Top Ten Worst Reasons to Be In the Hospital


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1 Having Cancer

Yeah, right but it might be gone by 2020 - Lordvader3500

If I found out I had cancer, I would cry. - Turkeyasylum

I just hope I, or anyone I care about will ever know how this feels. - Britgirl

It depends on the type of cancer. - Wolftail

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2 Having a Broken Leg
3 Having a Heart Attack

My father was in the hospital for this twice. It was really straining on not only him, but my family as well. I guess that's why I don't like hearing that people are in the hospital for this. - Elric-san

4 Being in a Coma

I bet being in a coma would suck. - Turkeyasylum

5 Having a Broken Arm

Yeah, I know how it feels. - funnyuser

Damn the pain sucks - Draco

6 Getting a Shot
7 Healing a Wound From a Gunshot
8 Healing a Stomach Wound
9 With a Tumor
10 You kicked yourself in the crotch

BWAHAHA I actually laughed reading this one.

Not funny bro. I did this once. not the hospital. - yolo2346

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11 Having a Kidney Transplant
12 Have AIDS
13 Have a limb amputated
14 Having a Sexually Transmitted Disease
15 Having a Hangover

Most my uncles and cousins know how it feels

Why I don't drink. That and I'm underaged! - PsychopathicSissyPants2

16 Suicide Attempt
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