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21 Thomas (Intern)

The wrong thing about this character is that he just changed into a Russian spy. You can't just change an entire character like that. He just starts acting suspicious in the same episode, which doesn't give him any time at all to develop. He left in the same episode too, which cuts his character even shorter. You don't know much about him being a Russian spy, so they could've made an episode focused around him and his character. Instead, we got some force-fed Margret and C.J. bullcrap.

The thing is that Thomas just starts out as a bland intern, turns into a Russian spy, then leaves. The main problem with Regular Show is that they don't know how to develop characters properly. Other than that, I don't see the show getting better anytime soon.

He's a Russian spy... What the heck? You can't just make a character into a Russian spy out of nowhere. - Garythesnail

A Russian Spy, really? I liked him, don't make him leave!

His transition into a russian spy was like a RKO, It came outta nowhere

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22 Carl Putter
23 Mr. Maellard

He was so greedy, because he treats the park boss and the park workers poorly. Good thing is he less greedy in new episodes. - Shevanda04

24 Baby Ducks

My vote moved to 12 I don't really care though - FrankP

What's wrong with the Baby Ducks?

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25 Recap Robot

I put this on the list because it should be at the bottom

26 Pops

I love pops because he's kinda dumb but he's innocent. I loved when he paid the parks taxes with lollipops and was like "but I paid more than enough! " -Selma

Pops is the Regular Show version of Santa Claus. Which is why he's the greatest. - TwilightKitsune

I hate Pops because he made the 2 stupid and made Benson scold them, always laugh like a stupid and cries even he said he didn't - Coffeemilkshakes

Pops is cancer to the whole show

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27 Doug Shablowski
28 Don

He is almost represented as a product of Rigby's envy and hatred of him. But despite Rigby being such an envous moron to his brother, he called him for help in "Bank Shot". Some older brothers may be total narcissists to small brothers, but they can't let them live under their shadows. That's the true reason for why Don is friendly to Rigby.

Don is better than Rigby. Whoever put him on here must be on drugs.

Really guys, even Benson liked him

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29 Low Five Ghost
30 Party Pete
31 The Unicorn
32 Peggy
33 Klorgbane the Destroyer
34 Dr. Reuben Langer
35 Sherm (Rigby's Dad)

He's is a jerk. And people may be like "but he changed" THERE IS NO REDEMPTION FOR FAVORITING CHILDREN AND LIKING YOUR CAR MORE THAN YOUR OWN SON! Also he walks around in his underwear. WHO DOES THAT?! - BenderTheGroundskeeper

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