Top Ten Worst Reasons to Get Detention


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1 Throwing an Imaginary Object

A boy, 7, was suspended for throwing an imaginary grenade while playing. - Mapleshade

Stupid, teachers are stupid these days...

This happened to someone who was playing like his pencil was a gun and got sent out.

What the hades - Skyleesue811

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2 Hand Gestures

What about middle finger? Lol! - Ananya

A six year old boy was given a detention for making a gun gesture with his hands and saying 'pow'. He was accused of threatening a fellow student. - Mapleshade

That is so stupid - Skyleesue811

*tries to hold in laugh HAHAAHAHAA

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3 Laughing

Because of this and other offences, a Cambridge college gave over 700 detentions in one day. - Mapleshade

Laughing is human nature so unless it's very repetitive and annoying we shouldn't give detention.

Why? That's so dumb! Maybe because it pissed off the teachers.

Why give someone detention for this? Stupid, really. My teacher is strict and uselly enjoys singling me out fro it anyway.

4 Swearing

Victoria Mullins, 18, had to pay a $637 fine for swearing in class. - Mapleshade

$637 for swearing? That is so dumb! This is called high school everyone will swear!

Then I and my friends should be poor

A kid in 3rd grade got lunch detention for the rest of the school year for saying the f word to the teacher.

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5 Buying Lunch

A girl once went outside of school premises to buy lunch. The fear of being told off sent her into cardiac arrest, and she ended up hospitalised. - Mapleshade

6 Hugging a Friend

Isn't hugging a way of showing you like someone, and have a positive relationship with them? What if they were choking and you had to hug the thing choking them out?

A girl had to mis lessons because of this. A bit extreme, don't you think? - Mapleshade

I never knew you could be suspended because of this. What damage comes from hugging?

Hugging is a sign of love!

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7 Farting

An eleven year old boy got detention for farting loudly on the school bus. - Mapleshade


8 Refusing to Have a Haircut

An eight-year-old boy got a detention after refusing to get a haircut. One of the school's uniform rules was for no boys' hair to be below the ear. - Mapleshade

I am a boy and I hate people cutting my hairs above the ears

Some schools have dress codes that are rather sexist.

9 Preventing a Suicide Attempt

Oliver Adams, 16, prevented a suicide attempt after sneaking out of school to by some fries. The school said they were very proud of him, but still gave him a detention. - Mapleshade

THIS. IS. DUMB. The sneaking out would be understandable but the kid stopped someone from killing him or herself. - 906389

It is actually a good thing

What a bad school...

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10 Eating an Apple

Tom Bosley, 16, breached his school's health and safety rules after he ate an apple outside of a designated area. After refusing to attend his detention, he was threatened with expulsion. - Mapleshade

dumb rule

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11 Being Gay

This is dumb and a dumb reason

Not really a stupid reason lol

Let people be how they are.

Yes,because it starts with a g then donal trump

12 For Not Doing Homework
13 Arson

What arson is a criminal offense it should be banned

lol - XlarEnder

14 Listening to Heavy Metal

What?!?! How is that bad if they have headphones in? - Skyleesue811

15 For Looking at Your Friend

Unfair right? Ask my fourth grade teacher. - AnonymousChick

If that were real, a school would give 10000 detentions in a day - Brokenangel

16 Being Pregnant

Its stupid that you would get detention for that

17 Killing a Fellow Pupil

I'm in detention for a week

18 Playing Fortnite

Fortnite sucks


19 Being Yourself

You have to be a robot and accept everything teachers say otherwise DETENTION! Which is stupid because they also say to not be afraid of being yourself

Isn't school about learning? If being yourself helps you learn, then JUST DO IT - Skyleesue811

20 Running Away
21 Coughing

One time this school year when I cough the teacher to me to sign my name on the paper I'm in 4th grade now

So if someone is choking and about to die then detention...
yep great job teachers you could of just caused a kid to die from this - lol2016

22 Burping

A 13 year old boy was arrested for burping in gym class.

23 Defending Yourself

what - Skyleesue811

24 Being Outside the Classroom

This happened to people I know, they were outside the classroom and the teacher told the, they had an office detention, (stay in office after school) one of the highest levels of detention.

25 Dating

Two people were dating a teacher found out and they both had a detention

26 Refusing to Take Gym Class
27 Not Underlining Your Notes Straight


28 Making Jokes
29 Being Black

Racist Much?

30 For Liking South Park

Lol funny

31 Tripping

Tripped on stairs and make another person fall with them got suspended for a week

so stupd

32 Talking
33 Drawing in Class
34 Insulting the School's Lunch

This is against the laws of the US. Well kinda. American has a freedom of speech law. - Skyleesue811

Insults just words, they r not lunch - XlarEnder

35 Sick

Well this is just absoultly crazy if he's throw up and gets a dentention then they should be fired immedialty

36 Playing with Your Pen
37 Getting Slapped by Your Mom in Front of Everyone

your mum

38 Dropping a Pencil and Picking It Up Without Permission

This actually happened.

39 Being Drunk

A girl in my class came in the morning on a monday drunk

40 Playing/Watching Pokemon 1v1 Battles

I can tick that off my bucket-list. - Lucas - PokemonFanBoy

41 Wearing a Hoodie

This is real, and it's stupid. I got detention for having my hoodie on, on a cold windy day

42 Drinking
43 Taking Your Things Back from Someone.
44 Accidentally Going Into the Opposite Gender Restroom

My friend accidentally went in the girls' restroom when he wasn't looking at the sign. He was in detention apparently for the reason of intentionally stalking when it was an accident.

45 Wanting More Dententions
46 Bringing a Pet to School
47 Telling a Horrible Bully to Shut Up

Today I got a detention because a bully kept harassing me, so I told them to shut up. I got detention for 30 mins at lunch! and the worst part is that the bully didn't get detention.

48 Talking About North Korea
49 Bringing Your Device
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