Worst Ren and Stimpy Episodes


The Top Ten

1 It's A Dog's Life

It is just outright terrible, no other words.

This episode was very messed up.

2 Ren's Retirement

Are you kidding me? This episode is great. One of the best ones. - JCHOW

3 Aloha Hoek

Stupid stupid episode. Not to mention, the plot is literally all over the place and the entire episode itself is nothing but a joke.

4 Travelogue
5 Cheese Rush Days
6 A Friend In Your Face
7 Circus Midgets
8 Stupid Sidekick Union
9 Ren Needs Help!

It's called Ren Seeks Help, and it's in the adult cartoon - Tyler730

This episode is the not the same as the adult party cartoon it involves Ren being send to an insane asylum along with several other characters from the show including The Fire Chief, MuddyMudskipper not a great episode. - egnomac

10 Jerry the Bellybutton Elf

A very sick and disturbing episode, and the 2-minute "climb inside" sequence was very strange, weird, and lame. Did they REALLY have to make an episode centered on stimpy's bellybutton? what if this were to happen in real life?

The Contenders

11 City Hicks
12 Man's Best Friend

This episode was really funny. And whoever said George was innocent, NO, he wasn't. He treated Ren like crap, so he basically asked for it.

Man's Best Friend is a good episode! - Svampbob164

This episode was funny.

How is Man's Best Friend a "Good Episode"? GEORGE LIQUOR GOT INNOCENTLY BEATEN UP!

He wasn't beaten up innocently. He actually treated Ren like garbage. Although, after the beatings, George finally realised Ren is great and started to treat him like Stimpy.

I also find this episode funny. - Svampbob164

13 Galoot Wranglers
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