Religious affiliation

I don't believe in any greater power at all. It doesn't make sense. There is a giant universe out there full of many planets like ours... that don't support life. There is proof and an excepted theory of evolution from apes to couch potatoes, for us to believe while their is no proof some super natural being created us, but we all (along with everything on earth) evolved from cells that gradually became more complex over millions of years on a planet proven to be billions of years old.

The bible and religion can't explain everything. Can it explain how we constantly discover new moons and stars, that the sun is a ball of fire, that everything is made of atoms? That there is a logical reason why people get cancer and diseases, that there is a logical reason why viruses spread. But there is a missing logical reason on how we got here, and that is the purpose of religion. Did the universe start out tiny and explode or did a god first create the earth, sun, and man?

Adam and Eve never made sense to me. So first there was man and out of his rib came woman? And then they had children, without Eve being in any pain, Eve ate fruit tempted by some snake, and then they were banished from Eden? And with that came trouble in relationships and arguing and they were completely in love before? I never bought that, even as a young child. And I never liked that story either. Like the story of Pandora opening that box and creating all the worlds problem, and how before there was only men and the world was perfect. One, how was there new men without women... Of course men made that up.

I never believed the god made us all and gave you children to us, I never trusted God. And Jesus, don't get me started on that. Jesus is Mary and Joseph's child in my opinion. And Jesus did not turn water into wine, that is scientifically impossible. Nor do I believe he brought people back from the dead, maybe he had a knowledge of medicine. Bringing the dead back is fuzzy in 2017, he couldn't have done it then.

I see science and the heliocentric theory and understandable, and the universe was created not by a higher being. There is so much out there for us to explore before we except without questioning a theory of creation. You can see that we are one of many planets, science is not enough to say a real number, but we know that there are eight planets in the solar system is part of the galaxy, and the galaxy is one of the universe, and there are many universes. And we know about stars. Lots of stars and moons, more than our sun and moon. In fact the religious scholars originally thought the earth was the center of the universe, which has been proven wrong before.

Note this is not meant to offend people who are religious, just to give my honest opinion. Sorry if I offended anyone. If you believe I am not trying to stop you or convert you, this is just my honest opinion. And everyone has their own of those, these are only mine.


Did I upset anyone at all? Or did no one see this? - visitor

Well if I didn't believe in a higher being, I wouldn't have given a damn about morality - visitor