Top 10 Worst Rappers of All-time

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381 Flavor Flav

Flavor Flav is one of the most rappers I've ever heard.

382 Trae Tha Truth V 1 Comment
383 Ian Hecox

Okay? I don't really know what to say - hham32

The legend of Zelda rap is the worst thing ever. - Ziffe

384 Ray J

The worst quality about him is his disrespect to other people. By the way, I thought he was a pornstar, I didn't know he rapped! - yaygiants16

385 E-40 E-40 Earl Stevens better known by his stage name E-40, is an American rapper, entrepreneur, and investor from Vallejo, California.

How he came out before biggie idiot

I don't like his weird flow

E-40 all the way he trys to hard to be like biggie

Are you stupid? he is awesome - CoolMods

386 Chris Webby
387 Infamous
388 Kyng
389 Swae Lee
390 CupcakKe CupcakKe Elizabeth Eden Harris, better known by her stage name, cupcakKe, is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. She was born on May 31, 1997 in Chicago, United States. Although she is best known for her sexually explicit lyrics, cupcakKe was raised in a church and is still a devout Christian.

I much rather listen to Nicki Minaj, heck, even the song Stupid Hoe is better than all this chick's songs. Worst female rapper ever, even Iggy Azalea is better. And her lyrics are that of BOTDF quality, they are disgusting and awful. And her voice is unbearable and annoying. - AnimeDrawer

One word: Disgusting! I don't know why people think that Nicki Minaj is the worst, I mean I hate Nicki but CupcakKe is the absolute worst! Her lyrics are disgusting! you can tell from her stage name that she is a slut. - Iamcool

391 Unkle Adams

Why is this on here? Unkle Adams rips the mic without talking about drugs, guns, hoes or jewelry! Even people who hate rap are loving this guy!

Two copypastas for the price of one. No need to thank me. - BlarchBlaces

392 Ugly God
393 YFN Lucci
394 Famous Dex
395 Lil Poopy
396 Lil Mouse
397 Ashley All Day
398 Violent J
399 Shaggy 2 Dope
400 Yolandi Visser
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