Top Ten Worst Reasons to Hate an Artists' Music

It is okay to not like certain music artists simply because you don't like their music. Everybody has a different taste and some music just doesn't please the ears. But often I get the impression this is the least common reason for people to not like the artist, instead of that they hate on musicians for several other things. This list is to sum up the worst.

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1 They are not famous

There are bad artists who are successful, while there are many good ones in the underground. - Mrveteran

Doesn't affect the quality of their music one bit. What if they end up becoming famous in the future? - Entranced98

Some people only listen to what's hot on the charts, and when the hype is over, forget the song again. Bands that are not well known have no chance to be liked by that people. Again: how does that affect the music? I like artists that are very popular (e.g. Lady Gaga) as well as lesser known artists (e.g. Beyond the Black) equally. And I see no reason why people should think differently. - Martin_Canine

2 Their fans are annoying

I think that sometimes this is the reason emo bands are hated. It has to be how many fans completely overreact and simply don't understand what awesome things can be done with the emo subculture. Personally, I like the emo lifestyle and looks, it is gender bending and rebellious, and it fits my personality more than other more tolerated subcultures such as punk or grunge. But there are many fans worshiping their idols to extremes, call themselves their future wives/husbands, and are close to stalking. To me, this id not what being emo is about. It is about not wanting to fit in any stereotypes, embrace darker feelings and looks as well, and letting out your emotions whether they are bad or good. Musically, emo can be soft or hard, usually is melodic, and can also interpolate other genres that have nothing to do with rock, while being mostly rock-ish though. It does not have a typical shape, but is a mixed subculture that also makes use of aesthetics of other subcultures. There are ...more - Martin_Canine

What an artist's fanbase is like is nothing to do with the quality of their music - you don't have to join groups of obsessive fans to just enjoy it casually. Also, no fanbase can be fairly considered as 100% annoying, even if it looks awful on the surface; there's always a few dedicated fans who are reasonable and respectful to others, and less mature fans shouldn't cast a shadow over them. - Entranced98

Fans can get pretty extreme and don't accept the flaws of their favorite bands. Some even go so far as thinking of them as heroes. There are several artists I'm a fan of, but still I don't like everything they release. Nevertheless, even though a band has several annoying fans or a target group that you don't fit in, that's not a good point to base an opinion on. - Martin_Canine

True. I mean, some fans overpraise songs and try to get you to like them so much you eventually hate them because of your experience with the fans. Avenged Sevenfold and such can get hates for the fans. - Polonium

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3 All the other people hate them too

This is such a stupid reason. It is uncool to like an artist, so you are ashamed/afraid of liking them too. You won't even admit it in front of yourself. I don't get people doing that. - Martin_Canine

Just because everyone else shares the same view about something, doesn't mean you have to. - Mrveteran

Justin Bieber? Personally I think if so any people didn't hate him, he would have more fans honestly. The pop fans that hate him I mean though, not the metalheads that hate him. - Polonium

4 Their personalities are bad

Just because they are bad people or have controversial personas, it doesn't make their music bad. Jimmy Page may be a potential rapist and Gene Simmons may have divisive opinions, but their music isn't automatically bad as a result. There are some cases however when the music is bad however (Varg Vikernes, anyone? ). - Mrveteran

Depends. How much of their personality comes through in their music? For example, Chris Brown's about as much of an ass in his music as he is in real life, so if you're not looking for music that's ugly as sin, turn away NOW. - Zach808

A person's character does not reflect their music. You can think a singer is a total douche or even a really horrible person, but what does that say about the quality of their art? - Martin_Canine

True again. But then again, John Lennon, was a exception. His personality is rather unknown, but he did some terrible things and people don't know this sometime. - Polonium

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5 Their most popular song sucks

Metallica's 90s music may not be that great and be their most popular music, but at the same time they made masterful music in the 80s. There is more to an artist than their most popular work after all. - Mrveteran

I often heard that people don't like Silbermond because of their hit single "Symphonie", which is a mediocre pop ballad. It however does not reflect their musical style which is alternative rock, at least on their first few albums. And you can tell many people base their opinion on this one song only. I am sure all of you will know at least one artist where that's also the case. - Martin_Canine

6 Their looks

If they make great music I really don't care whether they are ugly, short, fat, bald or old. But I know that many people pay too much attention to the looks. - Metal_Treasure

My brother hates Alice IN Chains because they are ugly... he also likes Nicki Minaj since shes "hot" - Polonium

My brother hates Melanie Martinez because she has tattoos

Music matters more than image. - Mrveteran

7 Their previous music was bad, even though they improved

An artist gets famous very early in his career when they had little to no experience and people continue to hate them even though their music has improved and sometimes even became great over the years, simply because they never listened to their newer stuff. - Martin_Canine

Every artist deserves a second chance. Not making very good music in the past isn't a serious thing anyway. - Entranced98

Just because they had a rough start, it shouldn't detract from their current work, since it may be very good. - Mrveteran

8 Their hype is annoying

A band is everywhere, on the radio, in the news, in every magazine and al of your friends like them. Yes, it can be annoying, but how does that affect the music they make? - Martin_Canine

Hype isn't the same as the actual music. - Mrveteran

9 They are commercial

I know this is a controversial point. Of course it is a pity when a great artist that had a unique personality and distinctive style turn into any other pop artist when they get famous, but often artists get hated simply for being on the mainstream end of another genre (punk, grunge, hip hop,...), even though they have perfect production, delivery and writing. - Martin_Canine

You could be commercial and write the most beautiful tunes ever heard by the human ear. I bet there's some artist out there who's like this. - naFrovivuS

A commercial artist isn't immediately a bad artist. - Mrveteran

Hair metal... but I guess. - Polonium

10 They are foreign

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11 They are not that authentic

Many artists portray a stage persona and as such their music is gimmicky. But does that really affect the artist's talent? Kollegah is without a doubt Germany's finest rapper. His wit, lyrical abilities and general knowledge (he sometimes quotes from Greek mythology and poets of the 18th century) are beyond compare and he knows how to deliver his topics so we actually buy it. He is, however, a gangsta rapper who has never been a real thug. I know people who hate him for his lack of authenticity, but really: he is far better skilled than any "real" thug rapper in Germany. - Martin_Canine

12 They aren't from a country you like

Artists can't help where they're from and it's crazy to think that even in today's world this could still affect how many fans they get. - Entranced98

13 They are homosexual

This reason is really stupid. I am straight but I noticed that some of the most talented male singers of all time are gay - Freddie Mercury (Queen), Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Elton John, George Michael, Adam Lambert, to name a few. - Metal_Treasure

Gaahl gets hate for this I think. - Polonium

14 They committed a crime

No matter how horrible a crime commited by a music artist may be: that won't make their music any worse. Unless, of course, the artist includes it in his lyrics. - Martin_Canine

15 They are popular

Yeah guys, we are tired of seen taylor Swift and Justin Bieber in everywhere but hate them because are "popular" is a stupid reason

A popular musician isn't automatically bad, just as an underground musician isn't automatically good. - Mrveteran

16 Their songs are fast

There was an item "Their songs are slow" so I added this one, too. - Metal_Treasure

17 Their songs are slow

Doesn't mean their songs aren't great. Many prog-rock songs and The Killing Moon are great examples of this. - Mrveteran

We just need to fix your attention span. - naFrovivuS

18 They changed their style

So? They are experimenting, if their style is good and they are happy with them, is obviously they are going to stay with that style, even if the fans don't like it (examples are Metallica, Linkin Park, Green Day, Paramore, Muse, Coldplay)

Not everyone can stay with the same style. On one side of the spectrum Radiohead is amazing because they experimented but on the other Linkin Park is terrible because they experimented. It's a back and forth kind of thing. - naFrovivuS

I would say that this is actually okay because it has to do with the music itself.
I mean, of course, you shouldn't HATE thr band for it, but if you simply don't like their newer style then it is okay to not consider yourself a fan anymore, because the band doesn't deliver what you liked them for anymore. - Martin_Canine

19 There are many scandals surrounding the artists
20 They have many young fans

I'm sure The Beatles were disliked by older adults for that reason as well. - naFrovivuS

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