Top Ten Worst Reasons to Hate Ash Ketchum from Pokemon


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1 He Has Never Won A Pokemon League

People say that this is the number one reason to hate on him. It's actually the worst, cheapest, and most stupid reason to hate on him.

This is not the games, people. Not winning a league after six regions is nothing shameful. Ash has never had the advantage. Almost everybody who has beaten him in the league is either much older than him, or the same age. This means that they have likely either been trainers for far longer than him, or for the same amount of time. He has never had the advantage. He's been to several regions? Some of these people have probably been to twice as much. And all of these older teenagers and younger adults in the league likely haven't won a league before this, meaning that even people older than ash, and more experienced, lose leagues. Harrison was clearly far older than Ash Ketchum, and yet he was still competing in leagues. And still losing. Doing well in a league only for a small handful of people to do better does not make you a bad trainer. If a ...more - HeavyDonkeyKong

This is one of the best defenses I ever seen when it comes to Ash losing the leagues. - Rue

Now he won the Alola league - yungstirjoey666

Judging a Pokemon Trainer by how many leagues they won is like expelling a school student just because of their grades and not by how they are as a person.

Red Fans: Orange League doesn't count.
Me: Any Evidence? Any Evidence that it doesn't count at all?
I'll Tell you, Red Fans are so biased.

They'll either say that Orange Islands is not canon or it's too easy, even though it's where Ash caught Snorlax and tamed Charizard, and the Orange League itself is no different than the Elite 4/Champion method. - yungstirjoey666

2 He Lost To A "Level 5" Snivy

Even if Pikachu would have won given the circumstances, Ash was more worried about the physical and mental state of him. There are bigger priorities than winning an insignificant trainer battle. - yungstirjoey666

First of all, levels are not in the anime. And even if they were, that Snivy knew Leaf Tornado, and I'm pretty sure that you need to be higher than level 5 to have it.

First of all, let's take a look at what happened to Pikachu before the fight. He was stripped of his electricity all at once by Zekrom, and I'm sure that that did a Hell of a lot more than just take away his electricity, it likely weakened him as well.

But here's the thing: Even if that is not true, this is still a stupid reason to hate Ash Ketchum. This happened years ago. it's not the current material, nor is it the most recent. People are judging a character on what happened well over half of a decade ago. Also, Pikachu actually beat this same Snivy later on. First, he lost to the Snivy as a Servine. BUT, afterwords, PIKACHU BEAT THE SNIVY AS A SERPERIOR. People are constantly criticizing Ash for losing to a Snivy, but yet they ignore the fact that he got far stronger and bested that Snivy, now ...more - HeavyDonkeyKong

The anime is not the games and people never consider why - Masterofal

A level 5 Snivy. Against a level 100 Pikachu. Anime logic makes no sense.

3 He Constantly Leaves His Pokemon Behind

How is That any Different from Leaving Your Pokemon In a PC Box? Ash isn't using them in later regions because he would be too OP if he did. Who would want an Anime where the Protagonist wins without any effort at All? - DStar

If he took them all with him to every Region, he would one shot every opponent. Talk about boring. The only way to prevent that would be to reset them. But based on how People constantly hate on Pikachu's resets, people would probably hate that too. - HeavyDonkeyKong

It's supposed to represent the games. When you start a new Pokemon game, you don't have the previous Pokemon you had, you get new ones and experience a whole new journey. Pikachu is the only one he brings along because that's the Pokemon he started with... as well as the mascot to the franchise. - Rue

At least the Pokemon are sent to Oak's lab rather than being stuck in a PC box. - yungstirjoey666

4 He Doesn't Catch A Lot Of Pokemon

This is actually one of his strongest points. The show would suck very badly if he did this. Having several loads of Pokemon would make it much more difficult to train them. This is true even in the games. In the Anime, the Pokemon would also have much less time to be fleshed out. This occurred very heavily in Unova. A few of Ash's Pokemon were fleshed out with wonderful personalities. Other Pokemon, however, on the other hand, received little to no development or attention. - HeavyDonkeyKong

It's not about the amount of Pokemon that you catch. It's about how much all that Pokemon means to you. - yungstirjoey666

I dare you to name a Pokemon from Pokemon Origins with a personality, other than Red's Charizard, and even it didn't have that much character - SocialMediaStinks

This isn't bad. in a playthrough do u use over ten pokemon? - boltslegend

5 He Is A "Hacker"

How do u hack in the anime - boltslegend

When Ash wins when he's at a type disadvantage, people say that he's a Hacker. When Ash's opponent wins when their at a type disadvantage, nobody calls them a Hacker. They just say that Ash sucks. Biased, much? - HeavyDonkeyKong

I've found some comments in the Ash vs Paul Sinnoh League battle on Youtube saying that Ash only won by "plot." He used just as much strategy as Paul did. - yungstirjoey666

The anime is not like the games, enough. - Rue

6 He Is The "Worst Trainer Ever"

He only wasn't that great in BW (Kanto does not count, because he was a starter). And someone who can excel at the top 16 in every league really must be the worst trainer ever, right? - yungstirjoey666

In Pokemon, they showed us a LOT of jerks who are worse than him, like Paul and Trip. I hate Ash, but he's not the worst. - TwilightKitsune

Ash is clearly a good trainer. The writers often don't portray that well, but he's shown to have competence the past 2 generations. (Yes, he's pretty good in Alola. He technically never lost a battle so far.) - Rue

There actually been far worst trainers in the Pokemon universe Ash is not one of them. - egnomac

7 His Strategies Make No Sense

You Know what should be the #1 rule of Being a Pokemon Fan? "Do Not Apply RPG Game Physics to An Anime that exists to make the world of the Game more Immersive." - DStar

Maybe because the anime and games aren't the same - boltslegend

I agree that his strategies can be a load of BS even if it's an entirely different canon, but the anime canon still stands as a different canon. Using the game canon as your base to criticize Ash's decision makes no sense. - Rue

That's because your treating the Anime like the games. - HeavyDonkeyKong

8 He Hasn't Got a Girlfriend Yet

What if he's gay?

I used Misty to marry him in my fanfictions.

When will shippers stop ruining the anime - Rue

If Ash got a girlfriend, it would totally ruin the meaning of the meaning of the anime. - SocialMediaStinks

9 He Still Hasn't Stopped The Team Rocket Trio Yet

But he stopped other villainous teams - yungstirjoey666

Sending them blasting off hundreds of miles daily should have killed them at least 500 times. what else can he do - boltslegend

He actually has. Multiple times. Just because they keep coming back does not erase the fact that he's defeated them numerous times. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Well, he actually managed to get them arrested a couple of times, but that doesn't last. Every time they get behind bars they just dig their way out of prison because they are gag characters like that. What do you want him to do? To kill them? Not gonna happen.

10 He Is Dense

He's not the only anime protagonist to be dense, you know. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I cannot deny that I am a very dense person too, and I'm proud - SocialMediaStinks

The Contenders

11 He Didn't Beat The Team Rocket Organization Like Red Did

Yes he did in the movies even in gen5 anime and even there he stop team magma aqua galactic plasma and flare yes not on is own but he mostly did the big part and it's 5/1 for him against red

Red never beat Team Rocket. He beat their leader, Giovanni, and then their leader, Giovanni, just decided to disband Team Rocket.

And in Origins, Red barely wins a battle against two of Giovanni's Pokemon, despite using six of his own Pokemon. I would hardly call that a victory. Giovanni was clearly stronger. Far stronger, in fact, in my opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

12 He Never Ages

Technically I would kinda agree with this. I'm still waiting for the day that he turns 11. I know Pokemon is meant to reach its target audience, but 11 doesn't seem bad at least. - yungstirjoey666

Many cartoon/anime characters from shows targeted towards children don't age. It's a way for the main character to be relatable towards the target audience. (The Pokemon anime is targeted to children.) - Rue

Since when do cartoon characters age? - SocialMediaStinks

13 Ash Didn't Ask Serena to Come with Him to Alola

Even though I'm not a Serena hater, I understand why she's out of the picture: Everyone hates her and I respect their opinion - SocialMediaStinks

He kinda didn't know he was going their until after Serena left. Iirc. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Serena wasn't even wanting to go to Kalos. She was wanting to go to Hoenn to fine tune her Performance Skills.

Honsestly, l don't think Ash really is into her as much as she is into him. I mean Serena the closest any one got to Ash. Besides, she had a dream of being Kalos Queen. - 766925

14 His Look Changed

Referring to the Pokemon Sun and Moon style. It isn't horrible, you people just hate change. - Rue

Subjective opinion - yungstirjoey666

Skylanders haters in a nutshell.

I think he looks stupid in sun and moon. - 766925

15 He is a Gary Stu

How is he a Gary Stu?
Sure he's been the center of the plot many times, but that's normal for the protagonist. He has flaws, such as being naive at times.
Also being a Gary Stu/Mary Sue doesn't always mean a bad character. Look at modern day superheroes such as Batman. I don't know many flaws that he has, but superheroes like him risk their lives just to save the ungrateful civilians without expecting anything in return. - yungstirjoey666

He will never stop saying he will be a Pokemon master
won't shut up
he steals

16 He Doesn't Evolve His Pokemon

Or his Pokemon doesn't want to evolve - yungstirjoey666

17 His Voice is Weird

His new voice is weird, his new look is weird.
His surname is Ketchum.

18 He Abandons His Pokémon

No he hasn't. If you are referring to the dozens of pokemon he has at Oak's lab, he hasn't. Ash routinely goes back to Oak's lab to see him and his pokemon. Its safe to assume he does that towards the end of a season when he goes back to Pallet Town. Also, if you are referring to how he releases pokemon, besides Pikachu in that one episode and arguably Charizard, HE GIVES HIS POKEMON THE CHOICE TO GO OR STAY WITH HIM! Like with Butterfree for instance. He WANTED to stay with Butterfree but at the same time he wanted him to be happy, so it all came down to what Butterfree wants.

Keep your pkmn 4 god sake don't trade them

19 He is stupid
20 He Constantly Breaks Girls' Hearts for the Fun of It
21 He Hates His All His Male Sidekicks

He absolutely does NOT! Let's see, he: 1. Allowed Brock to chase his dream of Pokemon Doctor. 2. Always gets hyped when Cilan does an evaluation. 3. Always gives Clemont a happy change by saying "Science is so amazing." 4. Doesn't insult Sophocles's fear of the Dark. and 5. Trains with Kiawe often to keep his strength fresh. So yeah, he actually repects all his Male Sidekicks.

22 He Always Needs Friends to Travel with Him

Though the show would be boring without the friends Ash brings with him in each region, it's not like the game which makes me cringe that I can't just play a Pokemon game with backup trainers to save me every time I lose a battle.

23 He Can't Just Lose a Battle and "Get Over It"
24 Those Weird Lines on His Cheeks
25 He always cares about winning

This kid loves to win and hates to lose plus why is he still 10 that's not right but anyways he cares less about his Pokémon when he loses WOW ASH JUST WOW

26 He has never caught any Ghost, Psychic, or Steel Types.

He never kept his promise with Pidgeot or Primape - Lucario-Lover

27 He is Never Aged
28 Every Trainer He Faced is Better Than Him
29 He Has Never Thought About Catching Legendary Pokemon

This ruins the whole "Gotta Catch em all" vibe. He wants to be a Pokemon master, but he is such a kid. He just stares at them as they do bad things or agrees to help them. If I were to replace Ash in the anime, I'll be serious and go straight to battle with the first glance at a legendary Pokemon.

That's because legendary Pokemon are not just extremely powerful, but also essential to maintain the universe. If Ash really did caught them, then it would cause a huge amount of chaos within. - yungstirjoey666

30 “You must be a photographer!”

Possibly the most ridiculously stupid line ever. And he did it twice!

31 He's so rude

He cares less about his Pokémon but cares about winning. And on Pokémon I choose you I heard him say if only my first Pokémon was a Squirtle or Bulbasaur so he cares less about Charmander how rude Ash.
Do you know what I want to do to you Ash I wanna slap your face right now!

First Off, he was still mad about when Cross Beat him in battle. Secondly, That Movie isn't even canon, so you can't use this as a way of Hating Ash. Third, Apparently you hate it when Ash says that, yet you're fine with Paul even if he did something way Worse? That's Just Fandom Bias. - DStar

32 He cheats at gym battles

Name one episode where he did that. Cause Ash never cheated once

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1. He Has Never Won A Pokemon League
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1. He Has Never Won A Pokemon League
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