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1 Serena started her journey to have Ash's attention

This is the number one reason to hate her.

She always has Ash on her mind, and if he behaves slightly different than 'the perfect and happy-go-lucky Ash' she envision in her head, she get extremely pissed off. Serena would make a terrible girlfriend for Ash. Amourshippers only ship her with Ash because she is 'pretty' and treats Ash like a saint. Because there isn't much more to Serena, whether you want to admit it or not.

So she's not allowed to re-encounter her crush after he helped out out of the forest when she got injured.

If you've watched it, now you fully know the reason she has a crush on Ash. And if you think she's a creepy stalker, compare it with anime with the same target audience than Pokemon XY&Z. See if those girls are like you think Serena is. - LunaDude1996

Um, none of us ever called Serena a creepy stalker. In fact, you might be correct for saying that we shouldn't call Serena a creepy stalker, because a more accurate way to describe her would be a DUMB STALKER. Also, if we wanted a good anime stalker, we would choose Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Serena is a dumb crab HOW COME NO ONE LISTEN TO ME

W e. r. N u m b e r. O n e

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2 Serena doesn't care for her Pokemon

She just love ash and not even care for her pokemon

Wow! Serena does care for her Pokemon as much as Ash does. She aslo loves then as much as Ash does. She cheered up Sylveon when she was nervous and tried to help find a replacement for Braixen's branch when it broke. As for Pancham, - LunaDude1996

Why is this comment thumbed down? This user provided examples. I'd you guys are going to thumb it Down. Well then. How about you guys then also explain why this comment is wrong then please? - HeavyDonkeyKong

She uses her pokemon for showcases and occasionally pulls them out for battle to empress Ash. She had to make what seemed like a horribly tough decision (in her opinion) to choose if she would rather save her Fennikan, or get a little dirty. That shouldn't even be a descion to make at all. If she truly cared for her pokemon she would get at least the slightest bit dirty for them! Oh and there is more, she dresses her pokemon like dolls withought even letting them express there opinion. The only reason she even has pokemon is to get Ash~samas attention.

Serena has shown that she does love her Pokemon. Early episodes showed she truly cared about her Fennekin, when she lost her first showcase she broke down taking the blame for herself on why they lost. She motivates her Pokémon (especially Eevee/Slyveon) to do their best whenever they're nervous. She does love her Pokémon.

3 Serena wore Ash's clothes like a creep

Jealous? No. And it's just weird for Serena to dress up in SOMEBODY ELSE'S clothes. Or for anyone to wear someone else's clothes. - RiverClanRocks

Ash was sick with a cold and a trainer named Jimmy was looking to battle him, but Serena, not wanting to be a burden, wore Ash's clothes to battle in his place. As for Serena wearing Ash's clothes, she marks the first legitimate time for a female traveling compainion to wear Ash's clothes in the actual Pokemon Anime other than mere fanart of Misty, May, Dawn and Iris. You people are just jealous. And I don't recall Serena having a rather creep-based reaction to it. - LunaDude1996

Ash had a high fever and Serena had a rocker who made so much noise he'd wake the living dead. She only wore Ash's clothes so she could battle said character in Ash's place and he wouldn't wake up.

As crerpy as it seems, she had no choice. - yungstirjoey666

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4 Serena is rude to her mom Grace

Serena has shown that she does indeed love her mother, she just HATED how her mother try and forced her own lifestyle on to her. Serena didn't want to be a Ryhorn Racer and even when she told her mother that, she still tries to force her into being one. Serena loves her mom, but just hated being forced to do something she didn't want to do.

I'm glad none of this choices comments are thumbed down. They are completely true in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Their relationship is later shown rather caring in later episodes. Grace even appeared to watch Serena in the Master class in person. As for being rude, it was only shown in the episodes Kalos, Where Dreams And Adventures Begin! and Lumiouse City Pursuit! It was only those two episodes and nothing else. - LunaDude1996

5 Serena is obsessed with Ash

There is a clear difference between love and obsession

Real obsession is a hypothetical state in which one person feels an overwhelming obsessive desire to possess another person toward whom they feel a strong attraction, with an inability to accept failure or rejection.

If Serena was rejected, she would accept it and move on. Serena would never hurt herself or others. Also, her relationship with her rival Miette was because she was mainly teasing her to confess her feelings towards Ash. - LunaDude1996

Ash doesn't even know Serena likes him. Your definition of obsessed is what Serena is with Ash. - RiverClanRocks

While she does have a crush on Ash it doesn't seem to "Obsessive" at first it may have seem that way but recent episodes point to Serena's crush on Ash rather than being "obsessive" appears to be genuine love

Love is not raw feelings. And that is all she is about right now, HER feelings.

I like her cause of that

@RiverClanRocks So it's wrong for someone like Serena to have a crush on Ash after her helped her and led her back to camp, even though it was a one-time meeting? - LunaDude1996

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6 Serena completely ignores Clemont and Bonnie

Actually, like Tiffany said, Serena loves Bonnie, but she doesn't really do anything with Clemont. So 50% of this item is correct, 50% of this item is incorrect. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Serena is the least closest with Clemont but they still are close friends. Clemont cooks for the group, while Serena would make the sweets for them. When Clemont returned to Lumiose City to get ready for his match with Ash he entrusted Bonnie TO Serena. As for Bonnie herself, Serena loves her and acts like a big sister to her. Whenever Bonnie isn't clinging to Clemont, she's clinging to Serena.

Clemont provides the main dishes while Serena provides dessert and their relationship overall is a rather most friendly one based on all their interaction, not to mention she's like a sister figure to Bonnie, protecting her from dangerous situations, conferting her and cheering her up when she's upset. - LunaDude1996

No she doesn't. In fact, she acts like a sister figure towards Bonnie. - yungstirjoey666

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7 Serena is a stereotype

Serena loves fashion, cooking sweets, and really likes a certain guy... Let's see. Dawn loved fashion (even wore dresses during her contest and dressed in a cheerleader outfit to cheer on Ash in his gym battles, that's a pretty big female stereotype as well and NO ONE bashes Dawn for it). May was feminine as well but didn't show it quite as much as Dawn or Serena. Misty BEGGED Ash and Brock to let her use their Pokémon so she could win a set of plushies, went on a shopping spree for a day dedicated to women which is another female stereotype and NO ONE bashes Misty. Iris I don't know. But Serena isn't the only one who appears to be a female stereotype.

No, of course it's not. But this stereotype is used a lot in shows and movies. - RiverClanRocks

Misty is a tomboy yet she had instances of being girly. Why can't Serena be the same as well? - yungstirjoey666

So it's wrong for someone in real life to be girly, baking goods, to love fashion, and having a crush on someone? It's wrong for Serena to do all those things?

If you think she neglets everyone, you have never seen how Serena interacts with Clemont, Bonnie, Shauna, Miette, Nini, Sawyer, even the one time characters. - LunaDude1996

8 Serena is a bad role-model

Look, her fans have nothing to do with Serena herself. She teaches girls to obsess over a guy you just met and to go out of your way to impress him. - RiverClanRocks

Jared, it wasn't her. I hate Serena, you know this. Also, I'm working on not obsessing, I really have. - RiverClanRocks

Yeah, Serena Is a bad role model. - MLPFan

What does masturbation have to do with us thinking Serena is a bad role model, LunaDude1996? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

At first she had no reason to travel than to be with Ash yet found her goal and was worked diligently to achieve it. She failed miserably in her first showcase than began to freak out at the possibility of losing in her 2nd than quickly improvised to come up with a way of winning. If anything Serena also embodies the "Never give up and always try" aspect of Pokémon. So yeah...bad role model indeed. Let's ignore Brock who was a complete manwhore and call Serena a bad role model.

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9 Serena doesn't truly love Ash

She does not "love" him. She has feelings for him, yes, but I wouldn't call it love. Her feelings are definitely very strong though. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Serena sometimes seems to like ash for his appearance. AND ash completely ignores her hints. maybe you should go check out pokeshipping hints. ash starstarat misty at the maiden peak, ash crying when leaving her, so many hints r there on the amino apps. you should see 'why ash and misty should have been a couple' page. and amourshipping is one sided. when melody kissed ash, misty was jealous but she didn't threaten melody for that, and let ash choose. but the miette episode, well, you know, miette had to face the red chick who is completely a yandere. I love pokeshipping. pokemon is Pokemon, but the name pokeshipping matches it perfectly. but what the hell is amour? I love ANTI-amourshipping and I truly dearly love POKESHIPPING. you know, if we love someone truly, then we should accept the others happiness, even if it means he doesn't love us and loves the other. see:

Serena's thoughts if she loved ash-

"he is happy with miette let him be happy, his happiness is my ...more

10 It took her 47 episodes to catch another Pokémon

This frustrated me. Just added to my reasons for not caring for her - BDOG375

Of all of the reasons here, this is the most shallow. The rest are legitimate reasons why people don't like her. Even though I don't like Serena.

Honorable mention? None. - SoaPuffball

Also luna, please stop bashing on serena haters or anti-amourshipping stuff. it's just constructive criticism. - SoaPuffball

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11 Serena is inferior to Misty, May and Dawn

The writers of Pokemon could have at least made Serena like Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online, or at best, Saber from Fate/Stay Night. At least those two are characters of their own and are more strong than Serena! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Serena is even lower than Sakura Haruno from Naruto, Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail, and Misa Amane from Death Note COMBINED. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I (personally) don't think Lucy was a bad character, but that's just me - BDOG375

Not only that, but she's inferior to Iris as well. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Here is my list of the characters who are superior (in my opinion):
1: Dawn
2: Misty
3: May
4: Iris
And No. 5...
Um, Don't put Serena on #5 she belongs in the recycling bin.

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12 Serena is a Disney character

I did not say that she was a Disney character. I said that she ACTED like a Disney character. Big difference. - RiverClanRocks

So you imply that Game Freak, Nintendo (as a whole), Shopro, Creatures Inc and Pokemon is owned by Disney. If that's the case then Mario is a Disney character and so is Kirby, Samus, Captain Falcon, the Pikmin, Donkey Kong. Disney has a notorious thing to buy out all sorts of things just to increase their funds. And you're comparing Serena with Elsa and Anna from Frozen?! They are from different companies! DIFFERENT. COMPANIES. They are not related at all. - LunaDude1996

She's LIKE a Disney character. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She does, and it's.. I dunno how to say this, too pink?

13 She only "existed" for Ash

If this is Really true then why would Serena leave Ash for Hoenn to study Pokemon contests?

Just like Ruee said, "...she only existed for Ash..." and that it shouldn't happen again.
And Just like I said, "SHIP BAIT FOR MORE VIEWS WAS A BIG MISTAKE...", Serena ONLY EXISTED for ship bait as well. It should NOT happen again, and there is NO EXCUSE for the people to act hostile against the people who are against it!

I hate how people say she wasthe only reason why xy/xyz was so darn popular. I have gone on YouTube videos for episodes.

There is plenty of amourshippong in the comments but people such as myself also enjoyed the humor, the much more mature team flare arc, the fight scenes, and ash being a much more competent protagonist. - HeavyDonkeyKong

14 Serena had no character development

Well Serena started off as a girl who was seemingly obsessed with Ash and had no reason for traveling other than to be with him. She found performing and loves it and works for it. After cutting her hair she's become noticeably more confident in her performing and it really shows. As for her crush on Ash, rather than being obsessive it's actually shown to be the genuine article.

She became a Pokemon Performer. That's not a lot of development. - RiverClanRocks

She has, but her development sucked. - Skullkid755

Listen, I'd recommend looking up blackotakuz reasoning for liking Serena on devoantart on "why Serena is my favorite character for pokemon" it explains things well and goes beyond her shipping with ash Ketchum. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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15 Serena has a major crush on Ash

Misty was implied (Even more so in the 4Kids dub) to have quite the crush on Ash, getting jealous on a higher degree than Serena ever has...Why is this a reason to hate Serena?

No, it's because she met Ash once when she was younger, and saw him again on T.V. - RiverClanRocks

Asuna from Sword Art Online fell in love with Kirito because they saved each other when they needed each other the most. Serena only fell in love with Ash only because she saw him on T.V. and SOMEHOW just all of a sudden remembered him from her childhood. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The reason she has a crush on Ash was because he wrapped her knee with a handkerchief when she scraped it and led her back to camp. - LunaDude1996

What's so romantic about that? Wow Serena likes ash just because he gave her a handkerchief. - ErzaScarlet

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16 Serena hates all the girls and is clingy to Ash

Are you sure you're talking about Serena or Misty. Misty was only implied to like Ash and she was FAR more possessive of him than Serena ever has been. Serena just shows mild jealously (being uncomfortable when other girls flirt with Ash). Miette pretends to be a romantic rival to Serena yet Serena doesn't hate her, Serena's kind to everyone including one shot characters.

Look Serena, What's the matter If ash likes other girls better? - MLPFan

I've yet to see Serena physically and emotionally damage all the girls when they flirt with Ash. And about Serena and Penelope, Serena has fully misunderstood that Penelope was going to bring him and his friends to a kindergarden. It was only on the mildest levels of jealousy, whether a misunderstanding or someone pretending to be a romantic rival to help her confess her feelings. - LunaDude1996

She acts like a crazy obsessed stalker like LunaDude1996 - TwilightKitsune

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17 She was the only reason people liked xy/xyz

Nope. I've sewn plenty of people praise even many other elements of the series. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I'd say she was a preetty large reason for people only sticking around for XY(Z). As a lot of people I've run into even admitted that Serena was their reason for actually watching anymore. Though I think Clemont and Bonnie were pretty good characters (Bonnie is like Max done right), Ash got a pretty good rival in Alain (and he hasn't had a very good rival since Paul back in Sinnoh), Ash was a competent battler, and the art/animation was great. Those are MY personal reasons for liking the XY(Z) anime. Serena has literally nothing to do with it for me (considering I don't even like her.) - BDOG375

18 Her outfit is inappropriate

It's not that bad I assure you
Besides, Misty and Dawn's outfits are no better - Yungstirjoey

19 She thinks she is the best
20 She is selfish
21 Serena is a brat

Serena is so girly and bratty she cares how clean she is then others she is so annoying around Ash I hate this kid.

22 She does things for no reason

Serena is a copy cat she copies every thing Ash says and does. When she lost her first showcase she just cried about it for no reason then she cut her hair what a dumb idea. She also loves Ash and only cares about him and not the others. She never had a goal her goal was to meet Ash wow and also she never cared about her Pokemon in the first place. Serena is such a baby these days. I bet at the end of the episode in xyz she probably kissed ash. Serena doesn't deserve friends or Pokemon I don't get why others like her so much.

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