Top Ten Worst Reasons to Hate a User On TheTopTens

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1 They have different taste

Not everyone is gonna like all the music artists you like, plain and simple. Same with food, movies, video games etc. Just accept that everyone has a different taste in anything

A certain someone messages me saying my music taste sucks. Well guess what. Everyone has different taste. Maybe I don't like the music you listen to or the movies you like. Grow up. It's not cute

That's what makes this list so important. If everyone had the same opinion why would any of us vote for anything?

Is it a sin to have a different taste? No, everyone has their opinion. If you don't like it, then deal with it.

2 They did something bad, apologized for it, and won't be forgiven

They did something bad, not my problem. Apologized for it, not my problem. They did nothing wrong to me through trolling on TheTopTens, so why I care? I can never take people of these kind seriously. Whatever they want to do, it's nothing to do with me. - Kiteretsunu

Let bygone be bygone - Toucan

Can we forgive CapriVoid? He/She's apologizing and you guys won't forgive that user.

What BBYES and SelfDestruct did is all in the past. Why not forgive them? They might become friends. - Garythesnail

3 They won't follow you

I don't care about followers. If someone doesn't follow me, it's their choice. I won't politely ask them to follow me.

Some popular users don't follow me. Can't say I'm surprised. I come off as an angry music nerd most of the time.

Followers doesn't really matter all that much when you think about.

So, politely ask them to follow you...

4 They didn't put you in one of their remixes

Look, I don’t really care if I’m not in someone’s users list, even when they are a friend of mine. It’s there decision whether they want to put you in their remixes or not

These attention-seekers simply aren't worth your time. It's your remix, and your opinion, so leave it at that.

It's their remix, not yours.

5 They have a higher ranking than you on the Best Users list

I don't really care because I'm never on those lists.

Just about everybody above me is a friend.

I'm not even on it.

6 You don't like their lists/posts

You can criticize them, but you shouldn't just flat-out hate on it. - Garythesnail

If you don't like them, then don't read them. Simple! - nintendofan126

7 They criticized you

There's a difference between bullying and criticism, which some users need to learn, but I won't name them here.

Criticism is sometimes good. People point out you're mistakes and it could help you do better on TheTopTens.

The problem comes when people chicken out of arguments and criticize you for really stupid reasons.

They criticize me for saying my comments should not exist.

8 You message them a lot

Puga dislikes me for this reason.

9 They are new users

Yes, this reason is beyond stupid. Because a user is knew doesn’t mean they will suck. Maybe they are capable of making high quality content and they could have a great personality. Never judge someone just because they are new. Gen 21 for example has good new users, just look at the sports community and think before you speak

10 They're autistic

I’m autistic myself and thankfully I haven’t been attacked for it on here. I’m friends with autistic people on here and they are actually very nice. Imagine hating someone for being autistic. Fortunately people on TheTopTens know about autism and everyone seems to respect it

There's nothing wrong with autism.

I’m one of them and I’m not a bad person.

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11 They act like a troll
12 They made a list you were thinking of

If you didn't tell them you were thinking of that list, there's no reason to be mad. - Garythesnail

13 They have bad grammar
14 They give you a thumbs down

I get thumbs down a lot. I think my most thumbs down is when I said Knights of Cydonia by Muse sucks.

15 They have different opinions
16 They added Uncle Grandpa to a list
17 They like rap music
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