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21 Buddhism

There is no dark side to this religion. It's truly a beautiful practice and the world needs more of it.

It is the best of the world.

There is really no best or worst religion. That said, Buddhism is the best. No question

I don't want to be a Buddhist, but I do agree that it is a very peaceful religion that should be more worldwide and others should be more open to it. - username34

Don't know why this is 32 on the list. Buddhism is about peace and nature and other elements. I'm guessing that someone who hates nature put this up on the list. - RaccoonCartoon

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22 Protestantism

He believes in some concepts that I agree on such as when the church made you pay for forgiveness of sins. But they changed their mistakes. He got part of what he wanted but there were some things that's made no sense such as wanting to marry and be a priest. Priests have a moral obligation to the church and therefore are married to it. He mainly separated because no one listened to him and he got butt hurt. He is so immature as well. He told his followers that Virgin Mary did not exist yet he wrote the most amazing prayer to her. He criticized the church and said they were corrupt yet Protestant churches charge you 10 percent of your weekly salary

This religion is blasphemous and false. Back when England was A catholic country. Henry the 8th did not want to be part of Catholicism. He wanted to have loads of wives. In the Catholic religion when you get married it is for life, until your partner dies "till death due us part". Then you can re marry, So Henry kept murdering his wives when he got bored so he could have another one. From this He created Protestantism. He took the Catholic bible, chose the bits he liked of it and the bits he didn't like of it. Then made Protestantism and the Church Of England. Allowing divorces, allowing vicars to get married, Instead of swearing allegiance to The Pope you must swear allegiance to The Royal family, He loosened up the word of God all together and altered it to suite his life style. There for it is NOT the word of GOD. Henry the 8th was not Jesus, He was a dirty pervert. The religion is false.

Everyone says this is bad but it is actually good. It was made when the Catholic Church became corrupt (I mean very corrupt like killing and hurt people) and people notice this was wrong and started reforming the church to make it better. So it was actually the Catholic Church that was bad. - lbelle0527

Henry VIII did not create Protestantism. Protestantism was active in Europe, created by people like Martin Luther, long before Henry VIII decided to use it to his own ends. The Church of England, or Anglicanism, is only one branch of Protestantism - and frankly Anglicanism is fairly close to Catholicism. If you want actual Protestantism without the shadow of a nutty king with six wives, look at a Lutheran church in Germany or Scandinavia, or a Presbyterian church in Scotland. These are nothing like Anglicanism and do not have their roots AT ALL in Henry VIII.

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23 Moonism

A weird, creepy cult centered around a leader that believa himself to be a mix of Jesus and other prophets rolled into one. So yeah he is basically rolling in cash and women/girls/boys at his disposal. The cult itself is named after him; Reverend Sun Myung Moon

This is a terrible manipulative religion

A magnet for dunces.

24 Jesuit

This is not a religion... It is an order in Roman Catholic Church wich is Christian...

The 'intellectual elite' of the catholic church swallow the same garbage as the rest of the church

25 Catholicisim

I'm in this religion. The one who criticize this is Non-Religious, who might have "created" their own religion. Sorry for saying this, but what is the purpose for Non-Religious to criticizes others religions, even if they did not experienced how it is.

But, true, human suddenly rules the religion. But I'm different, I worship the "imaginary creature" in the sky. That's such a words, if you say that, who knows if God is real, Angel is real, etc? And if they real, Idc if you're burned in Hell. - Frost182

As I young Catholic, I don't agree with everything the catholic church says but what bothers me the most is how catholics don't support gay people. I'm not personally gay but I think people have the right to love whoever they want

Same with me, I am a very liberal and freedom loving person, so I disagree with that as well. - AnimeDrawer

I like it that a human rules the religion and not some imaginary creature in the sky.

Way to low on the list full of kiddy diddlers I wish there was a hell for them to burn in

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26 Non-Believers

You can't box non-believers into one group because they don't have a specific set of rules that they live by like religious people. Plus, non-believing isn't a religion.

Not believing is not a religion, period.

This isn't a religion. And also, don't stereotype. I'm an Atheist but I'm not going to attack you if you believe in a religion. I might say that I don't like Christianity, that DOES NOT mean that I hate you if you are a Christian. It's my opinion. - RaccoonCartoon

As an Atheist I have learned to respect others for their religion, I don't see why not believing in a higher being is harmful, but I think that some religions have obsolete rules, As long as a religion doesn't inforce hatred, violence, immoral acts, and discrimination and teaches against these things I don't have a problem with it

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27 Shamanism

Demons really

28 Christian Science

There's a fine line between praying and going to see an actual doctor. - Metalhead1997

This is an oxymoron

They don't believe in Sin, Sickness or Death.

Not at all scientific... just stupid.

29 Anabaptism
30 Sikhism

I think Sikhism is a good religion because it's more equal and show's the reality of life. And how to leave in a peaceful way.

Best religion ever. Love is all they have to share. India is blessed to have it's roots.

Sikhism is the worlds greatest religion because it teaches how to live a simple life and still go to heaven

Every time when I go to TheTopTens homepage, I keep seeing votes for this on the "Top Ten Best Religions" list. Overrated. - Drewman1211

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31 Shinto

Its one of the peaceful religion in the world..

I do not like this list. Really offensive - James_will_rule

Japan used to be extremely brave and not pussies.

Lol nobody even follows this

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32 Yezidism

One of the must peaceful religions, they worship Lucifer but Lucifer is the light

I will be you know nothing about Yezidism.

This religion is actually one of the most peaceful religions. They do not worship Lucifer like Islam want you to think, and ever since Islam came to be, Yezidi people have been slaughtered by Muslims year after year. For example, all kurdish people were yezidi before arabs and Islam came to force them into Islam. There's not many more than a million yezidi left, but to this day they can't live peacefully because of IS and other Islamic people.

33 Iglesia Ni Cristo

They claim they don't celebrate Christmas...but they accept gifts. This church is more of a cult of you ask me.

I don't believe that Eduardo Manalo is a God! Duh!

Thinks they will only one to go in heaven


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34 Confucianism Confucianism Confucianism, also known as Ruism, is described as tradition, a philosophy, a religion, a humanistic or rationalistic religion, a way of governing, or simply a way of life.

Is this even a religion? - MChkflaguard_Yt

It is a philosophy - SoldierOfFortune

This is not a religion idiots.

35 Zoroastrianism

Some people don't realize that THIS was the first monotheistic religion, not Judaism. It came from Persia. That's right, Iran has only recently been forced into Islam.

This religion is a joke and is dying out faster than a chicken without its head.

Called the Good Religion. Good Thoughts Goods Words Good Deeds is all that matters. Before the spread of Islam this was the state Religion of Iran. Being the oldest monoesthic religion you find its teachings in most religions. For example the concept of heaven and Hell in Chritianity. Even Islam was divided into Shia and Sunni because when the arabs forced conversion of the Zorastrians they brought in their own concept of Imams just like the Zorastrian Yazathas. Bahism Hinduism Jainism have all been influenced by this religion.

Only facist racist iranians who hatr believe in it. peopke from this religion think they're great because they're iranian and they say islam is arabic and hate arabs. I'm iranian believe me - pouria_mt

36 Iglesia Ni Manalo

The cult started in the Philippines against the Biblical doctrines.

The Only the truth Church,


37 Druze

Brave, peaceful and loving people

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38 The Brethrens in Oxbow Saskatchewan
39 Baha'i Faith

The Baha'i Faith is the modt peaceful religion that SUPPORTS equality between Man and Women, PROMOTES education, and wants EVERYONE to become united as one.

A stupid religion made by UK to control Iran. study about it and you'll know how stupid it is - pouria_mt

40 Ahmadiyya Islam

True Islam

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