Top Ten Worst Reasons to Love a Fictional Character

This list is about a worst reasons to liking the fictional characters. Feel free to critized it and compared the reasons with the characters

The Top Ten

1 "She is pretty"

Pretty much the only reason anyone ever gives for liking Serena, besides her shallow crush on Ash.

I was once on a best Hunger Games Characters and for Glimmer all they were staying was things about her looks

Oh, sure. Serena is one of those PokéGirls that are so damn overrated. There's supposed to be a little more to it than that.

(You may not know, but...) Sure, I like Bianca (BW series), but it's not only because she's pretty, it's because she's fun and entertaining. I even give all my love, hugs, thanks and support to her because she was the main reason why I started to enjoy and support Pokémon. So, there should be more than "she's pretty", this is the MAIN FLAW that a LOT of people go through. "Nobody's perfect" as they say...

2 "She/He is hot"

Correct. Looks aren't everything in a character. When trying to look for good in a fictional character, you should judge them by their own character traits, personality, relevance to the plot, etc. It isn't enough to say that a character is great because of their appearance. Now before you go and say something related to your hatred of Danny Phantom, let me lay the line and say that I like Danny Phantom for being a heroic being who saves the day and cares deeply for his friends and family (I know you obviously don't think the same way as I do, but please respect my reasoning). But overall, I do agree it's irritating when fans of a certain character only like them for their looks rather than their other great traits that make them a good character. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

3 "Oh! He so cute! I want to marry him!"
4 "He is handsome"
5 "She/He is perfect! No matter what!"
6 "She/He is smart! The other characters not!"
7 "No one can beat this characters! She/He is the best!"
8 "(Insert the character's name) is the best characters ever!"
9 "(Insert the character's name) is the prettiest character ever!"
10 "There is no worst things about him/her. She/he is the most awesome character ever!"

The Contenders

11 He/She is The Main Character from The Best Movie/Show/Game
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