage. He only made like a few good songs in which all were due to outside interference from other rappers or the sound of the beats.

Lil Wayne alone can't make good music. That's it! Worst rapper of all time, Lil Wayne. - SelfDestruct

Tupac, Biggie, and Nas started the book of rap. Eminent finished it. Lil Wayne couldn't read it.

I'm not voting for Lil Wayne I'm saying he's not the worst and anyone who thinks he's the worst is retarded, I'm not a Lil Wayne fan but there are far worse rappers than him, he's made some good albums and anyone who says he's the worst rapper out of every other rapper there is, obviously knows nothing about rap, I'm not saying he's great or anything cause he's far from the best but he's far from the worst

He literally sounds like he is suffocating when he raps. Please, someone famous listen to the chorus of "Drop the World" and tell Lil Wayne that "motherf*****" doesn't rhyme with "motherf*****" and that he doesn't have to swear literally every other word.

People are starting to remember that Lil Wayne is not that good. The real thing that truly sucks is the state of rap music as a whole no artists are actually saying anything anymore it's all just repetitive hooks for kids and morons alike. This generations rap music sucks. 1990's for life! THUG LIFE

Can't rap for life, literally all of his raps and freestyles are auto-tuned, he looks like an anorexic gremlin, songs are about the same thing, girls, bootie shaking, nothing meaningless. He sounds like a drunkard auto-tuned robot when he speaks. He is 30 something but looks like a skinny teenager!

He sucks, I am white and over 30 married and have kids, I go to olive garden a lot and like to collect star wars plates and hang them on my wall, that being said I am seriously better than he is at free style rap

God his music sounds like somebody taking a crap and his laugh is obnoxious and his "God bless America" music video and lyrics are really offensive. Plus he stepped on an American flag and thought it was just a big joke, and I'm not even from America but it was just disrespectful. This guy is a fool.

Wrote the most misogynistic lyrics I've ever heard in one of his songs. Compared the brutal murder of Emmett Till to rough sex in another. And people still consider him the "Best rapper alive"? I can only conclude that his fans don't listen to his lyrics at all.

His man can't rap I'm sixteen and I sent a rap to him dissing him and he never replied. If he is as good as everyone said then he could have dissed me without a problem. Him and eminem done songs together where eminem disses him, this is a man who is afraid of great rappers. You can't be a blood gang member and have straight A's in high school they don't allow nerds in here, plus the only reason he got shot was because he shot himself like a dumbass.

Wayne just raps pure garbage!. No meaning behind his lyrics or his songs, just rapping Crap Crap CRAP. that's all he does. He is part of generation which is ruining Hip Hop.

I honestly think this is the only list this man deserves the #1 spot on. His flow is super slow, his lyrics are boring and too similar in every song, and on top of all that, he has the most obnoxious voice I've EVER heard in all of my life. I cannot stand Lil Wayne. - TheOlderBrother

His last album sounded like it was recorded with cakewalk on my old 386 computer from the 90's in a crack den, with a plastic mic. Lil Wayne's lyrics are so insipid, my four year old nephew can rap better.

Lil Wayne is one of the whole main reasons I dislike most rap music. His voice is really annoying and his music is repetitive and starting to become the same thing in his newest music. I honestly always hated him and his horrible voice to be honest. - RainbowDashsucks755

DIAMOND TEETH? Who the hell does this guy think he is? So, he's got money from when he was big and that's the only reason his career is still alive. His lyrics are boring and that voice sounds like Nicki Minaj and a rat reproduced.

Lil wayne writes about 4 things... Weed, money, guns, and having sex. That's literally it. The only song he actually had a message in was how to love and that song wasn't even good either. Eminem, Tupac, Biggie, and Nas are the greatest of all time hands down

I don't think anyone can disagree he is without a doubt the worst mainstream rapper. He is extraneously terrible. I think one of the most laughable things I've ever seen is him playing a guitar.

The old lil Wayne from back in the days you to be hot, check out the block is hot that the lil Wayne that had skill, right now him and Soulja are the worst, Trash

Lil Wayne is just terrible. I mean, I do respect him for trying to keep Hip Hop alive but he failed. Nobody takes him seriously with his lyrics about drugs, money, women, and other kinds of dumb stuff.

If you want to know why he is NOT the worst rapper... there's a song called "Trigger Finger" by him and Soulja Boy. In direct comparison you will learn to appreciate Wayne, whether you like him or not. - Martin_Canine

First of all I don't like rappers. Though there are some who can sing better but Lil is one those worst rappers who just speaks and speaks and no flow of music. No tune and no emotions. Just for money don't sing such badly.

Lil Wayne is definitely a bad rapper. The only song I've heard him actually go hard in was Believe Me featuring Drake, letting me know that Wayne has potential, but he never utilizes it. - Mcgillacuddy