Top Ten Worst World Records to Break


The Top Ten

1 Longest Time Without Going to the Bathroom

I went without going to the bathroom for one day.

You'll have to go to bathroom soon you know? - JaysTop10List

2 Biggest Justin Bieber Fan

Everyone will hate me. - Connor360

LOL I think these things are so crazy

3 Most Times Caught Watching Barbie
4 Most Poop Eaten

So disgusting who does this

Nasty! And I'm tomboy!

You would die from toxication

Most poop eaten uugggh!

5 Most Old Ladies Harassed

Messed up : (

6 Most Donkeys Kissed
7 Most Pants Pooped
8 Most Poison Ivy Up Nose

Dangerous! You could die!

9 Tallest Person Ever

This isn't that bad

10 Most Wedgies Received

The Contenders

11 Longest Armpit Hair
12 Longest Time Kissing a Dog's Butt


13 Smallest Penis

No girl would want that.

14 Biggest Nicki Minaj Fan
15 Most Swirls Received
16 Longest Prison Sentence

Once upon a time, a man was sentenced to an estimate of 144 thousand days of jail, true story.

17 Biggest Poop

We all know Randy broke that record (from South Park. )

We all know that Randy broke that record.

18 Most Times Kicked In the Testicles
19 Luigi's Greatest Fan

! %@# I accidentally clicked that! - Money1208

Danteem, currently holds this record. - nintendofan126

20 Loudest Fart Ever
21 Most Tattoos
22 Most Embarrassing Death
23 Biggest Linkin Park Hater

No one would hate Linkin Park unless they're Justin Bieber

24 Best Stalker
25 Oldest Prostitute Ever
26 Biggest Belly Button
27 Worst Hide & Seek Player
28 Biggest Bomb Ever Made
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1. Biggest Justin Bieber Fan
2. Most Donkeys Kissed
3. Longest Time Without Going to the Bathroom
1. Longest Time Without Going to the Bathroom
2. Biggest Justin Bieber Fan
3. Most Times Caught Watching Barbie
1. Most Times Caught Watching Barbie
2. Most Poop Eaten
3. Most Old Ladies Harassed

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