Top Ten Worst Reasons to Hate an Artists' Music

It is okay to not like certain music artists simply because you don't like their music. Everybody has a different taste and some music just doesn't please the ears. But often I get the impression this is the least common reason for people to not like the artist, instead of that they hate on musicians for several other things. This list is to sum up the worst.

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21 They are emo

Yeah, be emo sucks we know, but one thing is be musically emo (American Football, Sunny Day Real Estate, My Chemical Romance) and other thing is look like a emo (Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, Bring Me The Horizon)

22 They have many female fans

Who the hell thinks of sexist crud like this, as if every girl on the planet listens to cheesy pop? A mostly female fanbase does not, I repeat not, point at anything bad about a musician's talent. Music is made to be enjoyed regardless of listener's genders. - Entranced98

23 They have many old fans
24 They are bad role models
25 Their style is modern

There was an item 'Their style is not modern'. Not less stupid is to hate artists because their style IS modern. So I added it, too. - Metal_Treasure

26 They are overrated

Is stupid, you see a guy hating an x band because the critics love them, but later you see the same guy been a fanboy of the beatles...

27 The main singer is a girl, so the band is only for girls

This is stupid, Paramore for example is called "girly stuff" just because the main singer is a girl, but Evanescence has a girl on the vocals and nobody say the same things

In this case, I'd stopped listening most symphonic metal bands. Plus I don't think there is anything called "Men's music and Women's music". Its for everyone. - zxm

Clearly, because bands like Sonic Youth, Blondie, The Carpenters, Eurythmics, No Doubt, Evanescence among many others are only appealing to the female demographic, right? - Mrveteran

I'm a dude. Evanescence is one of my favorite bands. Paramore made an awesome album this year.

Yeah, enough said. - DCfnaf

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28 Their style is not modern

Again... SO? Not everything band had to get the modern music style, is better if they don't do that

29 They are old

How ageist. I would argue that a band like Iron Maiden are making some of their best albums of their career since the new millennium, and outdoes most of their 80s albums, when they were a lot younger. - Mrveteran

This doesn't count as actually listening to their music! - Entranced98

Worst... reason... ever

30 Some of the band members have disorders

They can't help having disorders and this doesn't affect their music. Many artists with disorders are nice people just like almost everybody else, so why should it matter? - Entranced98

31 They are part of a minority
32 The artist is feminine
33 The artist is tomboyish
34 They are part of a subculture
35 They put style over substance
36 When being interviewed, they turn out not to be very intelligent
37 They are very young

Young! We were so young when we thought that we knew how to love! - lovefrombadlands

38 They use electronics instead of instruments
39 They have a disability
40 Their music is unique

That is a reason to like an artist. Take Halsey and Melanie Martinez for examples. - lovefrombadlands

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