Top 10 Worst RC Products

This is a list of the worst RC products that I've tested and didn't like. Keep in note that some of these RC's are remakes and some aren't. This is based on my opinion.

The Top Ten

1 New Bright Velocity Buggy

This is basically a re-released version of the Turbo Interceptor Buggy. The reason why I rated this as number 1 is because New Bright took there crappy turbo interceptor buggy, slap some stickers on it and then released it back on the market. What makes this RC worst is that it there are no batteries included, it has the same slow speed as the Turbo Interceptor, Poor steering controls and it wasn't fun at all. - BadBoiDrummer

2 New Bright Turbo Interceptor Buggy

I bought this RC in March of 2011(long before the Velocity). I decided to give it a go on this because I liked the design on it. When I when't to go test it, it was a bit of a let down. The motor inside it was tiny and the car was moving at a slow paste. Honestly this shouldn't been released on the market. The only thing that's holding it back is the name. The name says turbo Interceptor, well there is no turbo feature to the car nor on the controller. - BadBoiDrummer

3 New Bright RC Pro Dirt Rat

It's basically a remake of the Turbo Interceptor and the Velocity. But it has a different body, it has the same motor, and it has the same poor steering controls. - BadBoiDrummer

4 Air Hogs Aerosoar

When I was about 8 years old, I got this RC without hesitation. When I looked at it I notice that it was cheaply made. The Ailerons were made out of Styrofoam. The Charging time took about 4 minutes and it was ready. Putting the throttle stick about half way with a gentle flick of a wrist to send it flying. Unfortunately it made it's way to the ground. After doing this a couple of times the battery was already dead. It made me so frustrated that I threw this thing into the trash. - BadBoiDrummer

5 Air Hogs A-10 Warthog

I tried to like this plane more than I should have. Unfortunately I couldn't get into it. When I flew this plane the first thing that I needed to do was to trim it. When I got it trimmed out it was stable and was flying straight. Turning was a problem, whenever I was turning left, I let go of the stick and it would still keep turning left for 2 to 5 seconds. I gave this plane another go on a different day. The radio transmitter was so bad that I lost the plane on top of a building where I would never see it again. - BadBoiDrummer

6 Fast Lane RC Micro Rad Can

This RC was ok at best. The only problem is the radio range. The range on this car was about 4 feet. - BadBoiDrummer

7 Fast Lane Sea Shadow

The design on this looks nice. But the controls killed it. It had poor steering and it was so slow on the water. When I was testing it I was bored to tears. - BadBoiDrummer

8 Fast Lane Crossbow

In order to fly this you will need an open area. I was flying it in my bedroom and I was unable to control it. The steering was awful. It was just slamming into the wall a lot. - BadBoiDrummer

9 Fast Lane AJ-058 buggy

Yes, it's yet another small-scale racing buggy from Fast Lane RC that's slower than the movement of the tectonic plates, and has less power than the tuft of a single dandelion seed. - BadBoiDrummer

10 Air Hogs Hawk Eye

This RC was ok. It does what it does as advertised. It fly's, it takes pictures and it takes video. The only problem with it is that it does it in mediocre fashion. Plus it takes a long time to boot it up. - BadBoiDrummer

The Contenders

11 New Bright Venom Buggy

I was so excited to get this rc but when I finally did it was a letdown. It only went like 5mph and it got stuck on the smallest pebble! I was so mad I just forgot about it right away! Then I got myself a GOOD quality rc. But the Venom Buggy was $80 and probably only costed $10 to make! Such a scam!

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