I'm a Christian and people need to stop bothering people's religions Mormonism is something I do not believe in but people it's opinions not yours were all equal stop judging it's are choice how to live whoever we believe in I like Christianity but do respect there life it's not ours

I'm sorry you all feel like you've been brainwashed, and I agree that you should be able to make your own decisions as far as religion, but it has nothing to do with the church itself, it is all about how your parents raised you. My parents brought me up in the church and taught me what we mormons believe in, but they let me figure things out on my own. They let me learn things that I wanted and let me ask questions to different people with different beliefs. I have never met a Mormon who felt "brainwashed" until just now. - SassyEquine

I'll rant on this eventually, but basically, you have to pay money to get into super VIP heaven. They also tell me I'm going to hell for not being one, so that's basically saying innocent people in Africa in the Middle East will go to hell because they never heard of some obscure cult in one US state. Also founded by a pedophile. Send help. - LarrytheFairy

They believe a bunch of garbage that has no evidence whatsoever. Like, seriously... Where are the golden plates? Where are the seer stones? Where did you see Jesus? And many more unanswered questions. HOW are people stupid enough to believe this? HOW?!?!

I agree on the comment that mormon girls are very attractive and good looking ( it's a known fact ). But if it takes to convert yourself to mormonism to be with a beautiful mormon girl, I pass.

Yea, great religion if you don't mind wearing special holy underwear under your clothes and the religion basically demeans women and makes men superior. Knew a lot of Mormons in TN. Even dated a former Mormon-most judgement person I ever met and demeaning towards women. Even though he left the church, he was still brainwashed to think like a Mormon. He also told me that most of the Mormon men in his church cheated on their wives (including him) while the wives looked the other way. Married for life, but not happily married.

I was raised Mormon, but finally came to a realization that the origins of this religion are false. Specifically the Book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price. Which is considered by Mormons to be revealed scripture translated from papyrus. When in fact these papyrus were an Egyptian burial right called the "Book of Whisperings". Now very well know to Egyptian archeologists. I'm surprised that the LDS faith continues to use this text as scripture, when it has been proven to be fraudulent.

Say what bad things you will about Mormonism, but when Mormons marry within their faith they have the lowest divorce rate of any group in the country: Protestantism 38% Mormons 7%. And the girls, being mostly Caucasian and upper middle-class, are the most beautiful of any religion, so much so that a term has been coined for them called "The Mormon Glow". Look it up. Go up to Salt lake City sometime. All you see at BYU are these beautiful young girls and they all want husbands. Your odds of attracting a beautiful Mormon girl if you're a good-looking guy are very high and when they marry they want to marry for life, unlike Christianity. Honestly, if you're looking to meet a beautiful girl with good morals who wants children and wants to settle down with a guy for life, convert to Mormonism, enroll in BYU and take popular subjects like sports, music, and social studies. You'll meet a nice girl and be married in a year.

Even when evidence is staring them in the face, nothing will shake their testimony of the one true church.

Mormonism dumbs you down until your brain is dull and a turd and a sheep

Very similar and more dogmatic than Christianity - balas001

Mormon temples do look awesome though. - PhoenixAura81

WOw my mind feels so enlightened now

I'm a proud mormon and all the things you've heard about Mormonism is complete lies. It's a wonderful religion and the one true religion

I don't like how you are restricted from living your life.

Knock, knock...Hello Sir, we were just in the area and wanted to know whether you had a relationship with the Lord..."No, piss off! "

The best way to keep a Mormon missionary off your doorstep is to inform them that your parents are gay or lesbian. They will keep their distance. - nomigirl

Mormons are good people and so is their religion I don't know why they are on the top ten worst religion!?!

Mormonism shouldn't be part of Christianity

I'm Mormon I love the church the person who said this is obviously doesn't care about anything of where he is going when he dies

I'm a Christian & if you are a Mormon and are reading this, I would suggest in u going to get help. Feel free to say thanks cause u believe in stuff that twists up your mind

This church is a cult not a religion and should not be considered a religion. They're is way to much historical proof that proves that everything that they teach is false. The book of mormon is false and all of the events in it have no proof that they ever existed. National Geographic said it themselves. So to all you mormons out they're, you Better CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU RECK YOUR SELF. And if your young forget what your mormon parents say live life;be free. Life has so much to offer. You shouldn't have to be brainwashed to be some mainstream square. Live life, be you.

Technically speaking, EVERY religion is a cult.


A group that worships something, sometimes taken by others as bizarre. - IcetailofWishClan

So where are those gold tablets? Same place as the negro's soul perhaps?

But Mormonism is Christianity, even if it's different from Catholic, protestant, and orthodox; it classifies because of one simple thing.
All Christians believe jesus is God's son. Muslims believe in Jesus, but not as the son of God, nor the first prophet. That's why Muslims are not Christians.(P.s, I'm not even religious.)

Go read or "No Man Knows My History" by Fawn Brodie. Mormonism is a fraud, all built upon lies. You literally have to pay for your salvation. It absolutely is a pay, pray, and obey culty religion that preys upon those going through life crisis to join, then demands 10% of your gross income to reach the highest blessings/rewards. When you realize the truth claims are incorrect and can be proven false, your family & friends will reject you, judge you, and think you've been deceived by satan. Sure brings a different light to their social media campaign "'s about time."