Top 10 Worst Rappers of All-time

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181 Rich Boy

He con not rap so he need to shot up

Haha you can tell by his name how bad he is

182 Lil' P-Nut

Come on ya'll put him in the wrong list its who the greatest kid rappers alive

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183 Depresyon Stayla
184 DJ Drama
185 Brysi the Machinima Guy

His name is too long and weird. It's like he tried to copy Machine Gun Kelly but was looking at some guy named bryce in a machine when he started his career.

Isn't this list for rappers that actually are signed? - micdanchris

186 Hossein Tohi
187 Webbie Webbie
188 Lil' Flip
189 V.I.C.
190 Chanel West Coast Chanel West Coast

She's not a rapper she's a wanna be

I'd rather be listening to Nicki Minaj even though they both suck.

I'd rather listen to the song lip gloss over and over again.

Most people only know she's a rapper because of her argument with Charlamagne the God the other day. And he's right, her rapping is wack. - The01Bro

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191 Mack Maine

His lyrics are terrible and just cusses a lot. I do not like him at all.

192 Jazzy Abhinav
193 Tony Yayo

By far the worst rapper. From flow to voice to dress sense, to hype man. Everything he does is poo

Never been impressed once by the man. Bad rapper

This guy sucks so hard! He has 0% talent, just like IceJJFish! Only reason, why he is famous, is because of 50 Cent! I would rather listen to 2chainz than to this loser!

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194 Hona Costello

Hona costello music is hot. his music sound can be played all over the world. this rapper will be on the map soon. let not under estimate this rapper. he has a lot to offer to the music industry. my bet this will be his year.

Possibly the worst rapper to come out in 2013. Just listen to "On My Own"

195 M.I.A. M.I.A. Mathangi 'Maya' Arulpragasam, better known by her stage name M.I.A., is an English hip hop recording artist, director, visual artist, activist, record producer, photographer, fashion designer and model. V 2 Comments
196 Sansar Salvo Sansar Salvo

Sagopa Kajmer Number One
Sansar Salvo Number Two for me

197 Ron Browz

This guy is so bad, autotune can't even make him sound good. In fact, it makes him sound worse! Listen to "Pop Champagne" and "Jumpin' Out the Window" if you don't believe me.

198 Schoolboy Q

I honestly think that schoolboy q is the best rapper alive. honestly all that other bs about money and hoes can stop

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199 Prodigy

Why in God's good name is Mobb Deep's Prodigy on this list?!?! The fact that someone even put his name on this list is disgusting. He's probably one of the greatest street gangster rappers alive

200 PaRappa the Rapper

He's far more better than Lil Wayne. And he doesn't exist!

He's not even real. He's a cartoon dog.

PaRappa The Rapper is the Best Rapper Alive.

HE'S THE GOAT - venomouskillingmachine

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