Worst Reasons to Hate a Movie

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1 It Has A Bad Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

You can't say that a movie is bad just because of a pointless number. - MichaelBaySucks

2 The Trailer Sucked

Especially with that annoying guy (in most kid's movie) who also voiced Disney Channel commercials.

3 Your Best Friend Said It's Bad

You don't have to agree with your best friend on everything *cough* Dad *cough* - MichaelBaySucks

4 It's Overrated

Exactly! - VideoGamefan5

5 It's for Kids

When I asked my cousin what his least favorite movie is he said all Disney movies. I asked him why and he said they're for babies. - MichaelBaySucks

6 It's Not An Action Movie

I watched the movie Arrival with my dad once. He said he didn't like it because it wasn't an action movie like what he was expecting. - MichaelBaySucks

7 It's Animated

I have read a negative review of The Wind Rises on IMDb and it said that the movie sucked because it's animated when it could've been live action. Personally, I don't care if a movie is animated or live action as long as it's good. - MichaelBaySucks

8 It's Black And White

I used to be like that when I was kid. - MichaelBaySucks

9 It's a Romance Film

I don't care what genre a movie is as long as it's good. - MichaelBaySucks

10 It's Subtitled

People are too lazy to read them, apparently. - MichaelBaySucks

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11 It's Lame
12 It’s Cliche
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