The problem with Islam is that the quran is violent and that Islam itself is very absolute. There is no room for change, many people who follow it do so to extreme lengths. There is a reason it's the most hated religion in the world, when a human subjects himself to extreme degree's of any type of culture... it begins to centralize their views. Unfortunately Islam is a very confrontational religion, so those views are very violent, even if the person is passive most of the time.

People may agree or disagree but I don't see anyone complain about Buddhism even though there are so many buddists about. I judge a religion by what it teaches and Islam definitely teaches wrong morality, in my opinion...

The real Islam is what ISIS is doing, check Islamic books for reference

They don't respect other religions, but want their religion to be respected and then become KILLING MACHINES. In kashmir India (and many more places), they asked Hindu men to leave the place and leave behind women or die. (sexual predators)

Islam is a plague to humanity. The supposed non radical Muslims and the naive folk will say "the extremists are the minority" however this is utterly false. There is a growing number of what the western civilized nations see as extremists and barbarians and this plague occupies all of the Muslim countries. The thing is non extreme Muslims actually live in the western civilized nations and thus are naive about the east where the barbarians exist.

Therefore Disliking Islam is completely justified as it is a threat to western society and culture and as such precautions need to be taken for the safety of the west.

Ugh, another person whom clearly doesn't know anything about Muslims. The minority are extremists. The minority. You hear that?

I actually considered Islam until I went to a masjid and found out that I had to learn arabic, could only have Muslims friends, had to divorce my husband if he didn't convert and start praying or I would be considered to be committing adultery, had to change my name and my children's names to arabic names, and even though I dressed modestly I was a harlot for not wearing arabic clothing. Sounds more like racial superiority than anything else. This is in the US, I can only imagine how much more extreme it is in the Middle East. It doesn't even make a little bit of sense that a god who makes all people can get an attitude if they don't speak/act/dress like one race. Isn't one of the definitions of racial superiority the belief that god only likes people who look a certain way and considers everyone else his enemy?

I know that there are plenty of good, kind, accepting Muslims out there, and I repect them, but isn't a very nice religions when you get down to it. It is the only major religion that openly states that violence is okay. Also, Mohammad was kind of a jerk. He openly admitted to pedophilia and led an army to kill people and force them to convert, plus he had sex slaves; not a nice guy. At least Jesus and Buddha actually had good and loving messages, Islam was just Mohammad's excuse to raise and army.

Its true... They not care woman... Just sex... And force other religion person to convert

Islam is not religion its political party who wants to dominate the worlds by its cruel intentions!

Islam is a unwanted rule imposed on some idiots. If oil spills from Arab, they think its allah who bestowed his blessing on them. They are cruel. They are the reason of their own Sorrows. Only religion where their leader (allah) says FEAR ME... ! Religion is made to live and let live happily, not to kill anyone who is not of your religion.

Worst religion ever...human are treated like animals...with no intelligence or scientific outlook...primitive with no changes in cruelty

I was a Muslim first but now I just follow the goodness of every other religion including buddhism Hinduism Christianity etc... I left Islam when I found it was just a pathetic religion sorry its not even a religion it's a group of all unholy people brainwashed... If you disagree with them they will cut your throat... What kind of religion will taught you that... Women are treated like birth giving cattle stock and sex object... La Ilaha illallah Mohammadur Rasullah... There's no one above allah... I agree... But what mohammad did was heinous... It's a group of people brainwashed for ages in the name of allah... I still love allah... But I hate Islam... My allah is caring loving and he loves his child... He would have never wanted to kill and hate others what actually is taught here in Islam...

I'm terrified of them! A Muslim man asked me out on date. I said "hell no". I could never have sex with them. Their so disgusting I would be with literally any other man in the world just as long as their not Muslim and Middle Eastern! Yuck!

Islam is the product of satan devil itself in the form of mohammed the so called fake prophet in the name of fake allah and mohammed itself had done really many crimes and tell to do many crimes by his fake quran. Nothing like allah ever exists and nobody had seen allah ever, but there has been false claims by fake murderers mullahs and mohammed...

Islam is the worst. Why?

As it is now, Islam is actually a complex belief system where politics and religion are deeply intertwined (and we all know that politics and religion don't mix too well, don't we? ). Since religions tend to think they have the monopoly of truth, one can just imagine what happens when a religion, in addition to claim it is the one and only true path, has a political agenda of its own.

Islam apologists say that Muslims do not form a monolithic block and that it is important to differentiate extremists from the moderate ones. True that only a small % of Muslims are extremists but then again, they fail to apply the same logic to the rest of the community: what % of the so called non extremists support the actions of those extremists? What % of the so called non extremists are in reality in a passive-aggressive posture?

"A shocking crime was committed on the unscrupulous initiative of few individuals, with the blessing of more, and amid ...more

1.Islam is peaceful - say Muslims.

I disagree. The Koran teaches violence. Muslims follow the Koran (and read that book everyday). Mohamud was a pedophile, a rapist, a killer, and a criminal. He must have committed many more crimes, but since I am not a Muslim, (thankfully) and I haven't read the Koran, these stand out to me. None of my friends, relatives, people I have known, not even my enemies committed all these crimes. Even if they did, chances are remote that sane humans would worship any of them as a prophet. And Muslims follow mohamud. That either means Muslims aren't sane, or that they aren't human. Or both.

2.Terrorist groups are not Muslims - say Muslims.

No. They say they are. And from what I have heard and seen, they do seem to follow their "prophet".

And if they aren't, why are you Muslims saying that to us. Say that to them because they said they are Muslim. They say they kill because they follow the Islam and we don't. And we (the ...more

A sick ideology like none other... Islam is the house of terrorism, phedophelia, polygamy, slavery and all barbaric thoughts. It lives by heavy indoctrination and male dominance. Islam is a clearly sick politics and those peaceful Muslims are playing the politics without seeing anything wrong with it... They have excuses no matter what... This religion is a threat to progress and peaceful existence. A religion in which people live like dogs...

Muslims force their views and beliefs on other people. They force them to convert to Islam else they murder them. No other religion does this. This a clear violation of human rights.

Islam teaches its followers to rape women to convert them into Muslims. Muslims are weird. No sane person would believe this. This proves that Islam is insanity. Muslims are insane.

Muslims are taught that people who don't believe in Islam are not fully human. So that means insane people who kill people for their faith, dumbasses who rape women to convert them, sick who believe that a bearded desert nomad will show them the way to do everything right, are fully human?

The way I see it is that, we, the non-Muslim folks are at least half humans, and Muslims are straight off animals.


Not sure why Islam is regarded as a religion, its a cult... You can join, but you can't leave. What is so distasteful about Islam is how easily it justifies its wrongs by claiming it to be the will of God and any dissent is harassment or blasphemy.

We as Muslims believe like the Christians and the Jews and we may convert just as you may, people justify their wrongs by religion like the Israeli people not the religion of Judaism nor Islam.

I have educated myself about Islam ( + sharia law ) and spoke to people who follow it. And I can say that this is the worst religion ever. I know that there are many civilised Muslims that are not terrorists nor anything similar like many people thing and that there are bad people in every religion that represent only a small percentage of them. However, my reasons for not liking eat is:

1- They marginalize women in every way possible, which mean that the society is not equal. (I'm a Man by the way)

2- Basically, Muhammad had people killed for insulting or criticising Islam.

3- Islam is the only religion that has to retain its membership by formally threatening to kill anyone who leaves. And if a family member leaves it's like their he/she died.

4- Islam teaches that non-Muslims are less than fully human.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is what I see.

Most disgusting, ignorant religion ever!

You don't see other religions bombing...

Islam is a product of Satan. Evil incarnate a cancer that destroys everything in it's path.

Nearly every Islamic country is hellhole, dark and depressing. The poorest most unstable regions of the world are Muslim as you would expect with the Devil's religion.

A religion of poverty, repression and violence.

Stop insulting Islam! I'm mexican but not muslim. It's so shameful how many people discredits, insults and mocks islam. How on earth will muslims be a trouble when the true problem is the so-called freedom of speech, that only misrepresents this religion at the point of believing such false arguments! I used to hate islam, but sincerely the problem is nothing but ignorance thanks to idiotic ideologies such as orientalism that have led to create a false image about islam more than ever. As a mexican, muslims are far away of becoming a threat, on the contrary, the West has been a menace throughout mexican history (Spain, France, the USA) Who is the true menace in the world, islam or the west? Aren't western values in decadence? Aren't western countries more threatening than latin american, muslim or third world countries? Stop insulting islam! We really know who is the true problem but we don't want to accept how the West has in fact destroued our world, how the West has created lies ...more

WOW! I'm so happy to see that Islam is on top of this list. Your haters hate you Because their life just ain t as great and exciting as yours. It is so true!

Your haters hate you, Because they are such self righteous, moral high priests.

No matter, they will always think of themselves as the better person compared to you. They would use your past against you, judge and criticize you using their own morals and values, and dismiss any good that you do. They don t feel the need for humility when talking to you because they believe that they will always be more right. But we all know that such beings do make the biggest hypocrites around. So true!

Your haters hate you, Because they are big green eyed monsters.

They are jealous people. They curse and wish for your downfall because they want you to lose the things you have that they don t. They see life as a zero sum game. They think, perhaps if you lose a couple of friends fans, they could gain some themselves. ...more

There are some Muslim sects that are peaceful. There are many civilized Muslims in the western world. Pity that they are the vast minority. Pity that they defend the actions and thoughts of the majority. Pity that they are targets of the more violent sects. Any person who believes underage marriage and stoning women are god given rights should be classified as extremist. By their actions people are killed same with their inaction. Islam is the worst religion for no thought is allowed.

Religions are not bad. It's people who runs it. As time passes they add their selfish goals in it. Unfortunately that is what is happening in Islam. If a religions prophet says kill other religion humans then it is evil. If females are treated as a property, slaves, cleaners, babypoping machines than it is a evil religion. A religion who teaches respect, kindness towards every living thing is the best. A religion gives teachings about giving, helping, love, science is the best. Keep one thing in your mind it is easy to become an evil and grow fast in this world. Keep one religion on the top which is called "Love, respect, kindness"

Unfortunately the Muslims you hear about are the not the Muslims worth hearing about. The prophet did not say to kill non Muslims, that is jihad, that is not struggle. I suggest you read some unbiased history about him and perhaps read the Qur'an in full context. It teaches about giving, helping, love, science is the best. Giving a portion of income is a fundamental part of the religion. Islam does not go against science, understanding the creations of god is highly praised and gaining knowledge is highly encouraged. Even if you don't care about Islam, its still worth reading about it and learning its history.