Top Ten Worst Reasons to Hate Someone

We all have reasons to hate someone, legit or not legit. But man, hating on people for really bad reasons that might hurt someone is just wrong, please no trolling. A video that insulted one of my heroes by calling him fat inspired me to make this list. This has often caused wars, rebellions and other serious issues, such as the Holocaust and the unfair treatment of African Americans.

The Top Ten

1 They are born or are diagnosed with a mental condition

That's very cruel

It makes absolutely no sense why you would hate someone for having a mental condition.

Love the list 10/10 - SomePersonYouHate/Jeff

I'm beginning to tell people that I have autism/Aspergers and Some of them I told them I have ADHD and they haven't made fun of me at ALL! So I'm fine and respected of my valuable intelligence- Kevinsidis

2 They are ugly
3 They sound awful

What about the conversations you can have with them? Why does the voice matter?

4 They are young

I'm young too. What's wrong with it? - Userguy44

What if they have something that appeals to you and you miss your opportunity to become friends with them?

5 They like something you don't

But sometimes it's imposible to be friends with someone who have a different interest and taste

They should know that people have opinions. - TheFourthWorld

Everyone has different opinions. My best friend in the world is my sister, but she loves Chinese food when I don’t. Well, I guess we can’t be friends anymore...
See how stupid that sounds?

6 Their religion and beliefs

I actually do respect people's beliefs as long if they don't disrespect mine even Two people mess with me that in fact that I'm an atheist.Seth is the worst he is so brawnish that he forced me to believe in God and converted my own religion(surprisingly atheism) and I BASH on him so hard! And I done that to Zalen and BASH on him so hard that I make him cry and yes this comment is quite cringeful but I'm sorry I just can't respect people who bashes my religion! - Kevinsidis

I have a few friends on here that I’m close with, and they’re atheists. I’m the opposite of an atheist, but we still get along. So it doesn’t matter, it matters on how the person acts

7 They are fat

Fat people can be very nice. Just depends on the person. - Userguy44

It’s the heart, not the body

8 They hate a thing you like

Just a different opinion. - Userguy44

9 They are gay or lesbian

Ridiculous reason to hate someone... Stone-hearted numbskulls (in my region) with below pit level compassion simply don't understand that they're human beings too composed of feelings and emotions, which is extremely vulnerable to wounding..Is it their fault if they're born that way? - Arhaan95

I'm gay and I want to marry Donald Trump. Get this off the list!

It’s fine for someone to be like this. But if that’s all they talk about, then that would be annoying


10 They have an ugly face

Focus on the personality, not the face

The Contenders

11 They are born with a health issues, like cancer

What if they’re the best person you’ve ever met?

Any reason related to something that isn't a person's choice, is a bad reason to hate that person (ex., born with health issues, race, nationality, appearance, etc.)
But some personal choices are also bad reasons to hate someone (ex., because somebody likes metal music).
I think there's too much unnecessary hate in this world. - Metal_Treasure

12 They are anti-social

True but sometimes they just hate you for being social.-LitSavage

13 The way they dress
14 They have made a few mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes everyday, so I guess no one can be friends with each other.

Unless the mistake is serious, of course.

15 They aren't funny
16 Their race

That is called racism

Doesn’t matter the race, what if they’re an awesome person?

17 They are friends of Taylor Swift
18 They look like bad news

Someone could look like a creep but have the best personality ever. Again, why would it matter if this was the case?

19 Their opinions

This should be higher. People still hate other opinions. - Userguy44

20 Liking something different from what's mainstream and cool
21 They're smarter than you
22 They have a Bernie Sanders t shirt
23 They watch My Little Pony

Hating Someone OVER A SHOW Is A Really Stupid Reason To Hate Someone - JPK

24 They like pop music
25 They hate metal
26 They committed suicide
27 They're Autistic
28 They like Marilyn Manson
29 They are murderers
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