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1 The Best Burger in the World

This episode, WHERE do I even begin?

It all starts where Mordecai and Rigby start talking about this burger and then Benson comes in to instruct everyone about their jobs, this is the moment where I want to punch Benson in the face. He practically Ella Mordecai and Rigby they're not allowed to eat burgers (until they finish their jobs which was quite a lot). Then a painful interval shows Benson's mean spiritedness towards Mordecai and Rigby constantly being tortured into doing the jobs they did (or not) yesterday. Then Benson tells to clean Skip's garage, now my hatred of Benson is slowly building up because he laughs evilly at the two because he doesn't want them to eat burgers. Then they sneak out, get the burgers, an unoriginal fight scene and the moment where I want to kill Benson is at the end he eats all the burgers and makes an evil remark towards the two. What a greedy pig!

Also not to mention all the jokes were lame and unoriginal and Benson's anger continuing ...more - metaldude8

Great god, how hard is it for Be son to give Mordecai and Rigby a damn lunch break? And the way he eats the burgers in front of them was just horrible. - KalloFox34

This episode is lazy. It seems like a half-assed episode just threw in so they can pair it up with another episode and air it. The title shows how lazy this episode is. Mordecai and Rigby want a burger that is only sold once in a hundred years. Why is sold once in a hundred years? I honestly don't know, the writers were being lazy. Benson doesn't let them get burgers, because they have to finish their jobs. Benson also tells them to clean Skip's garage. Why can't Skips clean his garage himself? Mordecai and Rigby try to sneak to the burger truck, and fail. Then, they discover a hologram machine. They make copies of themselves, and sneak out. This is the worst part of the episode. The holograms come to life and try to take the burgers. This is the worst fight scene I ever saw. Mordecai destroys the holograms with rocks, and Benson ends up eating the burgers. BOOO! WORST REGULAR SHOW EPISODE EVER. If you didn't see this one, you didn't miss out on anything.

This episode shouldn't exist
1. Benson is like a psicopat
Not letting eat until the job is done? We are where? In holocaust? Its like he tortures Mordecai and Rigby
2. Once for hundred years? WHAT? How is possible?
3. The scene fight is not cool
Only maybe if you have 8 years old maybe?
4. Finnaly, Benson eats the Mordecai and Rigby's Burgers? Two words: Cruel and MANIAC!

Conclusion: I see the episode two times and hated. The episode should be banned no?

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2 The Longest Weekend

This episode was boring, I hate most Starla episodes. - KalloFox34

Honestly, I think this episode should be number one. I'd rather watch Benson be a jerk to Mordecai and Rigby about those burgers as opposed to this horrible sap fest. I always thought Muscle Man and Starla's relationship was disgusting to look at. This episode is basically Muscle Man and Starla crying like pathetic preteens who lost their puppy love "relationship". There was nothing funny about it at all. It's just 11 minutes of cringeworthy, sappy, lovey dovey garbage.

What was the point

This sounds like a party, so I thought it would be cool. Instead, it's a Starla episode. Yeah, there's not enough of THOSE in season 4. This was worse than usual. Worst cartoon plot I've ever seen, no humor, a let down, pointless, stupid, disgusting, and centres around the worst characters, as in mich of season 4. By far the absolute worst.

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3 Replaced

I actually liked this one, especially the fight scene. - KalloFox34

Honestly, this is the worst Regular Show episode ever! I don't know who to feel bad for, Mordecai and Rigby or Benson - codgtamk34

It was the episode - Every meat burrito, that Chad & Jeremy had a very brief camo appearance in a jungle car eating burritos.

I hope that the Full Grown Geese are Jeremy and Chad's main fool-in-law helpers, opposites of the Baby Ducks, which are Mordecai and Rigby's comical and helpful buddies.

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4 Muscle Mentor

Rigby torture porn. - KalloFox34

Muscle man being rigby's master? - metaldude8

Benson and muscle man can't do this to people it's so bad I would Destroy them

This episode is just... awkward.

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5 Do Me a Solid

I don't even remember what happened. Yes, it was that forgettable

Rigby at his worst, he is a total jerk in this one.

Okay I completely understand how Rigby seems like a complete jerk here, but at the end of the day, somehow the jerky humor works as it's not TOO overboard and plus to be fair, Mordecai made a deal and Rigby was allowed to use the Solids whenever he wants

This episode is Rigby at his absolute worst. He agrees to go on a double date with Mordo, Margaret, and Eileen if Mordecai does him 10 favors whenever he wants. Rigby uses them to ruin Mordecai's date for presumably no reason except to be a jerk. And the end was a slap in the face. - Garythesnail

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6 Do or Diaper

Ugh, Margaret was very out of character in this episode. She would have NEVER made Mordecai wear a diaper in other episodes. - KalloFox34

Margaret claims to be Mordecai's friend but she's not, he wants to date her but she's constantly friend zoning him and laughing at him when he gets humiliated, this episode is the core of her meanness towards him, Margaret should go die in a fire

Two words: FRIEND ZONE! I despised Margaret in this episode. She was mean and heartless, and laughed at Mordecai when he had to wear a diaper for a week! I hate Margaret.

God, I hate that episode! Margaret was at her worst.

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7 Quips

Any episode that features that lame loser quips is totally annoying & if quips cared about skips so much, why did he not turn up to greet him when the park returned from outer space? Only techno turned up.

Quips is the most annoying character in regular show and there's a few of them in regular show, but quips is the worse, unfunny and pointless and I groan every time he makes an appearance.

This should've been number one of the worst episode of all time, the character, the plot, is just out of place, in my opinion, I think he should never have another episode of him again.

In my opinion, quips is the worst regular show character of the entire series, more than CJ, Margaret, Benson, muscle man etc. I don't bother watching any episodes that feature this total waste of time, space and effort.

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8 Meteor Moves

Why people hate this episode so much?

¡Wow, Mordecai, you're such a good friend when it comes to punch your own friend in his gut as a way of persuading of going to another part of the place, you jerk!

Bubble buddy is an awesome episode why you think it's your most infamous SpongeBob episode how about one coarse meal or a pal for gary bubble buddy is not terrible it's a pre movie SpongeBob how is that you worst

We have opinions I'm neutral with a pal for gary and I hate one coarse meal and bubble buddy is unforgivable and this is just the worst thing EVER - bolbi9

Ugh move over Dora... The worst episode in the Regular Show is about the same amount of quality as Dora the cheaply animated twit.

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9 The Unicorns Have Got to Go

This episode was vomit inducing.

This episode is so annoying, and to think that Rigby liked these stupid unicorns is beyond me. Definitely my least favorite episode.

I loved regular show season 1. This and Mordecai and the Rigby's suck. I mean, seriously Mordecai buys some cologne. Simple? No! It's not simple! After teaching them to be cool and tricks them into ruining him and Margaret's relationship. As well as making him drink unicorn pee, the unicorns also tied benson to a door and pulled out his gumball's and trampled on his bed.

God I hate that episode - silverfish238

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10 Lunch Break

Best Burger in the World 2.0 - KalloFox34

My God why isn't this episode higher? Benson was a hypocritical douche in this episode - codgtamk34

This episode is mean spirited and boring. Benson said Mordecai and Rigby can get any sub they want so they did. But Benson gets pissed because they ordered a 83 dollar sandwich and FORCES them to eat the ENTIRE 10 foot sub in a day or else they're fired. They do it by telling eating stories such as trying to get a cereal toy, free pizza and even make up a story. And when they're done eating the 10 foot sub, Benson gives them EVEN MORE WORK. After watching this episode along with The Best Burgers in The World, I smashed my gumball machine with a mallet.

If I were Mordecai or Rigby, I would kick Benson right in the balls

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11 Yes Dude Yes

CJ sucks so much. Ruins every episode. Hate her more than MARGARET!

I don't like seeing Mordecai being all sad...

I love this episode

God mordecai is so deppressed so boring and margret says yes dude yes to her cousin he says I got a wooden leg that doesn't make sense I only put 10 things on here and now thers 40 with good episodes what family bbq and the longest weekend also sucked

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12 Think Positive

Stupid episode. Pops is stricter, Mordecai and Rigby are dumber and Benson suffers for this nonsense. - amarh_9847

This episode is an atrocity. It expects you to feel bad for Mordecai and Rigby for slacking off. Here's the thing; you can't feel bad for them. Benson was only yelling at them for not doing their jobs. Then Pops writes Benson up for doing his job. He should've been writing up Mordecai and Rigby.

The problem with this and most cartoons like this, the characters were actually doing something wrong. If Benson was being needlessly cruel, THEN this might of worked. The thing is, Mordecai and Rigby were going against the rules, making them the antagonists. You can't feel for them, because they clearly did something wrong. Maybe this episode was trying to say that you can solve things a different way other than yelling, which would be a good moral. But it doesn't work, because the main characters are the antagonists.

A perfect example of an episode that could've gone right, but went terribly wrong.

How the hell is this not higher? Everyone is out of character and Benson is at his worst and it just ends with them 'll laughing at Mordo and Rigby what

I swear to god, if Benson ever fires or even beats up Mordecai and Rigby, there will be blood. - JARHEAD5000

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13 Steak Me Amadeus

But this was a good one. - KalloFox34

What the heck are you talking about, this episode had old time gangster guns and stuff in it. how could you rate this the worst episode. I find it sad at the end but the whole episode is great. put this out of the list please.

This is a really action-packed episode.

Good and interesting episode, until it was full of trigger happy gun violence in the end. Kind of looked like a John Woo film and an episode of The Simpsons altogether. Regular Show is not for children under the age of 13.

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14 See You There

Muscle Man was a complete waste of human existence in this episode.

What was this episode again?

The one where Muscle Man makes a fake party and pretends to almost die just to spite Mordecai and Rigby. - KalloFox34


15 My Mom

This episode was VERY annoying. - KalloFox34

"You know who else likes hot dogs? "... "MY MOM" muscle man said. Then benson said " your mom is so stupid she tried to put the M&M's in alphabetical order."

¿ You know who always does this retarded "My Mom" punchline joke? ¡ You and your mom! ¡ That's what you get for being "loyal" to Benson only to trick Mordecai and Rigby with a photo of your "mom"s face, which is only a photo of your brother's pathetic ass, along with your deceasedly hand-headed friend and your fiend-hearted brother-uncle, Muscle Dick!

16 Muscle Woman

I hate this one because I hate starla and she's so annoying and disgusting, plus all I ever saw from this stupid episode was muscle man crying in the bathroom...

17 Mordecai and the Rigbys

Why isn't this #1 it shows margaret and plus well yah margaret - silverish239

This episode is awesome

18 That's My Television

What is it saving RGB2 or finding pine mountains

19 Peeps

Benson may have made it too far in this episode, but maybe if Mordecai and Rigby would just concentrate on their work, none of this would've happened. - yungstirjoey666

Okay, Benson went too far in this episode. He practically stocked Mordecai and Rigby for everything! He put cameras everywhere!, Including the restrooms and in there beds.

It was good until Benson upgraded to the eyeball - OhioStateBuckeyes

This one is just about a giant stupid eyeball... seriously, enough said

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20 Really Real Wrestling

I hate this episode so much.

My dad loves to wrestle but this episode,Benson hates it so much!

Then you ^^^ must have issues

21 Picking Up Margaret

To many episodes with Margaret and CJ to choose from. They all suck, kill them both in the most gruesome death ever in the history of history

This episode was pretty good. I love "The Warriors" reference.

How the hell is this not on here? - N64Dude

The Wicket: Mordecai, shut your phone down
Mordecai: (gasp)
Me: How about if you shut your mouth, you idiot! - LegitRising

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22 Starter Pack

He would be in jail

I hate muscle man and his lame pranks and his stupid my mom joke... Common dude that joke is so lame...

This episode is just too mean spirited to like. It's pretty much promoting bullying.

23 Merry Christmas Mordecai

I hate this episode. It is the only episode of the show I find straight up terrible. It is award and wired. Regular Show may be my favourite cartoon of all time this episode just srwed it all up. (Don't me that in the long run) I hate it.

The only good part about this episode is when Rigby smacked Mordecai across the face. That was my favorite part. Wished Rigby would hit more often

This episode sucked! (SPOILER ALERT) once again screws up with CJ because him and Margaret kissed by accident when Margaret returned from college and now he's in a stupid love triangle again! - ProfessorSparks

CJ the worst character is in it. Margaret the close second worst character comes back. Mordecai is in the stupid love crisis again. They got rid of Margaret for a reason, no one liked her. Why bring her back why?!?! I can say so much bad stuff about this episode but I'm not gonna go there

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24 Its Time

Rigby was being a jerk? Seriously? Mordecai killed him and I know he went back and saved him but just because rigby was being a little bit of a jerk doesn't mean he should. Why does everyone think that he was the jerk in this episode

Even Stingy from LazyTown would look at this guy and say "Jesus Christ, I know I'm supposed to be the greedy one, but YOU'RE really pushing it, Mordecai! " - NightShadow2955

Looking back this episode is one of my favorites. Rigby is a jerk, yes, but Mordecai was a jerk too. They both learned their lesson by the end of it, it's really well-executed. - Garythesnail

25 Bald Spot

I totally hated this episode

This Episode Is So Disgusting And Stupid That It Might Even Make Someone Hate Regular Show.

This Episode Is The Living Proof That Regular Show Should Be Moved To Adult Swim.

This one is the worst episode of regular show there is

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26 Benson's Car

I can't even really remember the episode. That's how bad it is. - SlimVeggie

27 Rap It Up

I rather like Pops' rapping style, it's better than those idiots who try to be cool at whipping people with raps, and their rap is so pathetic, they say something like "Nobody likes you" or "You suck", are they trying to be cool? - LegitRising

Oh, this is bad. I'm no fan of rap, but the rappers still would have won, and maybe beat them up. The plot is so generic, and they didn't even do it right.

Who would put this on here

This episode is cool.

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28 Trash Boat

This episode was awful. First off, the plot was way too stupid and just felt like a waste of time. But my main problem is the characters (except for Rigby) are WAY too mean spirited towards Rigby.

Not exactly one of the better episodes of the series, it has to be better than fries night from series 8, which is absolutely stupid & pointless, so bad, that I'm surprised that Sanjay & Craig didn't copy this.

I kinda liked it, I thought it was really funny

The episode felt like a total waste of time, by introducing a stupid plot with no interest. And the characters were way too mean spirited in this episode.

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29 Laundry Woes

The beginning was good, but the rest of the episode sucked. - yungstirjoey666

I DESPISE this episode because Mordecai was still perving over Margaret even though she didn't want to be his girlfriend for a reason. It's good at the end when Mordecai realizes that his happiness is more important than hers. - metaldude8

This is a good example of how Margret ruined Regular Show.

I hate Margaret and I hate whenever an episode is about Mordecai and love

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30 Gut Model

Boring and somewhat disgusting episode. - KalloFox34

This was disgusting and terrible and an atrocious plot - simpsondude

This is so wrong

31 Jinx

This marks as Mordecai's first evil major role in the episode, which explains his retarded obsession with punching Rigby just for being weak, distraught and annoying.

HOW is the episode not HIGHER?! This episode is the most garbage episode of Regular Show that I have ever seen! - YoshiPlayer15

This is a mean-spirited episode.

This episode is mean but you can’t beat that pops charades moment

32 The End of Muscle Man

This is the worst thing Muscle Man has ever done. He tooled with his friends emotions to make them believe he was going to die. He made them spend $12,000 for nothing! Also, he proposes to his pig of a girlfriend Starla.

Worst episode I've ever seen! Muscle man is horrible in this episode. He made his friends think he was going to die. This episode was just awful, and it should be in the top ten. - Gamecubesarecool193

HOW CAN YOU DO SOMETHING THAT HORRIBLE?! This one is hard to watch. He's about to die, he tricks all his friends, and then it COMPLETELY changes into him proposing to Starla. - Garythesnail

Why do people hate this episode, Muscle Man was an Idiot, not a horrible person. He didn't realise that it sounded like he was dying - kempokid

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33 1000th Chopper Flight Party

At least Rigby punched him back later in the episode. I really wish Rigby would do that more often... Mordecai deserves a couple of beatings here and there for hurting Rigby all the time.

This is the worst episode ever

Even the jackass of Mordecai punched Rigby just for saying that CJ will not go to the party, which CJ knew that Rigby was right. In fact, the punch pissed off the raccoon because of Mordecai's vile habit of punching weaklings like Rigby.

OH I HATE THIS ONE. Mainly because of CJ. Now CJ is my least favourite Regular Show character. She's so angry with everything and annoying. Mordecai and Margaret stand next to each other and CJ get's annoyed. THERE NEXT TO EACH OTHER. It's like Homer's Night Out. He's standing and dancing next to a girl and marge get's FURIOUS. It's just bad. Season 6 is a season full of love and dating and all that crap. This is no exception. At one point Mordo and Margaret are sitting in the helicopter together once Frank ( Margaret's father) is flying and guess what: CJ get's furious and I mean furious. She turns into a giant thunder cloud and try/s to kill Margaret. how duchy is that. I hate season 6 and I hate this episode.

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34 Silver Dude

Wha.. Why is this on this list? Please remove it. - N64Dude

This episode is so awesome I love it.

35 Caffeinated Concert Tickets

I thought this one was actually pretty funny. I liked it.

36 K.I.L.I.T. Radio

SPOILER ALERT: Mordecai, Rigby, and Muscle Man escape the exploding building just like Michael Bay's movies filled with huge explosion.

How did Donny G survive at the end?!

Where the heck is Fives!?

This episode has many plotholes in it. Plus, Starla's voice can get annoying.

37 Meat Your Maker

This episode is NOT bad. - KalloFox34

"You pissed me off."

Come on, this episode is awesome! - SlimVeggie

No put it off
Mordecai best quote was on here
You pissed me off

38 Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special

Agreed. This is the point where Regular Show has gone too far. This has no plot, unrealistic ending, and it heavily bases on fight scenes borrowed from anime shows. What was the point of this episode? Mordecai, Rigby, Baby Ducks, and the park crew fight against the returning geese with toy company execs who make elaborate action figures which don't resemble the characters perfectly. Need I say more? Just a useless fight between shape shifting robots that never stops. Baby ducks combine into a giant robot with gadgets and gizmos. Geese and whatever the toy corporation got combined it with the geese. Both "hyper duck" and whatever type of bird robot get upgrades while they fight just continues until the park gang must sign the contract. Seriously? I'm sorry to say this. I felt like I have seen this a million times from movies, T.V. shows, and video games. The duck crisis episode is an epic cliche borrowed from existing material. Looks like Regular Show has run out of ideas.

A really tired and long winded episode that tried to mix and mash so many different elements that become very stable and boring really quickly, I think that they tried to take regular show to a slightly different level, but instead made it tedious and disjointed, regular show was really approaching it's climax by this point.

Most likely seemed a good idea on paper, but this bizarre mash up of anime, transformers & star wars, just left me baffled and confused to what I was actually watching... clearly regular show was running out of steam at this point, so perhaps this was trying to appeal to the Japanese market. The action was ponderous & boring as opposed to exciting, there has been some really bad episodes of regular show & this failed effort should definitely be in the worst top ten, along with fries night, quips & longest weekend.

Dude. I was the ultimate nerd of Regular Show until I saw this. It took me a LONG time to lose grip of this show, but this was all it took. I was crying at the infinite flaws of the episode. HOW is The Longest Weekend at #1, it was okay. Can't say how bad this one BOMBED HARD.

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39 White Elephant Gift Exchange

Personally, I really enjoyed this episode and it doesn't really deserve to be on this list, some of the later rs episodes & in particular the ones set in space were some of the worst episodes in my opinion...Did anyone see Fries night? Totally crap!

Muscle Man deserved that prank at the end for stealing his friend's good gifts and replacing them with crap!

They make up a holiday, and spend time making morals around it for no reason, and doing the same thing muscle man did kinda confused me for being punished

Comedic, the ending made me crack down.

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40 Brain Eraser

This episode led me getting obsessed with this one and my mom wouldn't let me watch Regular Show ever again. Not even the final episode. - MeeMeeCandy777

Disgusting episode

41 I Like You Hi

This is only this low because it just came out. Seriously, this episode recycles old RS villains, takes the stupid romantic sitcom "I like you, but I still have feelings for my ex" cliche, and is just overall not fun to watch.

I hate this episode, Regular Show "I like you Hi". Even worse, Regular Show 4 IN SPACE...What a cruddy title.

I Like You COMMA Hi

42 Cat Videos
43 Ace Bahalzar Lives

Boring episode. - KalloFox34

This episode was a piece of crap.

44 Survival Skills

This episode deserves #1. Mordecai and Rigby get tons and tons of tortillas from a small package, and unrealistically make stuff like coats out of them.

45 Local News Legend

I'm disgusted with this episode. First of all, it focuses on Margaret. You know, the character that has ruined the show in too many ways to count. And the show expects her to be the good guy. Secondly, she gets spoiled by her jerk dad and gets a big assignment for doing nothing at all. I hate seeing characters on shows getting rewarded for bad behavior. Thirdly, all Jackie Carmichael wanted was to receive recognition for her years of hard work, and she gets turned into the episode's bad guy for trying to reclaim what was rightfully hers. I don't think Regular Show understands morality anymore. Lastly, in one of the stupidest endings ever, Jackie turns out be a time-travelling robot bent on destroying all forms of public news. It comes out of nowhere and doesn't make a lick of sense, even for Regular Show logic. If she wanted to destroy public news, why did she work in public news for years and just waited to destroy it in that specific moment? Margaret's "catchphrase", "Margaret ...more

This is the worst episode by far. Margaret gets rewarded for her bad behavior, acts annoying throughout the whole episode, snoops on other people's business, and kills the rightful person for the job. And she's treated like the HERO in the episode. Margaret, you're not a hero. You're basically the incarnation of the devil.

Terminator 2 and 3 ripoff also the episode is literally based on cnn with fake news

46 Dumped at the Altar

I think this is one of the three best episodes of Regular Show but I respect your opinion on this one.

This episode is complete trash CJ completely goes on a emotional rampage over the truth the plot is predictable rigby's BIG SECRET WOW is from the episode diary witch went viral so no secret, there was also no sense of humor

This episode was trash no humor action secrets or even entertainment mordecai spends over 1K on CJ. This is the worst thing cj has ever done

At least the love triangle arc is finally over... Thank God...

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47 Mordeby and Rigbecai

Fries night...total trash, why has no one added it to this list?

I believe that this is from season 8, but surely better than fries night, that I have seen mentioned, that was pure crap ( perhaps it was a good thing that rs ended, if all the episodes were like that episode).

Fries night was beyond bizarre even for this show and was rather mind boringly dumb, in my opinion, fries night should be at number 1, poor effort by quintell & the team.

48 Family BBQ

Family bbq is the BEST episode ever

This episode was amazing!

Margrets Dad was a human, like come on!
This show was actually entertaining, plus it makes the comments on Do or Diaper again.I.. Its ok.


49 A Bunch Of Baby Ducks

I liked this episode, why is it here? - KalloFox34

Upon viewing the episode, I thought it was decent...
During the 100th episode marathon that included a top 10 regular show episode, THIS was number 1! It's not that good for that position. Just because the 100th episode is a sequel to this episode, it can't just fall into number 1!

A bunch of baby ducks send em to the moon

I don't like this episode.

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50 The Real Thomas

In my opinion, this episode is just a lame excuse to get rid of a lame character!

This episode was amazing. Rigby was the star in that episode and he persuaded Thomas to be on the good side and helped him saved the park by jumping off a plane and shutting down the missile. It's funny how everybody only thanked Thomas for saving the park.

I actually liked this one but I didn't really like how it played out because Thomas was actually my favorite character but he turned out to be some Russian Spy

It was a good episode. But, WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE A RussiaN SPY? That twist comes from nowhere. - Garythesnail

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