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1 Margret

It's not that I hate Margaret completely, but the fact that everyone immediately starts acting awkward whenever Margaret is mentioned or seen around Mordecai gets really annoying. Especially that one episode where Mordecai kissed Margaret again. I know there were still a few problems, but man, way to drag it on. This is still just my opinion.

THIS IS THE VILE CHARACTER THAT KILLED REGULAR SHOW. I hate this character. She has no personality, no funny moments and MURDERED HE WHOLE SHOW. She also made me hate Mordecai. Watching a show that has annoying main character is hard. Margret is why "Steak Me Amadeaus" is one of my favorite episodes of all time. Sure Regular Show is better now, but it will never be the same again, all because of this horrible character. WORST CARTOON CHARACTER EVER.

She is very boring and has zero personality. I literally yawn every time she is shown. And I've never found her attraction to Mordecai believable. It's always Mordecai that has to give something up because of her. She just likes receiving attention, in my humble opinion.

Just a very boring personality. I don't hate her but she is my least favorite character. Eileen is more interesting than her! She had emotions and although she was geeky, it was adorable. Margaret never seemed to be as in love as Mordecai was, definitely less than CJ. I really liked CJ up until Margret came back. But something's weren't meant to be.

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2 Starla

Oh god she actually sort of try to have sex with muscle man in front of everyone

Like Margaret to Mordecai, it seems like she doesn't have much personality and just hangs around to make plotlines for Muscle Man. She's not necessarily a bad character, but she is a bit annoying - Garythesnail

Margaret is better than Starla! Starla looks like a piece of scrapped character design trash from The Cleveland Show! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She's stupid, mean and doesn't deserve to be Muscle Man's girlfriend. - Coffeemilkshakes

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3 Benson Benson Benson Dunwoody is a main character on Cartoon Network's Regular Show. He is a gumball machine, also known as The Park's manager. As the manager, he is the boss of every park worker (with the possible exception of Pops). He has a short temper and has a tendency of yelling at Mordecai and Rigby every ...read more.

I don't get it. You guys hate a character simply because he's calling out the other characters for their mistakes?
You know, I think the problem here is that people don't really try to imagine what the character is feeling, or how the situation might be from their point of view. Because Benson is my favorite character, I'm going to ask you all this:
If you were a boss, and you had 2 employees that went out of their way to cause trouble, day in and day out, never doing their job and never learning their lesson, would you just let it slide? Wouldn't you get mad, too?
Honestly, I think Benson deserves a break. I consider Rigby to be the worst character of the show. I love the episode "Think Positive" just because I get to see those two go deaf because they just wouldn't stop bothering Benson.
And you know what? I bet if it were any other character, chances are you'd all complain about him/her too, regardless of whether or not they have any redeeming qualities.
I know this ...more

""Whoever put benson on here is an idiot"

Um sure benson yells at them, and that is what he is supposed to do, but go watch the episode peeps and try and tell me with a straight face that benson does not go overboard.

One time he even threatened to fire Mordecai and Rigby because they didn't want to go to karaoke.
I'm not saying that the 2 of them aren't purists, but all I'm saying is that Benson can get annoying.
Its always, Do this or your fired! Every episode. Its perfectly normal to fire someone because they're not working, but he uses his title as an advantage. He blackmails them to do whatever he wants, "Or YOUR FIRED! "
Go to karaoke or your fired! Get me a grilled cheese lunch or your fired.
The only thing funny abut him are his tantrums, and those got old a LONG time ago.

I didn't choose him because he yells at Mordecai and Rigby (they deserve most of the yellings), He's just really insecure and inconsistent and often seems to forget all of the crap he and the other park workers went through. After one crazy plot from one episode took place, he acts as if nothing ever happened and goes back to being a douche to a few of his employees (and by a few, I meant Rigby and Mordecai). Trash Boat and The Best Burger In The World are probably the best examples. As for Expert or Liar, I understand that he was trying to help Rigby because he also felt his pain, but imagine if Benson was never humiliated on T.V.. He probably would be laughing at Rigby like the other park workers.

He treats rigby and mordecai like trash

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4 CJ

This is why I hate cj
In the beginning cj was a cool girl that Mordecai could hang out with and relate to. She was a character that was a cooler version of Margaret. Over time though, cj got annoying and more annoying. She ruined Margaret's relationship AND friendship with Mordecai. Then she turned the show into a soap opera. Mordecai and Margaret's relationship was slow and made its way into the show at appropriate times. Cj popped out of nowhere and now a awesome show is a Korean drama. Cj also gets angry over anything that Margaret does. No matter how little or how pointless. Margaret tried to be friends, but cj still needs anger management classes. And my favorite characters get little time in the show. Rigby, pops, and muscle man. No matter how much you hate them, you have to admit that cj is the worst. Worse than Margaret ever was. If you don't believe me, just watch any NEW episode. - poppytarts155

Turned the show into a soap opera. I hate margaret, but CJ is worse because she ruined the show and that made me stop watching it. I rarely ever watch it anymore, all it is nowadays is an excuse. Nick has some good shows like The Loud House and Spongebob so it's not all that bad. The only good show on Cartoon Network anymore is Adventure Time. Everything else is either gone downhill (Regular Show, Gumball) or ducked in the first place. I think Regular Show needs to end, it's been going on long enough. Same with Gumball. - Gamecubesarecool193

I hate CJ. She's about 1000 times worse than Margaret ever was. All the episodes have to be based around Mordecai and CJ, don't they? She makes Mordecai keep coming back to her and the only thing she did was create drama in the show. She also has awkward attempts at being funny, like the little brother who tries to be more cool than his older brothers, but just fails in every way possible. Also, why is a bird dating a cloud? I mean, with Margaret, it seemed logical that a bird would date a bird. But the sound of a cloud dating a bird is just not logical, my friend. Why do people like her so much? - SlimVeggie

The relationship between Mordecai and Margaret was slow because the producers wanted it to be evolving with each episode. Bringing back CJ was the worst thing they could do, she has been shoved down our throats she even has stolen Rigby's spotlight (and not just once or twice but a lot of times).

I hate this bitch, she's always out of control when she sees Mordechai with other girls, especially Margaret, not to mention she sucks just like Margaret and this bitch is no different from her.

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5 Muscle Man Muscle Man Mitchell (Mitch) "Muscle Man" Sorrenstein is the sixth main character of Regular Show. He is one of the groundskeepers of the Park. He is a middle-aged, green, strong, and obese human, who is often seen with his best friend, Hi Five Ghost. Muscle Man made his first debut as a cameo character in the ...read more.

Muscle Man is awesome! Why is he on this list? Jeez, some people have no taste in Regular Show characters. You know who else has no taste in Regular Show characters? MY MOM!

Incredibly annoying. I hate this character. Having him in an episode every now and again is okay but having episodes solely based on him is asinine. The whole "my mom" thing got old after about two episodes. I can't take it.

Muscle man is just one of those guys who thinks he is better then everyone else I don't know why high five ghost likes him and honestly can he get a shirt that isn't half his size

He's really, really, really, really, REALLY annoying... -_-

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6 Frank Smith

I was originally gonna vote Starla but I then saw this choice and I asked myself "Whats worse? A crazy-disturbing, maneater, propriety destroyer with gross make out Sceans with a guy who looks like her twin BUT has funny moments or a dude who committed bestiality with a robin, created Margaret, who just so happens to be boring and not funny."

Yeah, you can guess who won that battle... - ThatkidwiththeContacts

How is he related to margret theirs 1 human in the whole family!

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7 Rigby Rigby Rigby is a character from the cartoon Regular Show created by JG Quintel. He's best friends with Mordecai (A talking Blue Jay). Together they slack around and have fun in the park. A place where they work and have the risk of being fired from.

I've got a bit of a soft spot for Rigby. He can be a jerk sometimes, but he almost always has good intentions. - Garythesnail

No way rigby is the best

"Rigby used to be a good character."

Laugh out loud, I take that back. I can't imagine Regular Show without Rigby, but he can be annoying at times...

Everyone on the show would be a lot happier with rigby. He causes all the problems on the shows. This character hates his own brother. The only time the character works is the bromance

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8 Denise Smith
9 Eileen

Eileen doesn't deserve the hate she gets. I personally think she is better than hi5 ghost. True,5s was cool. But being as an employee at the local coffee shop and in relationship with Rigby... HELLYEAH!

Rigby should date that minor female that wears a purple skirt and purple/pink shirt. She looks cute with Rigs. Eileen is way different than rigby.

Eileen is cool what idiot put her on the list

Whoever put her on this list has no taste in cartoon characters.

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10 Master Prank Caller

Ugh give me a break! The master prank caller is annoying, obnoxious and he only shows up in one episode. He thinks he's the best at prank calling, but he can't move over and teach Mordecai an Rigby a little about prank calling?! Seriously, is his status for being a pointless, phone wearing dweeb so important that he has to be spastic about it? Plus, maybe it's just me, but he tells the WORST comebacks EVER! Even worse than Muscle Man's 'MY MOM' jokes. Just stop wasting your time with that guy :(

He was a one-time character. Why is he so high up on the list?

Was only on one episode lol

I wish he was 1

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11 Mordecai Mordecai

-Anyone should realize hitting a smaller creature is cruel, despite racoons being bigger than blue jays.

-He's a beta male who's obsessed with Margaret. He cannot freely express himself or his feelings and jealousy easily overtakes him to extreme levels where he yells at his Rigby, who, in my opinion, was a bother, but was still peeved at something so insignificant. He does eventually kill Rigby on accident. Of course though, plot armor protects Rigby in future shows.

-He hit Benson without allowing for a full explanation. It was uncouth to say that "they should have been working" while Rigby was injured, but Mordecai's attack was brutal and unrelenting. He's killed Rigby already and has caused more than enough trouble for Benson. He should be fired as an employee and replaced. He's basically useless.

-He's useless in the work force. His work ethic is not poor, but non-existence. He is persuaded by Rigby to do anything (or does it on his own volition) ...more

I agree with some of the statements saying how he can abuse his friendship with Rigby without even realizing it. And yes, I never realized how much of a wuss he really is when something bad happens to him ("Bad Kiss", "Laundry Woes", "Sleep Fighter" when he pushed Rigby off the van and let him take the beating from Muscle Man instead) I'm surprised nobody even mentioned the minor episodes where he's been a complete and unnecessary dick to Rigby ("Sleep Fighter", "Bet To Be Blonde" when he almost KILLED Rigby just because he cheated on a video game, "The Best Burger in the World" when he let/made (? ) Rigby get inside the hologram machine to test and see if it's safe). There are times where Mordo's (and the other workers) been pretty careless towards Rigby when he needs their help. It's funny how the group is more than willing to help Muscle Man (and sometimes Mordecai with his girl problems) but not Rigby with his own problems.

He never respects Rigby in anything always is jealous of rigby every time he is better than Mordecai thanks to his jealousy. Also risks everything for that ingrate Margaret

I don't like how he treated Margaret. He just avoid her just to win CJ, if CJ gets angry and Margaret feels sad why does he tell the whole thing. Sometimes he is a jerk to Rigby and does not know what to say. - Coffeemilkshakes

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12 Destroyer of Worlds

Classic I mean comes out of a arcade game? COME ON

Destroyer of worlds is horrible I mean he's tryed to destoy the park

13 Death

Cool design. Stupid personality.

How can you go wrong with death ( oh wait there's death from family guy) this death is awesome

Totally pointless. Why bother?

Dumb name, anyone can think of this name

14 Thomas (Demon)

They couldn't find another name for this character?

I love it when he gets knocked out at the end of the episode

The baby came before the goat-man
-Tom Sawyer

He tortured Mordecai,Rigby and CJ by almost killing them with a pop up dragon in dead at eight and also caused incidents.Then Thomas almost got Mordecai killed for him trying to make an excuse about getting a baby to like women.WORST CHARACTER! (one of them anyways) I like death,but meh

15 Susan
16 High Five Ghost

I feel bad but honestly to me high five ghost is pretty boring but I would love for them to make more episodes about him so I can really know him and maybe he will turn out to be really awesome -Selma

Ok look, I understand that muscle man couldn't go pranking peoples butts without fives, but come on, he is literally no help to the show, and I wouldn't really go as far as to call him a 'major character. ' I really feel the creator needed at least one more character, so he decided it would be a crappy ghost that high fives people.

Hi five ghost is NOT! Interesting!

He sucks. His voice is annoying as hell, his very presence in the show just ticks me off and every episode that's centered around him, I immediately automatically change the channel.

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17 Garrett Bobby Ferguson

The name LOL, hilarious character

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18 Mona

She shows up in Skips' flashback.
She dies a horrible and tragic death.
The end. Bye-bye Mona.

19 Quips

I hate this guy, I kinda like every episodes in regular show because it's weird and surreal also memorable but when Quips come into these 2 episodes, I really hate it. He makes lame jokes, always use that "zingo" and he's annoying. He's like the uncle grandpa of the regular show, it's just bland

Quips makes Skips's story look distorted. 1: How can Quips be immortal? He doesn't fight Klorgbane every century and a half? 2: How can he be Skips cousin if he's not immortal?

His jokes are an embarrassment to Skips - BreadWinnersSuck

He tells lame jokes

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20 Skips Skips

Skips does not deserve to be here! He is the hardest worker in the entire show. He always cleans up after Mordecai and Rigby's messes, always saves their butts, he gives great advice and he almost died multiple times just for the sake of protecting Mordecai and Rigby. Most underrated character ever. - TwilightKitsune

Why is skips on the list of worst regular show characters? He is a great character, he is never annoying, and he is always wise and clever. - OhioStateBuckeyes

I kind of agree. I used to like Skips a lot because he seems like the old, wise and understanding type of guy who would guide and help fix Mordecai and Rigby's problems. Now he's just a background character and a follower, and he can be somewhat arrogant.

He's kind of a jerk now

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