Top Ten Worst Reasons to Love a Fictional Character

This list is about a worst reasons to liking the fictional characters. Feel free to critized it and compared the reasons with the characters

The Top Ten

1 "She is pretty"

I was once on a best Hunger Games Characters and for Glimmer all they were staying was things about her looks

Thank you, you wise visitor. That was a shallow reasons. It makes the characters looks like a mary sue. - ChatNoirFan18

Pretty much the only reason anyone ever gives for liking Serena, besides her shallow crush on Ash. - eventer51314

I guess people would vote this because Serena from Pokemon. - ChatNoirFan18

Oh, sure. Serena is one of those PokéGirls that are so damn overrated. There's supposed to be a little more to it than that.

(You may not know, but...) Sure, I like Bianca (BW series), but it's not only because she's pretty, it's because she's fun and entertaining. I even give all my love, hugs, thanks and support to her because she was the main reason why I started to enjoy and support Pokémon. So, there should be more than "she's pretty", this is the MAIN FLAW that a LOT of people go through. "Nobody's perfect" as they say... - ClassicGaminer

You have good reason to liking Bianca. Liking characters because their personalities are okay. You deserved a golden cookies. I know nobody is perfect. I like Cat Noir from Miraculous (sorry if you don't know Miraculous) because he is attractive and kind. "Pretty" is a worst yet stupidest reason to liking girls characters. - ChatNoirFan18

2 "She/He is hot"

Correct. Looks aren't everything in a character. When trying to look for good in a fictional character, you should judge them by their own character traits, personality, relevance to the plot, etc. It isn't enough to say that a character is great because of their appearance. Now before you go and say something related to your hatred of Danny Phantom, let me lay the line and say that I like Danny Phantom for being a heroic being who saves the day and cares deeply for his friends and family (I know you obviously don't think the same way as I do, but please respect my reasoning). But overall, I do agree it's irritating when fans of a certain character only like them for their looks rather than their other great traits that make them a good character. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

3 "He is handsome"
4 "Oh! He so cute! I want to marry him!"

Crazy fangirls in a nutshell. - ChatNoirFan18

5 "She/He is perfect! No matter what!"
6 "She/He is smart! The other characters not!"
7 "No one can beat this characters! She/He is the best!"
8 "(Insert the character's name) is the best characters ever!"

Rainbow Dash in the nutshell. - ChatNoirFan18

9 "(Insert the character's name) is the prettiest character ever!"
10 "There is no worst things about him/her. She/he is the most awesome character ever!"

The Contenders

11 He/She is The Main Character from The Best Movie/Show/Game
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