Top 10 Worst Rappers of All-time

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221 Mystikal
222 40 Glocc

Absolute fake gangsta! Game put him in his place!

223 B Hamp
224 Yung L.A.
225 Shawty Redd
226 Marion Band$

Marion band$ is awful, I lose brain cells listening to his "lyrics" when es dio stations feel sorry enough to play his garbage I mean music.

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227 Kevin McCall V 3 Comments
228 Ice Burgandy
229 Benzino

Another ass I have beef with. Stop making music you douchebag!

4 words.. NAIL IN THE COFFIN - micdanchris

This dude is honestly a bitch as well as Ja Rule. He should be in the top 10.

230 Pleasure P
231 Baby Boy da Prince
232 The Finnaticz
233 Houston
234 Maino

What would happen if you combine plies, swizz beatz, camron, gucci mane, tony yayo, and uncle murda together? You get this sorry excuse for a rapper

235 Yung Berg

Only famous for working with Ray J on that one song, and has not been heard from since.

236 Montana da Mac
237 Afroman

Afroman isn't a rapper, he does reggae

He's not even a rapper, and his reggae is amazing.

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238 Money Jay
239 Ying Yang Twins

I'd rather listen to " Stupid Hoe " by Nicki Minaj for 2 days straight.

Ugh I hate them I don't like there voices they sound like a old man wounded

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240 Fuat Ergin
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