Top Ten Worst Reasons to Hate Anime and Manga

What do you think are the worst reasons for others to hate Anime and Manga? (NOTICE: This list is NOT trying to offend those that believe in these reasons)

The Top Ten

1 The Characters All Look the Same

I don't think the characters look the same, but that's just me. Even minor changes to how the eyes or facial features look, even body shape, are vital when it comes to keeping a character looking like... Well, them.

It can get very difficult to draw anime simply because one tiny mistake on the eyes can result in the character looking like a completely different person. I know because I tend to draw manga images and characters myself. Just because it is a style that is drawn in, doesn't mean everything looks the same; each manga artist has their own unique style of drawing! - RaineSage

Yeah for instance, Goku and Piccolo look the same or Ryuk and Light look the same.
Or, Naruto and Neji look exactly the same. - LightningBlade

2 It Is Weird

Yeah the way you have to read Manga. How was Boku No Pico legal to exist. Every Pokemon generation 1 to now has weird monsters.

Now I understand the likes of Bobobo (no I don't know how many Bos' there are) could be considered scarily weird, but it still has its entertainment factor. If you think about it there are 'weird and dark' underbellies in all forms of media, not just anime. - RaineSage

3 Anime is Only for Kids

I hate the "it's only for kids" excuse. If you truly enjoy something and you're not breaking any laws why then can't you like it? Besides there are plenty of animes that are specifically designed for adults only. If people were more open-minded and gave anime a chance then they might like it too. - NerdBunny

School Days is adult.

Are you serious? Sure anime like Pokemon and Bakugan and whatnot do exist, but if you think all anime is for kids then watch Elfen Lied (only if you are over 18) or Attack on Titan and then we will talk... - RaineSage

So, the people who have said this haven't seen Corpse Party or Attack on Titan. Or Elfin Lied - 906389

4 Stereotypes are Used Too Much

I know I may be getting repetitive by saying this, but stereotypes exist in ALL forms of media as an easy and effortless way for the audience to relate. Not only that, but sometimes stereotypes CAN be used well and make a good anime. If you see this as a reason for hating anime then you probably haven't seen the right anime. - RaineSage

Cartoons are for all ages and anime arrange Definitely not for kids, pokemon and bakugan are mixed worldwide famous shows

5 The Fans are Insane

ALL fanbases have their selection of fans the masses could consider "insane," not just anime! That is similar to saying anime is frustratingly unrealistic when you could say the same with any cartoon art style.

And how would you define "insane? " Just because somebody may be passionate about something doesn't mean that defines them personally. Try to get to know them first, and even if you dislike them personally then they are still a fully functioning human being. It's not like they are likely to have a mental illness completely connected with their passion, even though people like that probably exist considering how many people this planet holds. All fanbases have their handful of people like that, however, so don't put the blame on one of many fanbases that commit the same "crime" as every other one out there. - RaineSage

6 It is Boring

Again watch the right anime. Anime isn't at all boring if you watch the right ones. Code Geass, Death Note and Attack on Titan anybody? - RaineSage

Every time I talk about anime my friend just interrupts me by saying 'boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring'. I slapped her one time.

7 They are All the Same

Ok, I admit that it is kinda true but in lots of ways it's not true. Even if they are all the same, that doesn't make anime bad! And if you can make something not the same as everything else I'll be very impressed

Do I really need to say anything for this one? Again no, they are not all the same. Many harem anime could be "considered" similar but so could Rom-Coms. - RaineSage

8 Because it's Japanese


kos omkkk

9 Is All About Boobs

This is not true and though yes some animes do have this it depends on what you watch

10 The Women Are Always the Damsels In Distress

I can name plenty of media in which this is the case other than anime. And it is sort of a tradition to make the 'captured princess' a damsel in distress, and traditions can be very hard to get rid of. - RaineSage

I've never heard of this being a stereotype for anime. I think most female leads in anime are cool and badass tsunderes, not damsels in distress. - Kiteretsunu

The Contenders

11 Waifu

It isn't always a unrealistic japaneae person their calling their waifu. People call their real life girlfriends waifu and some girls like that

They'd rather have a imaginary girlfriend than a real girl.

Don’t disrespect my big tiddy anime waifu, you filthy normies

12 Unrealistic Talking Animals and Stuff

Since when has ANY fiction been realistic? - RaineSage

Treasure Island and all them classics I'm a huge manga fan too so don't worry ^^ - llamabaconllama37

Hey cartoons also have that.

13 Some heroes are merciless
14 It Isn't Realistic

The only point here that I find reasonable. Although, the plots are great, the realism of certain acts and plot developments are poor. For instance, the protagonist has all conditions favourable to meet his goal and after some period of training, he goes on to increase his abilities that would otherwise take years. I know I wasn't clear on that point but if I was to point out realism errors, it would be like writing an essay. - LightningBlade

15 The girls' eyes are massive and stupid

Seems like they're dolls, and kids like dolls.

Like the eyes are are the best bit of the face! (In anime) this is the worst excuse to hate anime. I've heard people say this and it's not always just the girls who have big eyes! It's not even true so don't use it as an excuse if you hate anime.

Also, they make stupid expressions to combine with their stupid eyes.
And worst, people try to make the amine faces with emojis! Like " :3 ". It's so, so retarded.

16 People try to imitate anime in real life
17 Filler Episodes

One reason I hate Naruto - LightningBlade

18 The characters always bleed through a line in the mouth and it's supposed to be serious
19 Character haircuts
20 It's edgy
21 The mouths don't move in sync with the audio

I heard this one at school

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