Worst Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs


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1 They're Red Hot

I completely agree with this for the worst red hot chili peppers song

This is just an outro others shouldn't be here either

Ok nevermind I posted something defending this trash but apparentley I was thinking about road trippin, sorry

2 Sex Rap

This is the only bad song on this whole list, the other songs are awesome

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3 Apache Rose Peacock
4 Cabron
5 Midnight
6 The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
7 Porcelain

All these songs are awesome except this and also I wanted to say something...I LOVE DANCE DANCE DANCE THIS SONG IS SOOO UNDERRATED

8 Under the Bridge

Which dumbass put this here

What. Why is this on here?

9 Savior
10 Otherside

This is one of their best. Put this out off the list - Userguy44

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11 Dance Dance Dance

Only bad song from I'm with you

12 Hump de Bump

The lyrics are laughably bad.

13 Animal Bar

This song is the let down on stadium arcadium.

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