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1 The Best Burger in the World

This episode, WHERE do I even begin?

It all starts where Mordecai and Rigby start talking about this burger and then Benson comes in to instruct everyone about their jobs, this is the moment where I want to punch Benson in the face. He practically Ella Mordecai and Rigby they're not allowed to eat burgers (until they finish their jobs which was quite a lot). Then a painful interval shows Benson's mean spiritedness towards Mordecai and Rigby constantly being tortured into doing the jobs they did (or not) yesterday. Then Benson tells to clean Skip's garage, now my hatred of Benson is slowly building up because he laughs evilly at the two because he doesn't want them to eat burgers. Then they sneak out, get the burgers, an unoriginal fight scene and the moment where I want to kill Benson is at the end he eats all the burgers and makes an evil remark towards the two. What a greedy pig!

Also not to mention all the jokes were lame and unoriginal and Benson's anger continuing ...more

This episode is lazy. It seems like a half-assed episode just threw in so they can pair it up with another episode and air it. The title shows how lazy this episode is. Mordecai and Rigby want a burger that is only sold once in a hundred years. Why is sold once in a hundred years? I honestly don't know, the writers were being lazy. Benson doesn't let them get burgers, because they have to finish their jobs. Benson also tells them to clean Skip's garage. Why can't Skips clean his garage himself? Mordecai and Rigby try to sneak to the burger truck, and fail. Then, they discover a hologram machine. They make copies of themselves, and sneak out. This is the worst part of the episode. The holograms come to life and try to take the burgers. This is the worst fight scene I ever saw. Mordecai destroys the holograms with rocks, and Benson ends up eating the burgers. BOOO! WORST REGULAR SHOW EPISODE EVER. If you didn't see this one, you didn't miss out on anything.

Benson: Pouring Salt in the Wound

Benson Eating Mordecai and Rigby's Burgers: Pouring Salty Lemon Juice in the Wound

Only one per customer, and Benson ate BOTH burgers: Pouring Bleached Salty Lemon Juice in the Wound

The Truck falling into the crash pit, never to sell Ultimeatums ever again after Benson ate both of their burgers despite the fact it's one per customer: BULLET ANTS THAT INJECT NOT ONLY THEIR VENOM, BUT SALT, LEMON JUICE, AND BLEACH INTO YOUR BODY, CREATING A PAIN SO BAD, IT WOULD FORCE YOU TO COMMIT SUICIDE TO GET RID OF IT.

This episode shouldn't exist
1. Benson is like a psicopat
Not letting eat until the job is done? We are where? In holocaust? Its like he tortures Mordecai and Rigby
2. Once for hundred years? WHAT? How is possible?
3. The scene fight is not cool
Only maybe if you have 8 years old maybe?
4. Finnaly, Benson eats the Mordecai and Rigby's Burgers? Two words: Cruel and MANIAC!

Conclusion: I see the episode two times and hated. The episode should be banned no?

2 The Longest Weekend

Honestly, I think this episode should be number one. I'd rather watch Benson be a jerk to Mordecai and Rigby about those burgers as opposed to this horrible sap fest. I always thought Muscle Man and Starla's relationship was disgusting to look at. This episode is basically Muscle Man and Starla crying like pathetic preteens who lost their puppy love "relationship". There was nothing funny about it at all. It's just 11 minutes of cringeworthy, sappy, lovey dovey garbage.

This sounds like a party, so I thought it would be cool. Instead, it's a Starla episode. Yeah, there's not enough of THOSE in season 4. This was worse than usual. Worst cartoon plot I've ever seen, no humor, a let down, pointless, stupid, disgusting, and centres around the worst characters, as in mich of season 4. By far the absolute worst.

Not a particularly great or memorable episode, but as other poster's have stated, Fries Night was so bad, that I could think of better Sanjay & Craig episodes, than fries night= utter pooh ( little wonder with crud like that offering that regular show got cancelled).

I agree that this is a poor episode, but out of the entire series, I have to agree with other posters that fries night from season 8 is absolutely trash and should be permanently erased from the series.

3 Think Positive

This episode is an atrocity. It expects you to feel bad for Mordecai and Rigby for slacking off. Here's the thing; you can't feel bad for them. Benson was only yelling at them for not doing their jobs. Then Pops writes Benson up for doing his job. He should've been writing up Mordecai and Rigby.

The problem with this and most cartoons like this, the characters were actually doing something wrong. If Benson was being needlessly cruel, THEN this might of worked. The thing is, Mordecai and Rigby were going against the rules, making them the antagonists. You can't feel for them, because they clearly did something wrong. Maybe this episode was trying to say that you can solve things a different way other than yelling, which would be a good moral. But it doesn't work, because the main characters are the antagonists.

A perfect example of an episode that could've gone right, but went terribly wrong.

You guys can hate Benson as much as you want, but here in this episode, you'd understand why he gets so angry at Mordecai and Rigby so often
They can't even get the simplest tasks right, and they lack common sense whatsoever.

Stupid episode. Pops is stricter, Mordecai and Rigby are dumber and Benson suffers for this nonsense.

I swear to god, if Benson ever fires or even beats up Mordecai and Rigby, there will be blood. - JARHEAD5000

4 Muscle Mentor

Muscle man being rigby's master? - metaldude8

Benson and muscle man can't do this to people it's so bad I would Destroy them

This episode is just... awkward.

Why is this on here its awkward but there's worser

5 Do Me a Solid

Sometimes, the being teased by your friend for meeting a girl looking a little similar to you can be awkward, but to cast an irrelevant 10 solid retribution on him just to ward yourself for being love teased or anything, isn't an appropriate excuse to it.

Okay I completely understand how Rigby seems like a complete jerk here, but at the end of the day, somehow the jerky humor works as it's not TOO overboard and plus to be fair, Mordecai made a deal and Rigby was allowed to use the Solids whenever he wants

This episode is Rigby at his absolute worst. He agrees to go on a double date with Mordo, Margaret, and Eileen if Mordecai does him 10 favors whenever he wants. Rigby uses them to ruin Mordecai's date for presumably no reason except to be a jerk. And the end was a slap in the face.

If anyone was in mordica's place here, we would had left rigby, and not forgive him for burning a tape for only ONE of the really messed up things he did.

6 Muscle Woman

I hate this one because I hate starla and she's so annoying and disgusting, plus all I ever saw from this stupid episode was muscle man crying in the bathroom...

I hate Starla. - KalloFox34

7 Quips

What? You don't find that or his jokes hilarious!? Me either. - CrypticMemory

Quips is the most annoying character in regular show and there's a few of them in regular show, but quips is the worse, unfunny and pointless and I groan every time he makes an appearance.

This should've been number one of the worst episode of all time, the character, the plot, is just out of place, in my opinion, I think he should never have another episode of him again.

Any episode that features that lame loser quips is totally annoying & if quips cared about skips so much, why did he not turn up to greet him when the park returned from outer space? Only techno turned up.

8 Meteor Moves

Bubble buddy is an awesome episode why you think it's your most infamous SpongeBob episode how about one coarse meal or a pal for gary bubble buddy is not terrible it's a pre movie SpongeBob how is that you worst

Ugh move over Dora... The worst episode in the Regular Show is about the same amount of quality as Dora the cheaply animated twit.

Worst regular show episode ever it makes bubble buddy my least favorite SpongeBob episode look like band geeks

Congratulations regular show You're the new Squidbillies, hope you like being the worst disgusting shows ever

9 Replaced

I hope that the Full Grown Geese are Jeremy and Chad's main fool-in-law helpers, opposites of the Baby Ducks, which are Mordecai and Rigby's comical and helpful buddies.

Not one of my favourites, but feel that they could have used Chad and Jeremy in future episodes as enemies of Mordecai and rigby, is it my imagination, or did they have a cameo role in a later episode?

It was the episode - Every meat burrito, that Chad & Jeremy had a very brief camo appearance in a jungle car eating burritos.

One of my least favorite episodes; it's just a boring episode.

10 The Unicorns Have Got to Go

I loved regular show season 1. This and Mordecai and the Rigby's suck. I mean, seriously Mordecai buys some cologne. Simple? No! It's not simple! After teaching them to be cool and tricks them into ruining him and Margaret's relationship. As well as making him drink unicorn pee, the unicorns also tied benson to a door and pulled out his gumball's and trampled on his bed.

God I hate that episode - silverfish238

One of the worst episodes ever. This episode shouldn't have continuity in the future of the show, the same with the baby ducks.

Probably the most disjointed early episode, it should be noted that it was Mordecai that started it off by giving his friend the cold shoulder, although rigby is even worse later in the episode... I'm assuming that that the unicorns were based on the thugs from a clockwork orange, as several unicorns are dressed like them (quintel loves his British references, as pointed out by others).

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11 Do or Diaper

Margaret claims to be Mordecai's friend but she's not, he wants to date her but she's constantly friend zoning him and laughing at him when he gets humiliated, this episode is the core of her meanness towards him, Margaret should go die in a fire

Two words: FRIEND ZONE! I despised Margaret in this episode. She was mean and heartless, and laughed at Mordecai when he had to wear a diaper for a week! I hate Margaret.

Margaret was just plain evil in this episode she makes it look like she's going to kiss mordecai but no she just be's a jerk and says "have a nice week diaper boy". what!

Ugh, Margaret was very out of character in this episode. She would have NEVER made Mordecai wear a diaper in other episodes.

12 Yes Dude Yes

Sadly, it was Rigby's fault for inscribing Mordecai into the Couple Corral and meeting the dubiously tempered CJ and to ensue the jealousy among her and Margaret. But it could have been stabilized if Mordecai had thinked twice regards to the orange bird (whose name I can't remember), who was Margaret's cousin and not her boyfriend, instead of falling in a prolonged depression which led a wrong turn to the series and his relationship.

God mordecai is so deppressed so boring and margret says yes dude yes to her cousin he says I got a wooden leg that doesn't make sense I only put 10 things on here and now thers 40 with good episodes what family bbq and the longest weekend also sucked

CJ sucks so much. Ruins every episode. Hate her more than MARGARET!

How come almost every episode with CJ ends with her running off crying?

13 See You There

It was funny on the part were the dude standing at the door of the party said that Mordacai and Rigby were not on the list even though he didn't ask for their names.

Muscle Man was a complete waste of human existence in this episode.

What was this episode again?

14 Steak Me Amadeus

What the heck are you talking about, this episode had old time gangster guns and stuff in it. how could you rate this the worst episode. I find it sad at the end but the whole episode is great. put this out of the list please.

Good and interesting episode, until it was full of trigger happy gun violence in the end. Kind of looked like a John Woo film and an episode of The Simpsons altogether. Regular Show is not for children under the age of 13.

I actually liked this episode

This is my favorite episode of Regular Show.

15 My Mom

Mordecai should have kept his mouth shut even if he was explaining right the joke about someone's mom, but it takes too many guts and nuts to know that saying "yo mama" (or "your mom") is an insult directed to someone's mom, whilst saying "my mom" seems to be some kind of weird admiration or accomplishment towards oneself's mom.

P.S.: Disguising your bully friend's ass with a wig, fake eyes, nose and mouth as a "face" for their "mom", then tricking the two into apologizing their "mom's" photo, kissing it and eating it, was a dick move by part of Muscle Man. Not everyone needs to be friends with eachother, but again, Mordecai would have kept his mouth closed, only when being a little befriended with him.

This episode was VERY annoying.

16 Mordecai and the Rigbys

Why isn't this #1 it shows margaret and plus well yah margaret - silverish239

This episode is awesome

This episode was great

17 Its Time

Rigby was being a jerk? Seriously? Mordecai killed him and I know he went back and saved him but just because rigby was being a little bit of a jerk doesn't mean he should. Why does everyone think that he was the jerk in this episode

Looking back this episode is one of my favorites. Rigby is a jerk, yes, but Mordecai was a jerk too. They both learned their lesson by the end of it, it's really well-executed.

18 Wall Buddy

Even if Rigby was an complete nutpain in this episode for refusing to clean his trash and buying an ridiculously cheap ultimate technology wall with multiple functions, it was Mordecai the true nutpain for being a snitch to him regards to telling to Benson "¬°LoOk HoW hE dOeS eAt HiS cHiMiChAnGa!".

In short words: Mordecai was the main antagonist in this episode aside of Rigby.

19 Peeps

Okay, Benson went too far in this episode. He practically stocked Mordecai and Rigby for everything! He put cameras everywhere!, Including the restrooms and in there beds.

Benson may have made it too far in this episode, but maybe if Mordecai and Rigby would just concentrate on their work, none of this would've happened.

This one is just about a giant stupid eyeball... seriously, enough said

It was good until Benson upgraded to the eyeball

20 That's My Television

What is it saving RGB2 or finding pine mountains

21 Starter Pack

I hate muscle man and his lame pranks and his stupid my mom joke... Common dude that joke is so lame...

This episode is just too mean spirited to like. It's pretty much promoting bullying.

All prank and no holding back makes Muscle Man a total asscrack.

He would be in jail

22 1000th Chopper Flight Party

One of the few episodes where Mordecai gets what he deserves by Rigby himself for constanly exploiting his weak strength by punching him.

Also, CJ is heavily blinded by jealous rage as obviously usual.

OH I HATE THIS ONE. Mainly because of CJ. Now CJ is my least favourite Regular Show character. She's so angry with everything and annoying. Mordecai and Margaret stand next to each other and CJ get's annoyed. THERE NEXT TO EACH OTHER. It's like Homer's Night Out. He's standing and dancing next to a girl and marge get's FURIOUS. It's just bad. Season 6 is a season full of love and dating and all that crap. This is no exception. At one point Mordo and Margaret are sitting in the helicopter together once Frank ( Margaret's father) is flying and guess what: CJ get's furious and I mean furious. She turns into a giant thunder cloud and try/s to kill Margaret. how duchy is that. I hate season 6 and I hate this episode.

Even the jackass of Mordecai punched Rigby just for saying that CJ will not go to the party, which CJ knew that Rigby was right. In fact, the punch pissed off the raccoon because of Mordecai's vile habit of punching weaklings like Rigby.

At least Rigby punched him back later in the episode. I really wish Rigby would do that more often... Mordecai deserves a couple of beatings here and there for hurting Rigby all the time.

23 Benson's Car

I can't even really remember the episode. That's how bad it is. - SlimVeggie

24 Bald Spot

This is the most DISTURBING & DISGUSTING episode what did Muscle Man did to impress Starla to hide his bald spot? HE SHAKED HIS BREAST ALMOST THROUGHOUT THE EPISODE & THEY PLAYED THIS EPISODE IN PUTT-PUTT IN MY COUSIN'S 7TH BIRTHDAY! I hope this episode is banned! Also they have a big screen T.V. around the bowling area and my some of my young cousins saw that!

This episode was a piece of crap. Not to mention Starla's voice (especially when she was screaming really loud in one part) just causes my ears to bleed.

Calm down everyone! Your making it sound like starla was the one shaking her bare breasts or something. Its funny because it's a fat man.

I hate when Muscle Man and Starla kiss in this episode, my cousin says it looks muscle man and starla try to have sex, and I agree with him my cousin is ten and I'm 12

25 Merry Christmas Mordecai

The only good part about this episode is when Rigby smacked Mordecai across the face. That was my favorite part. Wished Rigby would hit more often

This episode sucked! (SPOILER ALERT) once again screws up with CJ because him and Margaret kissed by accident when Margaret returned from college and now he's in a stupid love triangle again! - ProfessorSparks

CJ the worst character is in it. Margaret the close second worst character comes back. Mordecai is in the stupid love crisis again. They got rid of Margaret for a reason, no one liked her. Why bring her back why?!?! I can say so much bad stuff about this episode but I'm not gonna go there

I hate Margaret so much.

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