Top Ten Worst Reasons People Use to Hate Pokémon

I know people have their own opinion on Pokémon but people use weird reasons to hate Pokémon.

The Top Ten

1 Ash Never Ages

Why would someone hate Pokémon just because a character doesn't age? That's just stupid.

Bart simpson never ages either! Except in episodesthat take place in the future! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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2 It's Overrated
3 The Fanbase Sucks

It's true, I like Pokemon but the fanbase is just bad and rude they go bashing others. But the worst parts of their fans are the Genwunners and the Hoennbabies. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

4 Team Rocket Always Tries to Take Pikachu

What is with Team Rocket and some random pikachu. Did they lose in an arm-wrestling match to a pikachu. Did they lose their house to a pikachu. Oh, I know, their friends were killed by pikachus. Yeah, that seems about right. I mean, they don't care about a meowth who acts like a human!

Not always there is this time they tried to take all the ivysour

5 It's Boring V 1 Comment
6 The Same Thing Happens on Every Episode
7 Pikachu's Voice Is Annoying

People who think Pikachu's voice is annoying doesn't have good ears.

8 The Only Thing Pokémon Can Say Is Their Own Name
9 James's New Voice
10 Iris Always Calls Ash a Little Kid

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11 Nintendo is Running Out of Ideas

Absolutely incorrect.

12 It's Becoming Less Exciting
13 Requires a Crossover with Digimon
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