Top Ten Worst Reasons to Be Killed

The Top Ten

1 You couldn't think of another item to put on this list

Don't worry, I got a jar of dirt, everyone fears that stuff - SuperHyperdude

2 You sent someone a bad movie

If it's Twilight... burn it to ashes. Wait, didn't I say that already? - SuperHyperdude

3 You sent a message to "go kill yourself" but it auto-corrected to "me"
4 You have the latest edition of a next gen console
5 You took their book

If it's Twilight... burn it to ashes - SuperHyperdude

6 You ignored their invite to Farmville

I don't want to milk a computerized cow or crops... Or anything - SuperHyperdude

7 You forgot their call/message/tweet/post/invite

Confession of a Psychopathic Internet Friend - SuperHyperdude

8 You used an overused joke

Well that's so mean, mush stupid, such fail, very dumb, wow. Oh well, time to die I guess - SuperHyperdude

9 You beat their high score at Candy Crush Saga

"But this game is too mainstream! " said the potential hipster - SuperHyperdude

10 You ate their sandwich from Subway

"You take my sandwich, I'll take your life... with some cookies! " - SuperHyperdude

I would do more than kill

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11 You listened to music
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