Top Ten Worst Reasons to Use On a TheTopTens List About Liking/Disliking Something

There are a lot of lists on TheTopTens stating why someone should like or dislike something. Lists can cover anything from a music artist or genre, to video game characters. It is important to be clear and concise in your reasons but even more than that, the reasons you give should be valid.

Below are some of the worst reasons commonly used on TheTopTens lists to explain why someone likes or dislikes something. These are reasons that generally get deleted from the lists due to not being valid, sensible, or legitimate.

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1 "It is overrated"

Yeah, it's stupid to find this on EVERY HATE LIST. - Qryzx

Because the word "overrated" has a negative connotation, and because people do tend to shy away from using words that explicitly mean bad (like "worst", "awful", or "terrible"), it is the word used by those who don't want to offend anybody (or any fan-group), and at the same time express their dislike for something. - Kiteretsunu

Like that list of "Reasons to Hate Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. They only hate the game because it's overrated. With all those Super Paper Mario fanboys bashing a great game, it is now becoming underrated. Speaking of which, they also put the same item multiple times on the list. Yes we get that Princess Peach's voice is annoying, and as much as I hate Peach, I'm not going to hate an entire game for that reason.

Yes that is a real word, and yes it is over used. I'm not sure if the meaning of the word is really understood or not but here is the definition:
To have a higher opinion of (someone or something) than is deserved.

So basically by saying that you don't like the movie Frozen because it is "overrated", you are saying that you dislike that other people like it, not WHY the movie deserves to be disliked. - Finch

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2 "It exists"

This is not a reason to like or dislike something. It is a qualification to have an opinion. If something doesn't exist, you cannot hate it (the idea of it perhaps but not the thing itself). Saying that you like something simply because it exists is one of the worst ways to explain a subjective opinion.

Saying that Rosalina is the worst character because "she exists" has nothing to do with any actual reasons. How is anyone even supposed to rank that item? - Finch

At least "It's overrated" is a valid reason, for people who tend to be annoyed at that thing's popularity.. This is not. - SoaPuffball

3 "Most people like it"

Congratulations. You've found perhaps the weakest argument for why you like (or dislike) something. Basing your opinion on the opinions of others is not only succumbing to peer pressure, but also almost the exact opposite of stating your own opinion.

Saying that you like a movie/game because "most other people like it" explains that they like it, not why you do. Unless you're a hipster, disliking something based on its popularity just won't fly. - Finch

Finally, a mature and intelligent person on TheTopTens. There are hoards of 10-13 year olds on this website who always hold this stupid belief that the popularity of something has a direct effect on its quality. As a result, their arguments tend to sound extremely juvenile, making it hard to take them seriously.

4 "It 'literally' saved my life"

Without getting too deep into the general misuse of the word "literally" in society, if a band or music genre literally saved your life, you are saying that the actual people in that band, or some anthropomorphic representation of a musical genre, physically came to your house and took the gun out of your hand before you were able to pull the trigger. If it simply cheered you up, it can "save your life" but it is assuming the figurative meaning, not the literal.

Saying that Metal "literally saved my life" is not only unlikely, but it's impossible. - Finch

" Facebook really saved my life man. It just gave me this feeling that I'm going to die, then it also saved my life, man! " - funnyuser

So, what you're saying here is that you can't live without? I don't understand such a thing! - MostTalented_BoyX

This is used a lot to describe one direction.
Now, even I myself am a hardcore directioner, but I wouldn't go as far to say that they saved, or even changed, my life. My friends say that I can't be a real directioner if they didn't have a huge impact on my life, but the thing is you can be a fan of something without it controlling your life.

~ Awkward Geek Out

5 Not everything in it is bad

This is usually used in a list of why something is the best. If something is the best, one should assume that it is because it is great overall, not that it has only one or two redeeming qualities. That's how you determine things that aren't the worst, not usually things that are the best.

Saying that Sonic the Hedgehog is the best video game because it "isn't all bad" just isn't going to cut it. - Finch

6 If it was different

Believe it or not, this actually gets used more often that you'd think. To say that the reason you don't like a video game is because "if it had an Archie Comic adaptation" is like saying that you should hate your best friend because "if they insulted you". It hasn't happened, it may never happen. Form your opinion on things that are real. - Finch

7 Because of something unrelated

It's surprising how often someone will use something totally unrelated as their reasons to like or dislike something. Reasons to hate Princess Peach: because Mario Kart 64 is worse that Sonic Generations. Nothing in that "reason" is really related to Princess Peach, her qualities, or the fact that she is a drawn cartoon. - Finch

I hate cheese! Why? Because Germany invaded France in 1914, and that was really cheesy of them! Plus, Saturn has rings. - PositronWildhawk

And sadly, a reason stated like that would be in the better half. - Finch

I don't make any sense to hate on something just because of something that has nothing to do with the thing. - MostTalented_BoyX

"Frozen sucks because I ran out of cereal! "

8 Because something else is better/worse

"I like Breadwinners because it's better than Sanjay and Craig! " "I like Rabbids Invasion because it's better than Breadwinners! " "I like Sam & Cat because it's better than Rabbids Invasion! " Have you noticed that? Some people are like "It's a good show because it's better than that show." So? It's like saying we should jump in a lake because it's better than being killed in a car crash. The worst part is when the it's better than is wrong. Like some people may say Sanjay and Craig is better than Breadwinners, no, it's WORSE THAN BREADWINNERS! And how do people think Liv and Maddie is worse than Sanjay and Craig? Unlike Sanjay and Craig, it never talks about farts and boogers or that kinda stuff. And why would you like Rabbids Invasion? All it is is a bunch of retarded rabbits causing chaos everywhere they go. It's a stupid show. Ever since 2011 Nick hasn't made ONE GOOD SHOW. (I don't like TMNT or The Legend of Korra). It's like they made it a rule that all the new Nick shows have ...more

Reasons to like Big Hero 6: It is better than Frozen. Stating reasons like that is like saying that you should like your older sibling more than your younger one simply because they are older. Deciding you like something because it isn't as bad as something else is a recipe for mediocrity. Way to settle in life.

Reasons to not like Frozen? Maybe you should think of a reason a little more useful than "because it is worse than Tangled". I really hope your opinions are based on more than that. - Finch

"I like 5sos because One Direction is too hot for me to handle". This is true, but, still, come on!

This reminds me of JustinBieberLovers lists. - Minecraftcrazy530

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9 Using physical characteristics for an animated character

We understand that people have an affinity toward certain drawings. However, deciding to like or dislike (often love or violently hate) a character based on how someone decided to draw them is pretty crazy. It's like deciding whether you like math or not based on your own handwriting. - Finch

10 "It's gay"

Using a homophobic slur drastically weakens the argument of those who dislike something. It makes me wonder if they are being serious.

"Gay" is not a homophobic slur. It's just treated by some people as some sort of insult because they can't think of anything witty.

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11 Naming a character with nothing else

Ok, so you think My Little Pony is terrible and your reason is "Pinky Pie". Why? What about that character makes the show terrible? Items that don't have an actual reason but are still on a list about reasons to like or dislike something, obviously don't make sense and therefore have no reason to be on the list. - Finch

Or an episode, if it happens to be a show you are talking about. - Minecraftcrazy530

12 Their fans

Unless you are making a list criticizing the fanbase - styLIShT

Okay you don't like their fans but fans do not have anything to do with how bad or good something is

Just because something has a bad fanbase does not mean that the thing in question is bad.

If you say means things to fans the the list is offensive and needs to be gone

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13 It's offensive

Wah my feelings are so fragile oh why isn't everything all sugar coated and happy - Crybabys

People have to look for other valid reasons than get butthurt over something just because they got "offended". Most of the people who say this are crybabies.

14 Color that they wear

Most people hate Princess Peach cause she wears/likes pink... what?

15 It's mainstream

"i'm a hipster"

16 Hair color

Princess Peach haters hate her for this.. Bull crap. - Qryzx

A lot of anime/cartoon/game/etc... characters get hated if their hair is pink. Well hair color has nothing to do with anything about them - Mariosprincessesfan

Me:... =/

17 _____ stole him/her from her/him or me

Poor Sukki hated because she ended up with Sokka when he was supost to end up with Toph... for some reason

18 Cuteness

Used for like. Put down people who dislike cute characters even though they had a valid reason to not like them, but can only like them cause they're cute

There's more to characters than how cute they are .

19 "Representation"

This is just as bad as saying something is bad because it has (insert gender/race/orientation here). If you truly believe everyone is equal, it wouldn't matter whether something has representation or not: you judge it on QUALITY.

20 "Mean-Spirited"

Congratulations, you hate it because it has conflict. Grow up.

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