Why I Can't Stand Religious Extremists

Read the title please if you don't get it. I said extremists, not religious people in general. You know, like those ones who think they get special rights for being a religion while people who are not are second class citizens or something? If you've met one, you may have been semi off put by them. Or they may irritate you to no end. And every time you see them, you are dreading it? You try not to talk to them, because they always have something to say back? Well these people are awful in my opinion.

The Christians ones especially tend to annoy me. Though extremists of all faith are annoying, not all faiths have extremists though, have you ever met a agnostic extremist? Anyways they are always judgmental hypocrites, even around people of their same faith. So you know that Christian that is always calling people names and mocking them because they do not go to church every Sunday, or their church clothes aren't as nice, or even as far as they aren't going to heaven because they did some random thing that pissed the extremists off?

I was talking to some people I know about religion, and they basically said you have to believe in god and be Christian to go to heaven and people of other religions go to hell, no what the Christians did. If Hitler asked for forgiveness, will he go to heaven? I mean hes a Christian, so maybe he prayed? And you know all those Catholic priests, known for what they do to little boys? There is certainly a few of them. Do they go to heaven automatically if they pray and god or Jesus or whatever forgives them?

They told me that I was rude and excessive for saying I don't believe in god. When they go proceed to try to mock and debunk Buddhism, they automatically believe everything in Christianity. If god is real and lets those people go to heaven, hes a awful god. If they saw this they would probably try to explain hell to me, and they pretend to talk to god and this, Satan. Oh, and I am also a satanist according to them. They assume you think stuff just because your religious affiliation.

I also don't care for the sort of Muslim extremists that are terrorists. My great-great grandpa, my great grandpas bad, was a Christian in Lebanon. He would have been killed, because I believe the country is mostly Muslim? I don't like that. I believe religion is a right, and being Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist in a Christian country is fine. I also don't like some of the teachings of the Quran, but I am okay with Muslims. But terrorism for religions goes way to far.

Let me explain my religion. Atheism. I believe in the big bang and evolution. I don't believe this old man in the clouds (The clouds actually aren't solid so that makes no sense, anyways) created the earth when there is whole other galaxies, universes, and its infinite so it seems, And science proved so many things true... the source of life, star formation, human genetics, all seem to strangely specific to be created by a god who started with a man and a woman. When there was already discovered prehistoric human remains? I mean they could have been mutations, but really? With such a small population there was back then, how much genetic variety could their really have been?

Oh by the way, if you are reading this, Brennan Schleman, Emily Penner, and Alexis Carmichael, then this is about you. And no, I am not sorry.


I apolgize for sounding so mean at the end, by the way, but if any of those three are reading, they are people I know in real life, I just wanted them to know if they were watching me on my computer that this is about them - visitor

Thought so. I know someone who wouldn’t let someone sit next to them because they were a Satan worshipping atheist - Skullkid755

Any religious extremist isn't actually a very good religious person. Religion is about respect - visitor