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41 Postcard
42 White Elephant Gift Exchange

They make up a holiday, and spend time making morals around it for no reason, and doing the same thing muscle man did kinda confused me for being punished

Comedic, the ending made me crack down.

I wanted to abuse that elephant

I loved this episode. The Dick in a Box reference killed me there at the end. - SlimVeggie

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43 Tent Trouble

I really wanted to punch Mordecai in the face after this episode... He deserved to get pummeled by Starla and her sister... Rigby didn't really deserve it though..

Great sounds like Reguler Show in the Hood.

Mordecai physically abused Rigby 4 times, ¿ did you heard me? ¡ 4, damn, times!
Even from the beginning from the half part of the episode.

44 Local News Legend

I'm disgusted with this episode. First of all, it focuses on Margaret. You know, the character that has ruined the show in too many ways to count. And the show expects her to be the good guy. Secondly, she gets spoiled by her jerk dad and gets a big assignment for doing nothing at all. I hate seeing characters on shows getting rewarded for bad behavior. Thirdly, all Jackie Carmichael wanted was to receive recognition for her years of hard work, and she gets turned into the episode's bad guy for trying to reclaim what was rightfully hers. I don't think Regular Show understands morality anymore. Lastly, in one of the stupidest endings ever, Jackie turns out be a time-travelling robot bent on destroying all forms of public news. It comes out of nowhere and doesn't make a lick of sense, even for Regular Show logic. If she wanted to destroy public news, why did she work in public news for years and just waited to destroy it in that specific moment? Margaret's "catchphrase", "Margaret ...more

This is the worst episode by far. Margaret gets rewarded for her bad behavior, acts annoying throughout the whole episode, snoops on other people's business, and kills the rightful person for the job. And she's treated like the HERO in the episode. Margaret, you're not a hero. You're basically the incarnation of the devil.

Terminator 2 and 3 ripoff also the episode is literally based on cnn with fake news

45 Brain Eraser

Disgusting episode

46 Mordeby and Rigbecai

Fries night...total trash, why has no one added it to this list?

I believe that this is from season 8, but surely better than fries night, that I have seen mentioned, that was pure crap ( perhaps it was a good thing that rs ended, if all the episodes were like that episode).

Fries night was beyond bizarre even for this show and was rather mind boringly dumb, in my opinion, fries night should be at number 1, poor effort by quintell & the team.

47 Ace Bahalzar Lives

This episode was a piece of crap.

48 Survival Skills

This episode deserves #1. Mordecai and Rigby get tons and tons of tortillas from a small package, and unrealistically make stuff like coats out of them.

49 I Like You Hi

This is only this low because it just came out. Seriously, this episode recycles old RS villains, takes the stupid romantic sitcom "I like you, but I still have feelings for my ex" cliche, and is just overall not fun to watch.

I hate this episode, Regular Show "I like you Hi". Even worse, Regular Show 4 IN SPACE...What a cruddy title.

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50 A Bunch Of Baby Ducks

Upon viewing the episode, I thought it was decent...
During the 100th episode marathon that included a top 10 regular show episode, THIS was number 1! It's not that good for that position. Just because the 100th episode is a sequel to this episode, it can't just fall into number 1!

A bunch of baby ducks send em to the moon

I don't like this episode.


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51 Terror Tales of the Park II
52 Country Club

Those country club people are jerks who steal things from people. - courier28

They screwed up the animation at the figth scene, cause the golfcar would already be a toilet.

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53 The Dome Experiment

This is a complete rip-off of The Simpsons Movie with a nonsensical plot and a crap load of lame puns.

This is like The Simpsons Movie meets The Truman Show.

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54 Cat Videos
55 Format Wars II
56 Dumptown USA

Mordecai ends up going to a place full of lazy and filthy losers and it is just disgusting, reminds me of my brother's first apartment.

The episode's plot is terrible I would Cartoon Network lose money on this!

What the heck is wrong with theses writers

I hope mordecai gets back with cj soon but benson is still stupid in this episode

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57 Skunked

Rigby gets sprayed by a skunk. Serves him right

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58 Eggscellent

Wow... This is actually one of the few episodes where I liked Mordecai. He's actually being a good friend!

It was full of emotions and it had an awesome plot!
You jerks. you're just LISTING EVERY EPISODE ON HERE don't you?

This is like a top five BEST episode!

I loved this episode so much!

59 The Last Laserdisc Player

They got 2112 from rush love it

This episode was stupid and had no comedy

60 Picking Up Margaret

To many episodes with Margaret and CJ to choose from. They all suck, kill them both in the most gruesome death ever in the history of history

This episode was pretty good. I love "The Warriors" reference.

How the hell is this not on here? - N64Dude

Come on! this is one of favorite episodes

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