No Historical recorded of forceful conversion of people from other religious sects to "Hinduism".
Most tolerant religion.

Best Culture, People and people of pure mind.

Nothing is greater than Hinduism, it is olddest and best religion in the world.

Hinduism is not only the most ancient religion in the world, it believes in oneness of all human beings without delimiting the boundaries of nationality & religions. It teaches non-violence, peace, love, honesty and collective well-being of all human-beings. Truly, Hinduism is the best religion in the world.

Best religion in the world. They all are free minded.

No doubt best of all, gives respect to all

Really the Best Religion in the world - all great people on earth accepted it's the best religion on earth. Proof - Every success arised from it, The Knowledge, Music, Languages (sanskrit mother of all), Sports, Medicinal and surgery knowledge, zero and mathematics, martial arts, kamasutra, yoga (most powerful tool for living being), and many things.

Hinduism isn't a religion in itself it is practiced as a part of sanatan dharma which dates back some 5000 years, they believe in one supreme god but their gods have from time to time taken avatars to wipe out evil and restore peace in the world. This is the only religion which represents living beings alone. This is the only religion where god has incarnated in all forms from fish to turtle to a boar and then human form. It's texts are more scientific they used their vedic mathematics to predict some very complex astronomical phenomena with pin point accuracy, speed of light possibility of time travel weapons of mass destruction inabsolute time are few of the postulates you would find the text only to be proven true thousands of years later. Through them came the 9th avatar lord budhha whome entire world respects. They started world's first medicine system ayurveda, they gave yoga for healthy living the list can go on forever but I will limit myself rest is for readers to decide.

Most beautiful religion truly based on life and nature. Exhibits highest human values and coexistence with nature. Takes living and non living everything is but manifestation of supreme god and hence adorable. Great variations in rituals based on harvesting, seasons and regions. All are free to pursue their chosen rituals within a broad parameters and no compulsion. Revers rivers, mountains, trees and animals as godly. It believes there are many ways to realise god hence accepts all religions are true. There are monotheism, polytheism, and all accecpts the other as valid as himself.Hinduism has a slow but sure inbuilt system of self correction and followers are free to debate any irrelevant custom. Moreover it believe in " vasudhaiba kutumbakam" I; e the whole world is a family.

God never made religion. People did. Religion is only a way to connect with almighty and being religious is way different from being spiritual. I think Hinduism scores here being an all welcoming one, with very inspiring spiritual scipture

Most Flexible and lenient religion ever. religion just for a name.. None forced to be converted to Hinduism. No fights for the name of Hinduism. Nothing called like Haraam :P Do whatever you want to do. Just orders everything which is written in Moral Science books. that's it. Best religion ever.

This religion is the best religion as they are peaceful towards everything but other religions are torture towards mother nature, people and all creatures.

I am a Hindu.. And I am so proud to say that. There is equal freedom as of man, freedom to speak and to express my views.. To get education of my choice and choice to do party or to drink alcohol if I want..

Hinduism is only about discipline, respect and kindness.

Hinduism is a intellectual religion way better than any other brainwashed religion.

It is the only religion which prays to female goddess. Anyone can be converted to a different religion, but if you're born Hindu then only you can become a Hindu. If you are a Christian or Muslim you can't become a Hindu, you can just follow but you won't be considered as Hindu. Whereas if you want to become a Christian you will be baptized. By the way this is not a religion it's a way of life! Imagine without Hindus NO 0, no maths, no binary language, no computer, no software, no Google!

The best religion one can ever have a belief in

Hinduism is not the worst at all, it is the best and oldest religion. Founder religion of Yoga and sacred word "OM". Hinduism will always be the best of bests.

The only religion which is scientific and has answer to each and everything. It also gives you the right to question everything, even God. And you will find the answer! Only religion which is non violent.

I'm a Hindu and I think this is the best religion in the whole world. I love it. There are no strict laws in Hinduism so we can follow our own way of live without violence. I am glad to be a Hindu.

People vote Hinduism for its teachings and also Some nonsensical reasons like oh there's no hell or heaven no purpose to our life but I find it so difficult to understand the concept of many lords in their religion whereas in the bhagavad gita it says there is one God. Like, they change up their book and create their gods in cartoon and sculpture forms? I don't get the concepts and no one Hindu has been able to explain it

Hinduism is a great religion but every people in the world have their own religion like Muslim people think every Muslim in the world is bad but every muslin isn't there are also good Muslims that don't even eat goat

Most peaceful Hinduism because Christians are violent in speach and Islam is violent physically and in words, Islam and Christianity came from the same tribes, Hinduism is the original religion that teaches to love all religions

This list is really offensive and should not exist, for a lot if peoples their religion is really important and they can be very offended when we gets the hate on it, I refuse to hate any religion and hopefully people will start to respect every religion in the world, the disrespect of some of them made a lot of troubles and wars. - DaisyandRosalina

Hinduism uses karma to force the poor people to willingly work for the rich in the hope they they will be reincarnated into a good life. They are taught never to question their societal role, and that the higher classes are as rich as they are because they were good in a past life.

Of all the religions, Hinduism makes most sense