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81 Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit

This episode was surprisingly kinda sick. I mean, all the karlocks ever wanted was laughter. You didn't have to kill them off you know.

82 Paint Job

Like Wall Buddy, Rigby gets a product to help him and Mordecai do their work, but it makes things worse. The ending was a slap in the face, and Benson was a jerk!

I'm sorry! Even worst than in the house! Benson's car was destroyed the house was still invisible and benson yelled WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HOUSE!?!

Nobody cares about this it was terrible

I hate 3 episodes of a new show the powerpuff girls a very special blossom it really pisses me off daylight savings still bad and finally fallen arches worst episode ever made

Benson was such a blockhead I would punch him right in the face

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83 The Best VHS in the World

At least Rigby punched Mordecai in the face for once. That was my only favorite part

You mean the WORST Video Home System in the world!

What I never got is that why there's still VHS tapes around where they live (seriously, do kids in the early 2010s even know what a VHS is? ).

Awesome frightening episode.

84 Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special

Agreed. This is the point where Regular Show has gone too far. This has no plot, unrealistic ending, and it heavily bases on fight scenes borrowed from anime shows. What was the point of this episode? Mordecai, Rigby, Baby Ducks, and the park crew fight against the returning geese with toy company execs who make elaborate action figures which don't resemble the characters perfectly. Need I say more? Just a useless fight between shape shifting robots that never stops. Baby ducks combine into a giant robot with gadgets and gizmos. Geese and whatever the toy corporation got combined it with the geese. Both "hyper duck" and whatever type of bird robot get upgrades while they fight just continues until the park gang must sign the contract. Seriously? I'm sorry to say this. I felt like I have seen this a million times from movies, T.V. shows, and video games. The duck crisis episode is an epic cliche borrowed from existing material. Looks like Regular Show has run out of ideas.

Most likely seemed a good idea on paper, but this bizarre mash up of anime, transformers & star wars, just left me baffled and confused to what I was actually watching... clearly regular show was running out of steam at this point, so perhaps this was trying to appeal to the Japanese market. The action was ponderous & boring as opposed to exciting, there has been some really bad episodes of regular show & this failed effort should definitely be in the worst top ten, along with fries night, quips & longest weekend.

Dude. I was the ultimate nerd of Regular Show until I saw this. It took me a LONG time to lose grip of this show, but this was all it took. I was crying at the infinite flaws of the episode. HOW is The Longest Weekend at #1, it was okay. Can't say how bad this one BOMBED HARD.

Proof that regular show had got so stale, that it tried to incorporate some anime, or perhaps with this shows love of the eighties: battle of the planets, this episode got boring and tedious very quickly... although there are worse episodes, this one would definitely be in my top ten worst regular show episodes list.

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85 Saving Time

I think everyone in this was an idiot.

Pops, M. M, H.F. G, Skips and Thomas could tell Benson that they can set their clocks by themselves.

Skips could tell the reason to M and R that why they not set the clocks at that time before the whole thing happened.

Also, is Benson the only one who lives in that Apartment?

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86 In the House

Worst Halloween episode ever
Rigby gets turned into a house and gets killed by a wizard that wizard is stupid and he sucks
I hate that episode never watch it!

Terrible episode why did it had great reviews?!

Still an awful episode I can't understand why this episode ever gotten positive reviews!

87 Birthday Gift

Holy long john silver! Great episode!

88 Sad Sax
89 Terror Tales of the Park V V 1 Comment
90 Crazy Fake Plan
91 Grave Sights

This episode sucked so much that people didn't even know Mordecai and Rigby brought REAL zombies to life! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

That is why they have to look for their surroundings,my dad told me that.

92 Gymblonski
93 Dumped at the Altar

At least the love triangle arc is finally over... Thank God...

UGH it's a season 6 episode, you see where I'm going with this

94 Firework Run

It sucked because Benson was about to fire Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost for not bringing the rest of the fireworks, but they just brought El Diablo. What's the big deal?! They're just fireworks! Quit being a snob, Benson! You're a bigger snob than Violet Gray from Peanuts!

95 Blind Trust
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