Ten Worst Religions

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1 Islam

I am an ex Muslim and I am now atheist... All I can say, as a woman I do hate this religion. And It has to be banned on earth..

It should not be banned and you know what? You're religion should be banned - Flowerrose

There are some Muslim sects that are peaceful. There are many civilized Muslims in the western world. Pity that they are the vast minority. Pity that they defend the actions and thoughts of the majority. Pity that they are targets of the more violent sects. Any person who believes underage marriage and stoning women are god given rights should be classified as extremist. By their actions people are killed same with their inaction. Islam is the worst religion for no thought is allowed.

I will have you know is that Islam believes in peace and that you mustn't kill! The small minority are the terrorists, there are terrorists in many different religions, including Christianity. Start doing your research. Have a nice day

Can't say anything or they'll bomb my house.

People here do not realise what true Islam is - peace. Terrorists, yes, I can agree that they are truly evil, but they are not TRUE Muslims. A true Muslim believes in peace for all. A true Muslim does charitable deeds. A true Muslim stays away from weapons unless the use is mandatory. What you have said here is an extreme generalisation and is highly discriminatory towards Muslim. Please consider what you are saying before you comment. - VonKaiser

Worst. worst. Religion on earth is Islam. It must be ban. From all over earth. Muslims are worst.

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2 Scientology

I was under the impression that religion, any religion was about having faith and believing in something that gave you a certain sense of security, or something to point you in the right direction. To teach people things, or guide them, usually for nothing buy loyalty and devotion, not charge you money for ridiculous things. I mean I don't think their actual message is particularly dislikable, I'm not really convinced about the things they believe, much like other religion, but I think (and I'm not at all an expert in religion, so If I'm wrong correct me or something) that there aren't many religions that require money for they're services...

Y'all love to bash on religion for various reasons but a majority of them are based off of faith and improving your life for the better. Sure, there are faults in them but it's better to criticize instead of ranking them like it shows how much better one is than above the other. "Priests are pedos", "Muslims are terrorists", "Jews are cancer". Yeah, how about "Atheists are pathetic neckbeards who think they're smarter than everyone else because they're insecure little edgelords". Offensive? Yeah, that's what people of other religions feel when you say that garbage.

But Scientology isn't a religion. It's a cult, as one person says. It isn't based around faith, it's based around the idea of control. Naive people are led into this due to celebrity endorsement and the like. But hey, apparently Islam is worse than this because of "9/11" and "Sharia Law". Sure, criticize Sharia Law for its faults, it has plenty of them, but the people who caused 9/11 are the extreme part of the ...more - Satire

Scientology is NOT a religion. It is a cult. Now before anybody gets butthurt about the word "cult," just know that a cult isn't something evil, it's something you have to pay into, whereas religion is free and are not required to pay anything. In Scientology, you have to pay a certain amount of money to advance in their program and gain more insight and learn more about the apparent "truth." Whoever allowed this to even be on this website has no idea what they're doing, both Scientology and Satanism should not be on here.

Religion isn't free. To be considered true of your religion, you need the holy book and to go to the holy place. It's fattening up the Pope's pockets. - LemonComputer


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3 Christianity

Why isn't this number one. I mean, millions and maybe even billions of people have been murdered because of this religion. And the other religions I can respect because they don't go too far, it's more of they just believe in a god or their religion has a dark past or something. But this religion is causing the human race to evolve at a slower rate than it should. I don't know if people these days still 100% believe in it but anybody that takes the bible completely seriously has some serious mental problems. Ever notice that there is evidence of evolution but no evidence that a big bearded man in the sky created the world in 7 days? And the thing is that I'm (I think) pretty sure that this religion started with Jesus being the messiah and yet just from that some dick bag 2000 years ago made these far fetched stories, and back then everybody took it seriously and people still do (to a degree) even though I'm pretty sure Jesus just tried to encourage everyone to be a better person (or ...more - Augustocannoli

The Bible continues to be confirmed through archeological finds - TealBoyxx

Christians are the most hypocritical and ignorant religious people ever, I'm not even lying. They claim that the Bible is the truth and that God is real, yet they have no proof whatsoever. They don't care about what you have to say, they try to control you lives, and believe in ridiculousness. When people prove them wrong the Christians' only defense is bible verses. They claim things like Heaven and Hell are real because of the Bible. However, they have NO proof the bible is real. Saying the bible is real is like saying The Christmas Carol is real, which is foolish and childish. Books are usually supposed to be fun to read, reading the bible is NOT fun. It's boring, repetitive, and it always ends up contradicting itself. A LOT. Christians NEVER leave you alone. They always keep up talking even though people said they didn't want a conversation. They even attack and oppose any non-Christian religion, such as by saying that if you're not a Christian you will burn in hell for an ...more

Don't forget, us Protestants don't want to be associated with Catholics - TealBoyxx

I am in no way trying to offend anyone who reads this comment, but instead, I wanna state my opinion and some facts I found about Christianity. Just because millions of people believe in Christianity doesn't mean it's true. There's no proof of it being a real thing except for some manmade book that's still being read and worshipped today. In fact, Emperor Constantine actually invented this religion to create world peace, but it backfired badly because many people died, and they are becoming more brainwashed than ever, especially kids since they're very gullible nowadays. And apparently, Adam and Eve were supposedly the first human beings to be "created", and that lions, sheep, and even dinosaurs danced peacefully in the Garden of Eden. And snakes were called bad animals, and were evil and forced Eve to eat a bad apple, and of course women had to be a part of the crime since men were superior at the time, and they were the only ones who could write and do anything to be honest. And ...more - Powerfulgirl10

Eve wasn't forced, she was tricked. God made that tree off limits because he wanted to see if humans would trust Him. It was just random that it was Eve that was tricked first, it doesn't mean women are any less important - TealBoyxx

The filthiest region there is. White nationalists represent what "Jesus Christ" died for. My ass. He was a fake prophet and he hasn't brought any kind of peace or happiness upon this world. All Christians should die.

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4 Wahhabism

The evil of our days. These terrorists will kill you and your family without a second thought. If you are not one of them, they will kill you.

This is a good example of how insane religion can become. - Non-

There are different type of Muslims, other Muslims are good and peaceful.
Wahhabi is bad, they try and represent Islam but they aren't Muslims.

Lots of people been condemning Islam when to real problem is Wahhabism that is the extra-conservatism-orthodox-extremist so on and so forth... They are not the only branch of Islam that are sad and retarded. But modern Islam is reformed and lost of people are pushing for it in the Islam world. But as of late with wars we seen an influx of extremist and extra-consertavice flock to western world and sadly for every one this is a bad mix.

When people say they hate islam...this is the perverse version they have in mind.

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5 Jehovah's Witnesses

I was raised in this cult. I was taught that being born a "sinner" meant that I wasn't deserving of love or kindness. I deserved to die. As a child I was told that God was soon going to slaughter every man, woman and child who was not one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I would spend many nights crying myself to sleep as a child feeling that God was going to kill me too at Armageddon. I was told that anyone outside of this religion is evil and controlled by Satan and all deserved to be killed by Jehovah. As a result, I was not allowed to make friends with anyone outside of the congregation. Even within the congregation an environment of paranoia and fear gripped the members and friendships were often limited. It was a lonely, scary and very dark childhood and I am still working to undo the damage.

There are many religions and cults which have spawned from Christianity, but the only true way to know and understand God is to read the Bible and not through "religion". They are just sets of man-made rules and traditions based on personal bias, some (or most) of which contradict Jesus' teachings. - 4Tifier

Garbage social infection. The only treatment is reasonable open-minded thinking. Interestingly enough, this is prohibited from within the organization as they place almost no value on secular knowledge and try to discourage education in its youth. Many of my friends in the cult were obliged to homeschool and as a result experienced unnecessary difficulty later in life.

The number of people I personally know who have been detrimentally affected or even damaged by this religion I can not count on my hands (and I don't know that many people). Lost one friend to suicide, and know of many other youth who have taken their lives or fell victim to mental illness and/or drug abuse after their family disowned them.

Politically they are pacificists with little chance of directly harming others unlike radicalized forms of religion. This is probably the reason they are tolerated.

Currently stuck in this cult that I was born into. I divorced my wife and now, according to their rules, I can never re-marry, have a girlfriend, or even show romantic interest in anyone ever again. If I do so, then I'll be shunned by practically my entire family, and almost every friend I've known my entire life. That realization made me finally understand that it was actually a cult I had been raised in.

I immediately stopped going and have since discovered other things about the group that don't set well with me like a bunch of blatant lies told to the congregation and the cover up of many child abuse cases that they badly mishandled. If I ever voice a single word of any of this to anyone within the cult though, I'll be shunned. It's an awful situation to be in.

Jehovah's Witnesses are a harmful and dangerous cult.

If you want to know the truth, if you want to have a peaceful mind, then attend to jesus miracle crusade, I assure you bro, you will never regret it - jemover01

I went to this cult, I felt controlled I couldn't celebrate anything or go watch fireworks either they force me to say no to birthday cake, and they want you to go door to door, and they get mad if you work on a meeting day like sunday!

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6 Satanism

Atheism isn't technically a religion and not all atheists are insensitive jerks to people with other religions. Speaking from experiance, me and 4 of my atheist couldn't care less about what religion our other friends have or what they think of us - Danielsun182

Um, this is satanism, not atheism...

But yeah, I'm an atheist, I feel your pain. I just remind people that atheist are literally 9 times less likely to go to jail than catholics, you can do the research for yourself if you want, it's true.

The hate for Satanism is a misconception there are two types of Satanism the theist and the atheist though the theist side worship a non existent entity of a non existent punishment for non existent rules from a non existent entity I don't think it is fair to configure atheist Satanists also the whole part of atheists being jerks who are insensitive to religious people that is not the norm it is the exception but religious people being insensitive to atheists is very common and I see it all the time

There's only so many times I can explain this before my brain haemorrhages and I die. Satanism is not "Evil" despite the name. We are essentially humanists and philosophers. We worship the Self. We believe in self reliance, confidence, and individuality, to name a few traits. "Satan" is a metaphor for Human Nature. Those of us that do worship him as a deity, don't even worship his incarnation in Christianity. They are polytheistic, and follow the old gods.
I urge you all to find some of Anton LaVey's works, or even a Wikipedia page on the topic. We are no more dangerous than any other religion. In fact, most of us practice solitary worship. We don't have huge get togethers, and we are all normal people, going about our day to day lives.

Honestly, what you’re religion * or not * is just what you believe in. As long if it’s a safe and won’t hurt you. It’s fine fin you’re an atheist or Christian or Muslim,
Believe in something you actually have faith in. Don’t judge people for their religion.

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7 Mormonism

Mormonism makes you feel trapped and forced to live your life a certain way. No one should have to be put through it like I am. I'm 15 and I'm not out of the house yet and still under my parents rules, but why are they trying to make me miserable, why are they forcing me to live THEIR way (the LDS church way)? I should be able to choose my lifestyle now, and not have to wait until I take care of myself. I understand certain house rules but when it comes to religion, I don't see why I can't make that decision for myself. I feel so emotionally abused and feel like they expect so much of me when all I wish to do is be myself and do things the way I feel is good to me, no matter the consequences.

Mind control starts early. It is a pay, pray and obey religion. When you realize it is all a fraud, the doctrine is still
So ingrained into your very being that it is hard to feel psychologically free. Counseling helps to untwist all the complexities involved in devoting your life to the "only one true church".

Wow, your right this is so unlike every other religion out there.

Oh wait.

It's like every religion out there, dogmatic beliefs shoved down your throat since birth that scare you to much to question. They just look more faithful because their a minority.

I am a Mormon and our life does not make us feel trapped our forced to live a certain way. I really wish people would stop bothering about not drinking soda our having ten wives or something. We can have soda and men don't have ten wives. If you want to learn more, please go to our website LDS.org, I'm sorry if you are being forced to live your life the way your parents are making you. I hope you know they want the best for you. And if you don't believe in Mormonism your not going to hell. Okay? Please, stop all the rumors. I hope you know that even though some say we are frauds and some say we just made up our book, a lot of other religions COULD be, (I'm not saying they are), but could be made up too. I mean, everyone has a different belief system, let's just respect it okay? I hope you can all just look at us as normal people, we are not trying to be better than anyone. We just believe in what we believe okay? Anyone could criticize you for believing in multiple deities or Christ, ...more

I am a Mormon, and I have a great life. All of my family is also Mormon, and I have healthy grandparents, all of which are still alive and working and happy. My extended family is all kind and loving. My parents are great people and we have good friends. Church is the best part of the week. And you still have agency, just if you hate this religion, that's your own choice that will change your life. - EchoX0

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8 Hinduism

Hinduism is best of all religion

Yoga and Meditation are originated from Hinduism. Hinduism teaches how to protect and love the mother nature and all the creatures; while most of the religions teaches to torture, kill and eat animals.

Hinduism is not based on Hell & Heaven Superstition; but Karma & Dharma I.E. do good ; love everyone.

Best religion in the world!

They taught the Buddists to kill

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9 Westboro Baptist

I can't take these people seriously. Whenever they're brought up into a discussion, I laugh internally.

First off, they're not a real church. If they're really a church because they have the word "church" in their name, then I guess Church's Chicken is a church, too! They're really a hate group led by some cantankerous old man named Fred Phelps, and his daughter, Shirley.

Second, they're real hypocrites. Remember when they tweeted that Steve Jobs was "a man who taught sin" from an iPhone? Also, the U.S. supreme Court ruled in favor of the hate group to protest funerals. So, if it weren't for the "good old" U.S. of A., they wouldn't have publicity. But guess what? "God Hates Amurica! "

Also, there's been a big movement in gay marriage recently, but during the highly public moment, all the Westboros did were heckle a young lemonade stand owner and protest a Taylor Swift concert. A huge gay rights movement and all they could ...more

The homophobic, anti-Semitic, hypocritical, dumb, haters who protest Taylor Swift concerts, holds up signs, and can't read, and goes against the New Testament of the Bible, such as loving everyone, and not judging others. Did I mention they go against the Bible, and protest Taylor Swift concerts? - williamrozario

This. The other religions are not that bad and just severely stereotyped. This is what happens when you take a bunch of men and women who both have permanent periods and tell them to preach about god.

This phonys should be number one I actually realized thare worse than Satanists because there overly religious and they hate ahtests, jews, Muslims, and even Catholics and orthodontists. And there super anti lgbt. They need to be stopped!

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10 Roman Catholicism

I have seen people blaming this religion saying that it caused disasters. It's not the religion that caused it, it's the people who caused it. Jesus has always told us to be kind and help others. It's not a corrupted religion. It's not the religion's fault when people deny to give charity. Whatever religion a person has, it's always the same. Whether a person gives charity or not, whether a person behaves properly or not, it all depends on the person's character, not their religion. We have never been taught to do bad things. We were always told to live a sinless life and help those who are in need. What's wrong with that? People are just too stupid to understand this. What's wrong in living according to the ten commandments? It's doesn't harm people in any way. I am not saying that everyone should be converted to Catholics. I don't encourage those sorts of things. People are free to choose their own religions and live a good and sinless life. I am just saying that people should never ...more

Just to clarify some things, the Catholic church doesn't worship the pope. He simply just leads the organization of the church, like a pastor. And we don't worship Mary, we just honor her for all that she's done. Like many people have said, Catholics DEEPLY regret they're mistakes. But we have improved. I'm not trying to insult anyone, just to clarify

I am both Christian and Roman Catholic. The religion is not the one who caused it to be worst, it's people who does. Yes, reading bible is boring, and it is the story about a millions of years ago, but... if the story is true, then it worth it.

The Catholic actually worship Jesus, because they believe that e is the God. If it is critized, my heart is really broken. Even if others treated to kill me if I did not joined their religion, I don't care; JUST KILL ME FROM THIS WORLD, because THERE'S NO USE TO JOIN OTHERS RELIGION IF YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE THAT YOU TRUSTED.

Firstly, God created human to be kind, but the time came when the first human ate an Apple, causing them to have an emotions (Fear, Anger, Sadness, etc). Yes, most religions can not be trusted, but I trust this one. - Frost182

Homophobic, stubborn, selfish, strict, corrupt, molesting children, killing native Americans and forcing them to work in missions, trying to convert everybody, unnecessary rituals like communion and confession

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11 Shiite Islam

The worst ever... I'm an ex-Muslim now

Use to be an Muslim myself and agree that it's a violent hateful religion.

Better kind of Muslims, but Muslims nevertheless who are violent and look at the world blank and white. Either you are with them or against them. - balas001

What is this? Even non Muslims can agree that there's only one Islam. And just differences evolved overtime. Y'all are tripping. Division, division and nothing but division.

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12 Zionism

Why the hell is this here? First off it is not a religion, secondly why do I not see other branches of Judaism. This poll is the stupidest thing I have seen by far, it only causes commotion and idiots to come on and share their uneducated opinion. Plus who the hell said the Jews took it themselves? It was voted by all countries. And if any of you idiots clearly understand anything in the Qu'ran, (probably have of you idiots don't even know what it is). It says, "Stay away from Jerusalem that is the JEWS LAND. I Allah gave you Mecca and Medina got there. And yet these idiot people supporting Palestine have never even see the terror Palestine has caused to Israel just for this stupid land. I have a question, the Muslims literally have so much of the Western land, the Jews all they have is Israel, and it even isn't considered a Jewish state.

Your land because it was promised by god? Does that give you the right to take over a country and put the people who lives there out of their land? Does that give you the right to killing people who fight against it? The chosen ones by god? You think you're superior or better than the rest of humanity? No wonder that many people hates Jews. History will repeats itself if you're stucked with those attitudes, believe me.

Its not a religion. who put hit here is probably a angry Muslim. owh I used a pleonasm

U people there saying that Palestine should leave Israel alone because Muslims have lots of land, imagine if someone stormed into your house, said it was theirs now because they don't have a house and then started killing your parents or kids... That's exactly what zionists have done to Palestine

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13 Theistic Satanism

Are these the "occultic" satanists or those "satanists" who are just plain nontheists? If the former then yea stay away from their teachings, my dad got a trailer that had some in it before and he was pretty sure it was haunted, it also was rat infested and either it or the other trailer on the same lot had pictures where the satanists would drive nails in their hands and stuff. Note he is tough as nails and he got scared of that trailer, and would check in the closets to see if there was something there...it was that bad.

If it was the other then they are not so bad, they just call themselves that for some reason.

At least these guys come out as Satanists unlike members of the Church of Satan. - Rambles

Number 1 worst ever.

1) Satanism is amazing(no matter what type)? 2)Why the hell do you have two types of it?

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14 Judaism

Judaism should be way further down this list. When was the last time (and forget Israel for a second; that is a sovereign state not a religion) Jews committed a terrorist attack? Or killed someone just for being a non-Jew? Throughout history Jews have been the persecuted, not the persecutors. They've been the victims, not the victimisers. Plus, they have a tiny population but they win umpteen Nobel prizes. That says a lot about how open the religion is towards science.

I'll have you know that we say that jesus is not a profit or whatever. He's simply a magical Jew ;) plus we don't destroy the planet, that's the republicans, whole different animal. Another thing, (I'm sorry, I have to go soon. I have no time for ignorance at this level from others) Jews just so happen to own and control most of the worlds banks. We don't run people dry and bankrupt just because we can, that's the Scientology members. But be careful what you say, a scary Jew might come through your window at night and snort you with his bulbous nose - username34

Out of all the religions in the world, Judaism seems to be the most tolerable. I am an atheist so I'm not saying that because I'm Jewish. I don't recall reading or hearing anything about them terrorizing people. In fact, they are usually the victims of it.

This is not a religion but a cult

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15 Voodouism

This religion is also stupid

Good for third world jerks.

If you're illiterate, don't flinch at the sight of chicken and baby blood and don't have an enquiring mind, this 'religion' may suit you. But then, you won't be reading this advice.

One of the only few religions I really hate besides Satanism.

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16 New Age

Maybe not the worst, but one of the most idiotic and nonsensical.

Worser than Islam and Satanism. Most nonsensical religion in the world,

What is new age can someone tells me?

Still better than christianity - pouria_mt

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17 Nation of Islam

This is not only a homophobic, sexist, nonsensical system, but also one of extreme racism. They believe that all black men are gods and all other ethnicities are below them, with white men being the worst and being demons. They are very anti-Jewish as well. Louis Farrakhan, much like other race-pimps, just takes the money of his members and spreads hate among them and widens the racial divide and makes race relations move backwards. They also have really weird beliefs centered around an invisible mothership in the sky that contains their first few prophets. The theology itself, when not looking at the racism, is entertaining much like any other religion. They preach that a black scientist, Yacub, created white people to destroy the black man and create war and hate, and now in the recent times it is their time to rise up to God status again. At least Luciferianism/satanism preaches that All humans are gods, even while it is a childish belief.

It's a fantastic pile of crap, but I LOVE the dickie bow ties...

Just what stupid criminals in prison need to rehabilitate themselves... NOT!

They hate white people.

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18 Sunni Islam

Isis and Al-Qaeda are Sunni Islamist organizations.

Definitely wrong. yall are gonna burn in hell - pouria_mt

19 Catholicisim

As I young Catholic, I don't agree with everything the catholic church says but what bothers me the most is how catholics don't support gay people. I'm not personally gay but I think people have the right to love whoever they want

Same with me, I am a very liberal and freedom loving person, so I disagree with that as well.

I'm in this religion. The one who criticize this is Non-Religious, who might have "created" their own religion. Sorry for saying this, but what is the purpose for Non-Religious to criticizes others religions, even if they did not experienced how it is.

But, true, human suddenly rules the religion. But I'm different, I worship the "imaginary creature" in the sky. That's such a words, if you say that, who knows if God is real, Angel is real, etc? And if they real, Idc if you're burned in Hell. - Frost182

I like it that a human rules the religion and not some imaginary creature in the sky.

Favourite religion of pedophiles.

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20 Protestantism

He believes in some concepts that I agree on such as when the church made you pay for forgiveness of sins. But they changed their mistakes. He got part of what he wanted but there were some things that's made no sense such as wanting to marry and be a priest. Priests have a moral obligation to the church and therefore are married to it. He mainly separated because no one listened to him and he got butt hurt. He is so immature as well. He told his followers that Virgin Mary did not exist yet he wrote the most amazing prayer to her. He criticized the church and said they were corrupt yet Protestant churches charge you 10 percent of your weekly salary

This religion is blasphemous and false. Back when England was A catholic country. Henry the 8th did not want to be part of Catholicism. He wanted to have loads of wives. In the Catholic religion when you get married it is for life, until your partner dies "till death due us part". Then you can re marry, So Henry kept murdering his wives when he got bored so he could have another one. From this He created Protestantism. He took the Catholic bible, chose the bits he liked of it and the bits he didn't like of it. Then made Protestantism and the Church Of England. Allowing divorces, allowing vicars to get married, Instead of swearing allegiance to The Pope you must swear allegiance to The Royal family, He loosened up the word of God all together and altered it to suite his life style. There for it is NOT the word of GOD. Henry the 8th was not Jesus, He was a dirty pervert. The religion is false.

Everyone says this is bad but it is actually good. It was made when the Catholic Church became corrupt (I mean very corrupt like killing and hurt people) and people notice this was wrong and started reforming the church to make it better. So it was actually the Catholic Church that was bad. - lbelle0527

Protestants are pussies

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21 Wicca Wicca

Wicca is a good religion because they honor and respect nature, unlike many others who don't care about nature.

Your wrong. Unless you are a wiccan or have been... You'll never fully understand the religion. Wiccans believe in the same thing... They just do their witchcraft differently. No problem with that. And I have never heard of a wiccan believing that anyone can have sex at any age.. In no book does it say that! I am no longer a wiccan, but I will not let some idiot talk false words about a religion I kept close to heart.

I must admit it is a beautiful religion, but I feel it is a tempter of evil, just because it seems good but the gods got their power from Satan. THEY DON'T DIRECTLY WORSHIP SATAN!

IS THIS EVEN A RELIGION?!?! THIS IS A CULT! those satan-lovers should go back to hell! and you say jews and muslims arw bad?! READ THE BIBLE!

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22 Branch Davidians

The poor Branch Davidian children. They never asked to be born into such a weird and psychotic cult. I feel sorry for the people and the families who were born into this and were forced to live a life of horror.

It's an offshoot of an offshoot of a religion, not a cult.

Join this sect to prove you are an ignorant clod.

This is not even a religion! This is a cult! what?

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23 Moonism

A weird, creepy cult centered around a leader that believa himself to be a mix of Jesus and other prophets rolled into one. So yeah he is basically rolling in cash and women/girls/boys at his disposal. The cult itself is named after him; Reverend Sun Myung Moon

This is a terrible manipulative religion

A magnet for dunces.

24 Shamanism

If you're even secular, you should be wary of shamanism for the fact it involves psychoactive substances that could mess with your head. They're shamans, not medical professionals

Demons really

25 The Brethrens in Oxbow Saskatchewan
26 Jesuit

This is not a religion... It is an order in Roman Catholic Church wich is Christian...

The 'intellectual elite' of the catholic church swallow the same garbage as the rest of the church

27 Yezidism

One of the must peaceful religions, they worship Lucifer but Lucifer is the light

I will be you know nothing about Yezidism.

This religion is actually one of the most peaceful religions. They do not worship Lucifer like Islam want you to think, and ever since Islam came to be, Yezidi people have been slaughtered by Muslims year after year. For example, all kurdish people were yezidi before arabs and Islam came to force them into Islam. There's not many more than a million yezidi left, but to this day they can't live peacefully because of IS and other Islamic people.

28 Zoroastrianism

Some people don't realize that THIS was the first monotheistic religion, not Judaism. It came from Persia. That's right, Iran has only recently been forced into Islam.

This religion is a joke and is dying out faster than a chicken without its head.

Called the Good Religion. Good Thoughts Goods Words Good Deeds is all that matters. Before the spread of Islam this was the state Religion of Iran. Being the oldest monoesthic religion you find its teachings in most religions. For example the concept of heaven and Hell in Chritianity. Even Islam was divided into Shia and Sunni because when the arabs forced conversion of the Zorastrians they brought in their own concept of Imams just like the Zorastrian Yazathas. Bahism Hinduism Jainism have all been influenced by this religion.

Only facist racist iranians who hatr believe in it. peopke from this religion think they're great because they're iranian and they say islam is arabic and hate arabs. I'm iranian believe me - pouria_mt

29 Anabaptism
30 Sikhism

I think Sikhism is a good religion because it's more equal and show's the reality of life. And how to leave in a peaceful way.

Best religion ever. Love is all they have to share. India is blessed to have it's roots.

Sikhism is the worlds greatest religion because it teaches how to live a simple life and still go to heaven

I love Sikhism it’s part of my religion and I love all my Gurus which means god’s and I’m. Proud to be one to honour it and I love long i’m. Glad one of our five K’s says we can’t cut our hair.

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31 Buddhism

There is no dark side to this religion. It's truly a beautiful practice and the world needs more of it.

It is the best of the world.

There is really no best or worst religion. That said, Buddhism is the best. No question

I don't want to be a Buddhist, but I do agree that it is a very peaceful religion that should be more worldwide and others should be more open to it. - username34

Why is this here? This is the most peaceful, positive, and judge free religion in the world. I think everyone in the world should be a Buddhist unless you're already part of a positive religion like this.

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32 Shinto

Its one of the peaceful religion in the world..

I do not like this list. Really offensive - James_will_rule

Under the shinto emperor during WWII, japan committed some of the worst atrocities during the war

Japan used to be extremely brave and not pussies.

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33 Iglesia Ni Cristo

They claim they don't celebrate Christmas...but they accept gifts. This church is more of a cult of you ask me.

I don't believe that Eduardo Manalo is a God! Duh!

Thinks they will only one to go in heaven


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34 Confucianism Confucianism Confucianism, also known as Ruism, is described as tradition, a philosophy, a religion, a humanistic or rationalistic religion, a way of governing, or simply a way of life.

Is this even a religion? - MChkflaguard_Yt

It is a philosophy - SoldierOfFortune

This is not a religion idiots.

Although some Chinese do worship him and make it into a "religion". - MChkflaguard_Yt

35 Iglesia Ni Manalo

The cult started in the Philippines against the Biblical doctrines.

Iglesia ni cristo is the worst, period.

The Only the truth Church,


36 Christian Science

There's a fine line between praying and going to see an actual doctor. - Metalhead1997

This is an oxymoron

A Christian on television who was a scientist.

Not at all scientific... just stupid.

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37 Druze

Brave, peaceful and loving people

yea - aggies123

38 Baha'i Faith

The Baha'i Faith is the modt peaceful religion that SUPPORTS equality between Man and Women, PROMOTES education, and wants EVERYONE to become united as one.

A stupid religion made by UK to control Iran. study about it and you'll know how stupid it is - pouria_mt

39 Ahmadiyya Islam

True Islam

40 Creationism
41 Rastafarianism

Many people just assume this religion to be peaceful due to the popular image of marijuana smoking and Bob Marley/Reggae music. A lot of people have latched onto this religion for those reasons alone. But there are extreme beliefs that, while not all, but a good amount follow. The true devout believers do not all smoke marijuana. There are a lot of hipsters with dreads here in the US that preach this nonsense and goto reggae clubs/events and self-righteous and preachy about a religion that they don't even fully understand as well as the overplayed music (some of which is good but it isn't the best). When you look further into it, there is a lot of sexism, homophobia, and even racism that lies within this system of beliefs. Not all of them have the most extreme approach to their religion, but some have black supremacist theories/beliefs that are not only ignorant but outright ridiculous. The main branch (that some do not recognize) which is full of racism is "Mansions of ...more

Demonstrates what too much marijuana does to your brain.

42 Ismaili Islam
43 Seventh-day Adventist

METHodists and rule makers, dependent on bible studies and overall verification of religious arts and embodiment... #jamesbonds

44 Heathenry
45 Nondenominational Christian

They literally don't even read the bible. Why would that make sense? Where's the logic in that? If you're a Christian then you would read the bible!

46 LaVeyan Satanism
47 Animism

The belief that literally everything has a soul (even the phone I'm using right now to type this comment). Anyone who actually believes this, you must live a pretty crappy life. - GodIsHell

48 Mithraism
49 Russian Orthodox

Christianity is the worst

50 Bahai

I'm confused. Are you saying that Judaism is a ripoff? Cause if you are, then keep in mind that Christianity was based off of Judaism, not the other way around. I'm not being mean or mad or anything, I'm just telling the truth. And if it comes off as rude or something, then I'm sorry and I didn't mean it that way. But if you're saying that Christianity was a ripoff of Judaism, then (and I don't want this to sound rude either) you're right. - username34

Judaism has not rip off any religion if any religion died it world be Christianity & Islam

A rip off cult, they believe is a rip off of other religions like Islam and judaism.

To be honest, this religion isn't bad. Its hated by Muslims and Christians, despite the religion focusing on One God, Jesus, Muhammed, Abraham, Moses, Mazda, Buddha, and Vishnu. They even promote equal rights for everyone, and the Creator of this religion actually wrote the holy book himself. Of course, it does have one fault, and that is that it doesn't recongnize same sex marriage. Hopefully the Bahá'í Council can soon allow that. It's a peaceful religion.

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