Jehovah's Witnesses


The control they exercise over their members is incredible. When I was in I was more than ready to give my life for the ridiculous ideals I grew up with. To put it into perspective, during my 17 years in the religion I:

*shunned a sister for having premarital sex with her boyfriend at the ripe age of 26,
*became a loner at school after being baptized because my "worldy" friends were a "bad influence",
*spent two years preaching for 70hrs each month, and
*had a major surgery whilst insisting to not be administered blood.

Thankfully my love for reading and education managed to wake me up from that false reality my parents raised me in, but my upbringing has had major consequences. I still have trouble socializing and often feel out of place around people who have not had a similar upbringing.

Jehovah's Witnesses themselves are actually usually very nice people, but the teachings they follow with blind faith are DANGEROUS. If you have relatives in the cult ...more

I had a very bad experience in my year of studying with the witnesses. I only recently discovered it was a cult from you tube. I recorded videos about it onto an sd card on my camcorder to play on my big screen T.V.. my mother took me to meetings at a very early age, and I have always felt it was right and kept returning to meetings, yet never feeling like I fit in. there was guilt and a feeling I wasn't good enough. a few years ago when I was consistent and going regularly for a year it was an awful experience, one of the worst of my life. it was nearly impossible to make friends, I talked with others with similar experience. I also felt my home was haunted, and years ago also was, when associated with them. some would claim it was Satan trying to keep me out of 'the truth', but they lacked sympathy. it was a very scary time. I didn't feel any spirit of god at meetings, no real comfort, just pleasantries/nicities - before and after meetings, finally making like 2 friends, which no ...more

That is what's wrong with this world: people always degrading Jehovah's Witnesses for remaining neutral from political and war fare but kiss butt to those demons like Billy Graham and Pat Roberts who are deeply involved in it like Hitler who are racists. If anyone thinks J.W. are a cult remember this Proverbs 14:24: "The crown of the wise is their wealth, but the foolishness of the stupid is only foolishness." and Proverbs 6:16 - 19 " Six things Jehovah hates: 1. haughty eyes 2.a lying tongue 3. shedding innocent blood 4.those who quickly run to plot wicked/evil things 5. liars 6.those creating mess for other religions such as this website.

I'm a Jehovahs Witness, and you know what. This religion is real. I know lots and lots of friends that have been attacked by Demons telling me their extremely chilling experiences, until they changed and came here. We base everything off the Bible and that's it. Why we go door to door? Because we want to spread the good news. Peoples lives have been changed. Oh and all these other religions, have been proven false. There is nothing better because there is nothing else. I don't know what other people tell you, but everyone is nice and humble, and we have a hope. If we're so bad then why haven't we been stopped. Just conveniently everything goes well for us? We are not terrible people and we have fundamentals based only on what the bible teaches.

Proven false my ass. You can't prove anything you say anymore than anyone else can prove that their religion is real. Get off your high horse. - dubsinthetubs

Fits every single common criteria for a cult. Born and raised in it and currently stuck. Cults like this violate article 18 and 19 of the universal human rights. It's down right disgusting how brainwashed and indoctrinated people become. You are condemned from outside research and independent thinking. My heart bleeds for the ones who are blind to the truth.

They whitewash their history which is full of failed predictions, pyramidology and obscene practices they actively support child molesters by protecting them from the police. I failed one suicide attempt because of the crushing burden of guilt and shame always placed on me by this destructive cult before I finally made it out. Unfortunately, my life and freedom have cost me everything my home, my wife, my two sons and my entire family.

They're the ones who go knocking on peoples doors, lady approached my friend and started speaking in URDU... The lady was WHITE. They actually learn their language to try and, I don't know, spread false information. Then people say bad things about other religions.

Easily the most annoying religion. Silly, pedantic, and loaded with robot adherents. Who hasn't been harassed at their own front door by these idiots? Not murderous like, say Wahhabist psychopaths, but drop dead ignorant all the same. Can become hysterical when evolution, or almost any scientific observation, is raised in discussion.

I got a pamphlet on my door the other day... - username34

To not help your fellow man, woman or even your child who is dying! Tomorrow. They are not worth my time. Guilty pleasure. Is when they come to my door let them talk bull then close the door especially if its raining & cold

Jehovahs witnesses as a religion are the ultimate in high control religions. They do undue influence so well that most people think they are all nice people. The brainwashing is so complete and thorough that is next to impossible to break through and to reach the true individual underneath

If you really have been to the JW, then you should know that we do not believe in hell fire. The God I came to know in JW is a loving god,caring, and a protector. We love all people regardless of there background. And every thing we learn there is based off the bible. If any one says that we are a cult, maybe you yourself should go to one of these meetings, and put your doubts to rest, cause then again it is open to the public. I'm not sure how a cult works, but a would assume that only certain people can join or even be born in to it. Sorry for my assumption on the cult. Jesus warns us that the world would hate us when we are no longer part of the world.

Blood transfusions are also forbidden, even to save your own life. In effect, this is human sacrifice.

Spend over 30 years in this "religion".. Trust me it is at bad as it gets..

This religion is stupid and fake

All religions brainwashes people... But this in particular is very annoying... - sam117

You feel like your trapped and there's no way out but of course this is from my personal experience

Yep its true I spent my whole life hating religiĆ³n the preacher man and all that hellfire and mambo jumbo. But one day I met some witnesses and they wanted to teach me about the bible I was like well gotta give everybody a chance and I gave them a chance all we do is read the bible because it does have very good advice now that I have started to read the bible I have become a lot smarter I treat people better and I overall live a better life financially and spiritually because the bible is the Word of god it has knowledge that no man can think of. We don't push our religiĆ³n we respect it. Because the bible is the truth

Actually you do push your religion onto people, your "kind" goes door to door, asking people to join them.

They mean well but are flat out off the mark. Jesus is the son of God. He said so. But not in their heavily edited bible.

Takes away freedom from its followers

Very basic and stupid. Cannot handle difference of opinions. - balas001

Moron and Mormon very similar words

An insidious cult. Beware - this cult is much nastier than its surface appearance.

My friend is a part of this religion and he sucks

Just a cult. Just lay it off with a plain "whatever"