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You know, I really like AllMusic. Their reviews are not as biased as on other music websites, and they give every genre a fair chance. However, sometimes their ratings are... strange. It's not too often the case, but sometimes this is beyond reasoning. And I'm not talking about giving 3.5 to an album you call one of your favorite, but ratings that don't remotely reflect the quality or significance of the music. Often accompanied by a mind insulting review. But thankfully, it doesn't happen too often.

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1 Dark Horse - Nickelback (1.5 stars)

I agree here - christangrant

I know that apparantly Nickelback is hated in the US, but this one is ridiculous, coming from a site that usually awards 2 stars for music they pan pretty bad. Also, none of their reviews of artists that get hate are actually biased and they always give a fair rating. Here, they call Nickelback a vulgar and misogynic band. They didn't have a problem with other artists being way more vulgar and misogynic though. Almost every hip hop album is more controversially sexual than this (not hating on hip hop at all, just pointing out how illogical this is).

Suggestion: 3 to 3.5 stars.
(I'd rate it higher because my rating are personal, but looking at it neutral, it is solid) - Martin_Canine

2 Paris - Paris Hilton (4.5 stars)

I have no problem with the fact that they give the Paris Hilton album a positive review. I listened to it and it's not as bad as you'd expect. It's a mediocre radio pop album that has nothing original and Hilton is not a vocal talent, but the production is good and overall, it's okay to listen to. But really: when it comes to pop music you can NOT put her album in the same category as Christina Aguilera or Shakira! Pop albums should be able to get a really high rating when they are outstanding compared to other pop albums. "Stripped" and "Oral Fixation, Vol. 2" are. They were varied, balanced, perfectly composed, produced and performed, and written by the artists themselves. "Paris" definitely isn't. It is okay but nothing memorable.
Suggestion: 3 stars. - Martin_Canine

What in the hell.

LOL LOL LOL - Metal_Treasure

3 Symbolic - Death (3 Stars) Symbolic - Death (3 Stars)

This is widely considered Deaths best album and yet allmusic only gave it 3 stars when every other rating from other websites rate this pretty high - christangrant

4 Illud Divinum Insanus - Morbid Angel (4 Stars)

So one of the worst metal albums ever gets 4 stars and yet they gave Altars of Madness only 3 stars - christangrant

5 Nina Hagen Band - Nina Hagen Band (2 stars)

This makes me furious. It is one of the most important and influential albums in German music history.

It was in the 70s, probably the best decade for musical rebels (even though it was way before my time and the decade rarely reflects my personal taste), when Nina Hagen, a young woman from East Germany who migrated to West Germany, hit the stage with her band who would later become Spliff. What they recorded is a German punk/new wave album that does not shy away one moment from touchy subjects and is extremely direct about them: Hagen -shrieking, yodelling, screaming, and in between, singing - performs her rants supporting abortion and how she hates being expected to fulfill her "duties" as a woman (having a family and children), she shares her sexual adventures with a woman on a train station toilet with us, or her even more private adventures under the shower in heavy detail, sings about West German T.V. watched by stupid East German teens (not my opinion, just ...more - Martin_Canine

6 Mutter - Rammstein (3 stars)

This is easily one of my favorite albums of the early 2000s. 3 stars just shows the review was done by someone who knew nothing about German culture and just figured it was a nice heavy album. - cjWriter1997

Those reviews sound like pretentious hipsters who think they're some top stuff because the got a degree in literature. Oh look at me, I can use big words to describe an album. Look how smart I am everybody. Watch me jerk off to my own vocabulary as I tell you how bad this album I don't really care about is. - cjWriter1997

I know, 3 stars ain't bad, and I could live with the rating alone if the review accompanying it would not treat the band like a novelty act. For those who do not know, "Mutter" ranks among the most lyrically complex German albums ever, citing, referencing and re-interpreting classic European literature and folk tales like Tarantino does the same with movies, and singing interpretable lyrics full of metaphors, double meanings and symbols.
It takes very much intellect to understand the album and you have to dig very deep to find the essence. But AllMusic treats the band like they wouldn't take themselves seriously and delivered a few catchy songs.

PS: Okay, I see now the album was updated to 4 stars. That definitely was not the original rating. But the review is still the same... - Martin_Canine

7 Perfect Strangers - Deep Purple (2 Stars)

I am already 100% sure these ratings aren't based on professional reviews by music critics. It's just a list of artists ordered by number of sold copies. Same for the ratings of the Rolling Stone magazine, VH1, and so on. Only an absolutely deaf and musically retarded person would rate Paris Hilton 4.5 stars, and this Deep Purple album 2 Stars. - Metal_Treasure

One of their best albums only gets two stars proves how underrated this is - christangrant

8 Altars of Madness - Morbid Angel (3 Stars)

Serously one of the best Death Metal Albums ever only gets 3 stars this should be 4.5 or 5 stars - christangrant

> 3
LOL. Their best album is rated 3*. Their worst album is rated 4*. - Metal_Treasure

9 The Lion King: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Various Artists (2 stars) The Lion King: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Various Artists (2 stars)

This is one of the most acclaimed soundtracks of all time, and won two Oscars. And rightfully so. The album includes all of the songs in their movie version, some in versions sung by Elton John and some of the score.
But AllMusic treats the musical songs like mere radio pop songs, and complains that there is not more of the score. They gave it 2 stars.

Suggestion: at least 4 stars. But actually, it deserves more than that. - Martin_Canine

10 Wishmaster - Nightwish (2.5 stars)

Tuomas Holopainen is universally acclaimed as a great poet and composer, and his music has had a huge impact in several European countries and has influenced many artists. Sure, Wishmaster is not among their best works, but it is far from being mediocre and deserves at least 3.5 stars. - Martin_Canine

The Contenders

11 Jugulator - Judas Priest (2 Stars)

This proves how overhated this album is and yet they gave Demolition 3 stars - christangrant

12 Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire - Bonnie Tyler (2 stars)

Basically, this wonderfully composed 80s rock masterpiece which had impact at least in Europe, was criticized because the songs on it are too long. Wow.
Strange, because its predecessor rightfully received 4.5 stars and had everything this album has as well. - Martin_Canine

13 Pocahontas: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Various Artists (2 stars) Pocahontas: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Various Artists (2 stars)

It may not be as influential as The Lion King, but the Pocahontas soundtrack still contains wonderfully composed music with a message, and was also winner of several awards. But AllMusic thinks the songs are a bore and not memorable. Deserves at least 3.5 stars. - Martin_Canine

14 My Winter Storm - Tarja (1.5 stars) My Winter Storm - Tarja (1.5 stars)

Does this need any explaining? One of the greatest singers of the 21st Century sings beautifully composed and performed songs that perfectly fit her wonderful voice, sometimes very mystical and soft, sometimes more rock-ish and cool. But AllMusic gave it one of the harshest reviews I ever read by them. You may think the songs are Nightwish rip-offs, you may even think they are boring and uninspired. But they certainly are not terrible beyond compare. They only have a handful of 1.5 star ratings, so this rating basically means "the worst", and sorry, this is beyond any logical reasoning.

Suggestion: Actually 4 stars. But at least 3. Pretty much everything higher than 1.5 would be more fitting. - Martin_Canine

15 Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 2 - Helloween (3 stars)

Is just so good as the first one and only had 3 stars, with songs like Dr Stein, Eagle Fly Free and I Want Out

16 So Far, So Good... So What!- Megadeth (2.5 stars)

What the hell? This album had some excellent (and underrated) songs like In My Darkest Hour, Hook In Mouth, Mary jane, Set The World on Fire, and only have the half of the stars?

17 Flick of the Switch - AC/DC (2 stars) Flick of the Switch - AC/DC (2 stars)
18 Innuendo - Queen (3 Stars)

So the album with "The Show Must Go On" the single greatest vocal preformance of all time (and keep in mind Freddie Mercury was dying when he sang that song) only gets 3 stars? - christangrant

19 Lulu - Metallica and Lou Reed (3 stars)

Same case as Weezer's Raditude, the only difference is than Raditude at least is listenable, I give it 1 star

20 Show No Mercy - Slayer (2 stars)

Not as good as Reign In Blood or Seasons In The Abyss... but just 2 stars? Come on Show No Mercy was very important to extreme metal music

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