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61 Access Denied
62 Death Punchies

Mordecai and muscle man teased rigby for having one butt cheek and mordecai was a jerk

63 Rigby's Body

This is ver low on the list because it was awesome

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64 The Return of Party Horse
65 Just Friends

Another Margaret episode, Enough said. - GenoKenneth

Mordecai is in loved with Margaret!

Terrable! Regular show just isn't what it used to be. now it is all about girls(formerly slacking off)

66 Hello China

Benson doesn't know China language

I found Apple to be really annoying.

67 Gary's Synthesizer

This episode was just so boring and it seemed like a rip off of a Rick and Morty episode.

68 Party Pete

I love this episode. It looks more like the old schools, and funny moments.

This episode was so lame withthat party pete's stupid German accent. What wuz this episode?

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69 Caveman

Terrible. Just a bad idea.

70 Last Meal

This was atrocious and disgusting, with an inaccurate, misleading title

Couldn't remember the episode but it sounds like your right! Just from that text.

71 Grilled Cheese Deluxe

This one was just boring! - Goatworlds

72 Dizzy

The 1980's are awesome good episode in the old schools.

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73 Big Winner

Worst birthday celebration ever

74 New Year's Kiss

Beautiful Episode.

Hate Cl so much

75 Portable Toilet

This is, in my opinion, the worst episode in the entire series. Although I voted for Benson's Car, the only reason I voted for that was because I couldn't basically remember any of it. But I remember all of this, and it sucks. Mordecai has to eat a sandwich on a portable toilet. I usually don't mind when they do random stuff like this, but this story surprisingly has no opportunity to tell jokes. Also, CJ is extremely annoying. She acts like that one little brother who tries to be more cool than his older brothers but fails in every way. - SlimVeggie

76 The Thanksgiving Special

Take this off the worst episode list do you even watch the episode at all!

I honestly think this bid overrated.

77 Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys

I don't really like this episode. It feels like the writers ran out of ideas so they just did a sequel to another episode. Nothing abnormal or out of the ordinary happens here, therefore making it a boring episode. - SlimVeggie

Why do they have to lose, I thought they would win.

When I saw this on the episode guide I was so excited I thought that it would be like an epic battle between future Mordo and rigs and normal Mordo and Rigs I was excited. I saw the episode. I was disappointed.

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78 Skips In the Saddle

Destroys all of Skips's character development with Mona just so they could push out a romance episode.

79 Karaoke Video

Dumbest plot and unlike all the other episodes NOTHING abnormal happens in this episode, flat out boring

This is another bad episode mordecai and rugby ruin karaoke night and benson is yelling like a jerk BAD plot BAD story the writers are responsible for this

This episode was all good! the best part was when everyone was fighting while pops was singing

80 The Real Thomas

This episode was amazing. Rigby was the star in that episode and he persuaded Thomas to be on the good side and helped him saved the park by jumping off a plane and shutting down the missile. It's funny how everybody only thanked Thomas for saving the park.

I actually liked this one but I didn't really like how it played out because Thomas was actually my favorite character but he turned out to be some Russian Spy

It was a good episode. But, WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE A RussiaN SPY? That twist comes from nowhere. - Garythesnail

I liked it, but it was kind of racist to the Russians.

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