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21 Muscle Woman

I hate this one because I hate starla and she's so annoying and disgusting, plus all I ever saw from this stupid episode was muscle man crying in the bathroom...

22 That's My Television V 1 Comment
23 Quips

This should've been number one of the worst episode of all time, the character, the plot, is just out of place, in my opinion, I think he should never have another episode of him again.

Quips being annoying actually makes the episode WORSE! Not funnier.

I felt so bad for everyone in that episode. I hate Quips.

You know Quips is kinda...AWESOME!

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24 Its Time

Rigby was being a jerk? Seriously? Mordecai killed him and I know he went back and saved him but just because rigby was being a little bit of a jerk doesn't mean he should. Why does everyone think that he was the jerk in this episode

Looking back this episode is one of my favorites. Rigby is a jerk, yes, but Mordecai was a jerk too. They both learned their lesson by the end of it, it's really well-executed. - Garythesnail

25 Peeps

Okay, Benson went too far in this episode. He practically stocked Mordecai and Rigby for everything! He put cameras everywhere!, Including the restrooms and in there beds.

It was good until Benson upgraded to the eyeball - OhioStateBuckeyes

This one is just about a giant stupid eyeball... seriously, enough said

Yeah,stalking people is totally rudeness.

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26 Laundry Woes

I DESPISE this episode because Mordecai was still perving over Margaret even though she didn't want to be his girlfriend for a reason. It's good at the end when Mordecai realizes that his happiness is more important than hers. - metaldude8

This is a good example of how Margret ruined Regular Show.

I hate Margaret and I hate whenever an episode is about Mordecai and love

I hate this episodes the only good part is when rigby called mordo a sad sach chump laugh out loud

27 Rap It Up

I rather like Pops' rapping style, it's better than those idiots who try to be cool at whipping people with raps, and their rap is so pathetic, they say something like "Nobody likes you" or "You suck", are they trying to be cool? - LegitRising

Oh, this is bad. I'm no fan of rap, but the rappers still would have won, and maybe beat them up. The plot is so generic, and they didn't even do it right.

Who would put this on here

Muscle Dick and Hand-Headed-Boner Ghost made retarded fun of Mordecai, Rigby and Pops' Shakesperian suits, believing that it came from his mom's closet.

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28 Cruisin'
29 Dodge This

This one is the worst episode of the show. The worst part was the ending. I felt terrible for Benson and this is all Mordecai's fault for the stupid ending. He was dumb enough to let CJ's team win the dodge ball tournament. You suck Mordecai. You are the worst character in this entire show.

30 Starter Pack

I hate muscle man and his lame pranks and his stupid my mom joke... Common dude that joke is so lame...

This episode is just too mean spirited to like. It's pretty much promoting bullying.

31 Really Real Wrestling

My dad loves to wrestle but this episode,Benson hates it so much!

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32 1000th Chopper Flight Party

At least Rigby punched him back later in the episode. I really wish Rigby would do that more often... Mordecai deserves a couple of beatings here and there for hurting Rigby all the time.

This is the worst episode ever

Even the jackass of Mordecai punched Rigby just for saying that CJ will not go to the party, which CJ knew that Rigby was right. In fact, the punch pissed off the raccoon because of Mordecai's vile habit of punching weaklings like Rigby.

OH I HATE THIS ONE. Mainly because of CJ. Now CJ is my least favourite Regular Show character. She's so angry with everything and annoying. Mordecai and Margaret stand next to each other and CJ get's annoyed. THERE NEXT TO EACH OTHER. It's like Homer's Night Out. He's standing and dancing next to a girl and marge get's FURIOUS. It's just bad. Season 6 is a season full of love and dating and all that crap. This is no exception. At one point Mordo and Margaret are sitting in the helicopter together once Frank ( Margaret's father) is flying and guess what: CJ get's furious and I mean furious. She turns into a giant thunder cloud and try/s to kill Margaret. how duchy is that. I hate season 6 and I hate this episode.

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33 The End of Muscle Man

This is the worst thing Muscle Man has ever done. He tooled with his friends emotions to make them believe he was going to die. He made them spend $12,000 for nothing! Also, he proposes to his pig of a girlfriend Starla.

Worst episode I've ever seen! Muscle man is horrible in this episode. He made his friends think he was going to die. This episode was just awful, and it should be in the top ten. - Gamecubesarecool193

HOW CAN YOU DO SOMETHING THAT HORRIBLE?! This one is hard to watch. He's about to die, he tricks all his friends, and then it COMPLETELY changes into him proposing to Starla. - Garythesnail

Why do people hate this episode, Muscle Man was an Idiot, not a horrible person. He didn't realise that it sounded like he was dying - kempokid

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34 Jinx

This marks as Mordecai's first evil major role in the episode, which explains his retarded obsession with punching Rigby just for being weak, distraught and annoying.

HOW is the episode not HIGHER?! This episode is the most garbage episode of Regular Show that I have ever seen! - YoshiPlayer15

This is a mean-spirited episode.

35 Silver Dude

Wha.. Why is this on this list? Please remove it. - N64Dude

This episode is so awesome I love it.

36 Family BBQ

Family bbq is the BEST episode ever

Margrets Dad was a human, like come on!
This show was actually entertaining, plus it makes the comments on Do or Diaper again.I.. Its ok.

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37 K.I.L.I.T. Radio

SPOILER ALERT: Mordecai, Rigby, and Muscle Man escape the exploding building just like Michael Bay's movies filled with huge explosion.

How did Donny G survive at the end?!

Where the heck is Fives!?

This episode has many plotholes in it. Plus, Starla's voice can get annoying.

38 Caffeinated Concert Tickets

I thought this one was actually pretty funny. I liked it.

39 Married and Broke

It is extremely racist to Canadians!

40 Meat Your Maker

"You pissed me off."

Come on, this episode is awesome! - SlimVeggie

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