People say we Christians are ignorant, hypocritical, sexist, and homophobic. Not all of us. Actually, the majority of us aren't. Me, for example, isn't any of those. People who say that we have no proof that events in the Bible are real. But where's the proof that it isn't real? And how was the Universe created? Simple answer: God. Everything you see works because of Him. He created science and physics. I'm not trying to force you to be Christian. You can believe whatever the hell you want. But it doesn't mean your right. Besides, we can't prove everything. Sometimes, you just need to have faith. And I've seen people say that, "If God created us, then why are there people who don't believe in Him? " Here's the answer: He gave us free will. Then there are the atheists who say "Oh... The Big Bang Theory is real. Science proves it." First, there are many things wrong with that. One how does the Universe EXPLODE into existence? And what proof do we have that says it was real? A bunch of ...more - LordDovahkiin

I can't prove God is real. No one can. BUT you can't DISPROVE God either. No one can. - LordDovahkiin

This religion has been around 2000 years. I couldn't take it anymore! This religion ruined half of my life! Even they kill for middle ages and even later years. My step dad was a Christian, and on weekends when I was a kid, he had to make me read the boring bible instead of having fun with others. I have to be Christian or else I get disrespected and trashed. Oh yeah I bet 90% people didn't know about the Bible! You know what they mentioned? Unicorns, magic, witches, and never mentioned dinosaurs! The worst mistake is that Jesus is a regular human. But idiots a long time ago took him as a god. I hope this religion goes away because all they do is wanting to dominate the world!

If you read the book of Job, you will notice that it mentions Behemoth. Behemoth is believed to be a dinosaur by most. I recommend that you actually study a religion before you start trying to degrade and disprove it. - NicholasYellow

Christians is holy and ignorant. Even most of the baptized people are now kind, what do you expect Christians to do to make this religions better? However, we did not know whether the Bible is true or is just a Fiction. Jesus Christ (But there's no evidences) is true or is just a Fiction.

But if it is God's story, then I trust it. But now, the world is start being the worst in the universe, even some Pope now change the story of the Bible. Also, when I am at Malaysia (But I'm not naturally Malaysian), the Bible says the opposite things of the actual Bible from North America, which is rather strange.

Reading Bible is boring, but saying that is like arguing about it. If God exist, then Heaven would exist. If evil exist, then Hell exist. However, only God knows the truth. If people want Christian to be burned to death, then let God comes down to the earth, and destroy the whole things.

Now, even Christian starts being evil, I don't know why. Money? Gone when you die. ...more - Frost182

Christians are so hypocritical. They claim to be all about "God" and love, but they're the biggest haters and hypocrites out there, just trying to use the Bible to justify their own sins. And even though some people don't think about it, the Bible is full of contradictions, New and Old Testaments. This is why I'm really not a religious person and I don't take the Bible seriously. The way I see it, religion (especially Christianity) is just a way of creating more problems. And this world has enough problems as it is. And even though Christians claim otherwise, there is no REAL proof or evidence that a God or Jesus actually exist. I'm not saying they do, but I'm not saying they don't either. I'm just saying that just because it's written in a book doesn't make it true. And the Bible really does contradict itself. Not just a little, but a lot.

Th Catholic Church demoralized Christianity.

- Jesus believed in showing kindness and love to everyone, yet the church is extremely homophobic and racist.

- they act so shocked by how pissed off Muslims and Jews are at them; maybe if they hadn't started the Crusades for no apparent reason and slaughtered thousands of innocent people they wouldn't be so hated

- accuses all Muslims of being rapists while there are actual pedophiles disguising as priests in their own church

- their teachings have been used by people like the KKK and that ass Mike Pence to justify their own disgusting views

- try to force young couples to practice chastity to make themselves look more innocent

- donate thousands of dollars to the poor while spending millions of dollars on fancy basilicas they don't even need.

- and on, and on, and on - Kfox101

Honestly I'm a person that doesn't waste time attacking religions or people of faith, in fact anyone. But I deeply feel that Christianity is overlooked in bad influence. People on here will attack Islam out of pure misconception and ignorance - that's a fact. But its exactly that, Islam is largely misunderstood. Islam came with a strong message, with reasoning. The Muslims conquered, right? Bad people! They came into countries and produced mathematical items like rulers, produced salt, created the golden age and all we learn about in school is the romans. The Christians actually expelled Muslims and destroyed anything to do with Islam & Muslims. No one talks about how Muslims were forcefully converted. Mosques stripped off their beauty (i am a fan of Islamic art) to make way for churches. History provides context

Firstly, the Bible is historically accurate..

It is very specific upon the location of events and numbers associated with people..

Secondly, the existence of Jesus Christ is a historical fact not a claim substantiated by the Bible alone.
His resurrection was witnessed by more than a crowd of 500 people.

Thirdly, why would Christians control your life?
Maybe you misunderstand them because they help you gain more insight on God's laws which is something to heavy for you to honor.

Fourthly, No one has ever disproved the Bible as wrong.
We believe that heaven & hell is real because the very anointed Son of God came to tell us the whole purpose of life, the reason why the righteous undergoes persecutions & hardships.
We believe on the words of him who performed miracles which modern science cannot explain & who spoke from the cross "Father forgive them for they know not what they do" as his tormentors mocked him & ...more

Witnesses, as you know, are often unreliable and you are best off not trusting circular logic - ARandomPerson

Top 10 Facts About Christians

(1) They treat their religion superior over all others

(2) They don't care about what you have to say

(3) They oppose any Non-Christian Religion

(4) They try to control your lives

(5) They never shut up

(6) They never stop

(7) They keep trying to convert you

(8) They're extremely annoying

(9) They believe in ridiculous things

(10) They always shove crap down your throat.

In all honesty, Christianity doesn't deserve to be on this list. Whether or not you're a Christian, you can't deny that Jesus was in fact a real man who actually taught valuable life lessons. Treat others as you would treat yourself, even before he died, his final wish was for everyone to love one another. THAT is what Christianity is about! It's sad though, that now we just have a bunch of hypocrites that go to church one minute and get high the next.

Excuse me. I am a Christian myself and if we are dominating the world is not because we are doing it on our own but because the king of kings and the lord of lords is by our side transforming those lives in need and if you found it so boring as a child and wished to go play with your friends instead then you didn't have love towards what you were doing. Jesus was a man, but a man born without sin, since Mary was still a virgin when she gave birth to him. He was the only man who could say such righteous words that as soon as sinners read them they could feel love within them.We don't go around killing and murdering people who don't believe wha we do like Muslims, instead we love our enemies and do good to those who do bad to us. May god bless you all

Stop this war! For your information, I have to say that if you don't belive in jesus, your not a Muslim and we belive that jesus is very recpectful even most of the time we call him HOLLY jesus. So stop the hate over Islam. Just because some of them are idiots that kill people, it does not mean that we support them. Real Muslims are different. And you know what? Even if thousands of Christians were killers I belive that there will always be good people too. So in my opinion 60% of Muslims are really kind. Why do you keep looking at the bad ones? Stop judging and hating us. We are just humans like you.

You see, atheists suggest that every Muslim is a terrorist. In fact, you are suggesting that all atheists, Christians, etc. think that all Muslims are terrorists, which is hypocritical in it's own way. Religious people always suggest that atheists, because they have not god in life can not tell right from wrong while the religions of Islam and Christianity endorse slavery, appose feminism and homosexuality, and also encourage you to kill whoever does not share your beliefs and then will send them to hell. I am also sick and tired of hypocritical Muslims and Christians always claiming that atheists are horrible because of Stalin. Stalin happened to be atheist, and never killed because of that reason. Hitler, mussolini, Bin Laden, etc. all killed in the name of God or Allah. They killed because of religion. Anyone who claims that atheism is responsible for Stalin's terror is an ignorant and arrogant hypocrite.

Yeah, I'd say you've both had some extremists, look at the crusades, Muslims were a lot more hospitable to their captures than the Christians. I mean every religion has that. Atheists, can count Stalin.

I have attended a Christian school for four years, and from my experience, they are very hypocritical of what they say. They believe in diversity, when in fact, it is an exclusive community and they preach from the New Testament (that is similar to liberal beliefs if you were to think about it), but they are more leaning towards the Old Testament, which is the conservative ideas. They say they do not mind whatever religion you believe in, they tolerate it. However, they are subtly trying to convert you into Christianity and secretly look down upon you for not believing in God!

Indeed you are right, Christians (I am one) claim to "follow God" but most are worldly and full of sin turning away from Christ and the Bible. Especially Catholics they consider themselves "Christian" but are not since they bow down to idols, and secretly Satan. God had revealed to me these things and I say to you it is all true. Turn away from modern Christianity which has fallen and rather read the Bible and trust in Jesus. It has been fulfilled. WE ARE IN THE END OF TIMES! I warn you that most Christians are twice as evil as the people they condemn. There are still some few good Christians and consider them.

Oh where do I begin? Makes us believe that there is a place called hell. Over 27 million people ar in slavery and 5 thousand children are orphaned daily. And animals have to fight to survive. Here's my point. He made prey really fast at running and he made a predator really good at killing. And in science it is a beautiful natural thing but to the animal it is a terrifying horrible gruesome experience with a horrible death going to the loser. For example if hunter is successful the prey does a horrible death. If the prey makes a successful escape the predator dies from starvation and then there is overpopulation. I think God is just a boastful god. For I your God am a jealous god punishing the sons of there fathers and grandfathers who sinned. God should expireince pain himself. So he knows how it feels. What a bunch of bullhonky.

Now, I don't hate Christians. What I do hate are those who are holding back all of humanity with their stupid little victim card. They have no right to play the victim card. They are hateful to gays, anyone who isn't the same religion as them, and tell anyone who disagrees that they burn in hell. Well, if there is a hell, I hope these hateful bastards are the ones that burn. The worst of all are those damn creationists who are stunting the development of humanity with their dumb ass ideas that which should have gone out with the dark ages. Here's an actual quote on why atheists are evil from some backwards inbred baptist priest ''The bible says Atheists are evil, and the Bible is always right.'' Oh really? And where's your evidence for the bible always being right? Of course, his racist handicapped brain can't come up with any real evidence. I have nothing against anyone's religion, until they try to shove it down your throat. Sorry for the rant, I just had to say th is. All those ...more

I don't see why you get so many dislikes for saying this, I totally agree with you!
I am 12 years old and when I was in my last Primary year every single person in my class (apart from one girl) did not believe in God. All they said was "The big bang." And I was so happy that they believed in their own choices and opinions! Unlike the other lower years, they just believed in God because their parents made up stuff about God and the children obviously fell for that. Seriously, I respect the fact that they believe in it and all but that the parents that are forcing their children to believe in Christianity and making up lies about God to make him sound even nicer is just plain mean and disrespectful towards your kid!
-Said by me, a very annoyed 12 year old girl!

Grow up a bit more and get more diverse education before you start making such harsh and uninformed judgements of others - Billyv

Jesus actually existed. Do your research.

Parents don't force you to believe in Christianity. That's why they have Confirmation when you are old enough to choose. How do you even know they are lies? So what if the big bang did happen? Who made it happen? Science cannot answer every question. I am also a 12 year old and I actually listen instead of assuming things in religion class. I will pray for you.

I believe in god (but not creation) but I think that people should be allowed to choose their own religions and their religions shouldn't restrict anything they do. - SammySpore

Christianity is the worst. I am a former Christian, and after reading the entire new testament, I realized how much bull this religion really is. Now I'm an Atheist, and I criticize the Baptist Church heavily, Orthodox, and especially the Catholic Church, which is a business enterprise. In all honesty, these people hate on Muslims and Jews, and they disgust me with their hate. Christianity is filled with brainwashed people who lack any common sense, and they worship a man. Islam and Christianity are the worst religion in this planet, and cause all of our problems.

I honestly can't trust a religion that teaches children. You see, Christians KNOW that if you introduced these stories to you if you were, well, for an example a teenager, they would laugh right in your face. But if they tell it to you at an age like 4 years old, you would believe this nonsense. Let me tell you something, when I was younger I used to be brainwashed by this religion. However, as I've grown older I persuade to question Christianity. Don't make the same mistakes I did.

Christianity is charitable, inspiring and has saved many lives. Humans are responsible for violence and dishonorable acts, but when one examines the tenets of Christian faith, it is only about love and acceptance. Jesus was about love and salvation of man through love and forgiveness. People who hate Christianity know nothing of the faith, only the folly and crimes of man.

In Tennessee, some ass Christian teachers in a non religious school are sending death threat to a woman which spoke against the idea to have a religion lessons in school. WHY IS THERE A RELIGION LESSONS IN A NON RELIGIOUS SCHOOL?!

I don't believe in god and I'm basically against religions, but the two most popular religions - Christianity along with Islam and its Jihad, are the two worst pieces of all religions. The world would be a much better place without these two piles.

Christianity, the religion the caused the natives of all of South America, to go extinct, killed almost all native Americans in the North, and enslaved an entire continent. Christianity caused the enslavement and utmost death of over 12.5 million people because of their skin color. In 1492, Christian or die. Have you ever actually listened to the words at a funeral? You need to eat Christ and drink his blood or you will go to an eternal hell? Tell me again that this is not a cult.

Dear, if you ever read The Holy Bible thoroughly then you will find not a single verse which gives you right to drink human / animal blood. If a person or tribe do so then, it is their own act. If I am wrong then show me a single verse of Bible. When you do not read Bible then you get such wrong ideas. Kindly join a real Protestant or catholic church to get right information about Christianity and Bible. Thanks.

All Christianity did, was persuade non believers, oppose other religions, deny scientific progress and kill people in the name of ''peace'' for more than 2000 years.

All good that comes from Christianity is the people who wholeheartedly want to do good for others, but they can do that without partaking in the shady nature of the vatican, thank you very much.

Thank god people are realising its flaws, but I want to make clear that no religion is truly good, since people are blinded with the need to spread it to those who don't want it resulting in wars and other horrible things.

All that Christianity does is want to dominate the world, and I gotta say they're doing a damn good work, but all I am is sorry for the people who take all this bull in, without truly knowing the corrupt nature of the religion.

I am voting for this only to share my opinion: Christianity actually is one f the worlds' most free religion. Yes, people did kill in belief of Jesus in the middle ages - but didn't all strong religions do that? Nowadays you can be a Christian without 1: beleiving in either God or Jesus 2: Going to Church 3: Pray 4: Reading the bible 5: follow any rules in how to behave or dress. People who still force their kids to go to Church and read the bible are nothing but strong beleivers, as there are in EVERY other religion. Christianity is all about love for other people: not giving away all you have and live on the street (buddhism) or stone women and kill innocent "in the name of Allah (Islam)" - chribba

The United States is obsessed with this religion more than any others, the currency has "In God We Trust" written on it. Most of the worst bible bashers came from the United States making stupid little comics, obsessing over "Jesus is returning" because of wars, crap weather, and crappy anything. Labelling Harry Potter, Rock Music, Homosexuality, Abortion = evil satanic. The creationism museum.

A lot of Christians really do miss the point. Jesus taught us to love each other in peace and harmony. Now, you've got Bible-Thumpers who believe that if you disagree with the gospel you are less of a person than we are, and you do not deserve eternal happiness. At it's core, it means well, but people just don't get it!